Monday, March 11, 2013

Chip Coffey Shamefully Begging for Money!

By Ron Tebo on March 7, 2013

What do Carnival Cruise and Chip Coffey have in common? Both are broke and washed up! His dismal career is obviously swirling in the drain and now he has resorted to a different kind of “new low” – panhandling. Chip Coffey is pleading for donation just to get back on a show.

He should have seen this coming; after all he claims to be psychic. We took a little closer look after receiving a tip for one of most valued viewers (you know who you are) and according to an old Chinese proverb what comes together must also come apart. It certainly looks like chip has started to come apart! We find him on a website geared to garner donations for those who have entrepreneurial dreams but not enough funding to make them happen. The site and concept are growing very popular but these sites are really geared toward new an mostly unknowns trying to get a start, not those trying kick-start (their flailing careers.) Now we take a look at Chips video man he seems to be desperate enough to use what he thinks is a viable para-celeb who MAY have enough diehard fans to give the money to them and start their Haunted Ghost Tours Investigated  (we take a closer look at his host next week, this ones all about Chip) Lets see what you get when you give more money to Chip.  There are various levels of “giving” and YOU yes YOU can have (buy) everything from your name in the end  credits to downright being an absentee executive director (only 3000.00)

Well here you have it the rise and fall of an American psychic, hey that's a better title and probably more lucrative for Chip! Click this link to continue reading the rest of the story


Mariea said...

You got to be kidding me....LOL


Christian Solider said...


Mariea said...

It's like one of those moments you go...really?....really?

Oh, yes he did! LOL...But, I suppose it is hard to go back into the "real working world."

These people never, never, cease to amaze me with all the ways they come up with to get money. However, there are people (their $) who have kept them afloat. So, I suppose that is enough of a motivator for them to keep creating new clubs, camps, and "special" classes, etc.
I suppose it is enough to live a comfortable life as I am not sure if Chip or those he associates with live high-on-the-hog...???