Friday, March 1, 2013

And Then There Was Palo Mayombe…

Reverend Mark Hunnemann

I am setting aside my planned blog to address demonic possession.  In particular I want to humbly suggest that we discuss revising our paradigm or criteria for determining whether a person is diabolically possessed. I think it is important that we do so because it seems that the exception is becoming less so. High functioning demon possessed people, from my understanding of scripture, will play a prominent role in the last days. Kinda hard to be a high functioning UN official if you are spazzing out every other day at the office.

Palo Mayombe is a particularly powerful and feared form of black magick….some refer to it as the dark side of Santoria. Originating in the darkest bowels of Africa, the bloody ritualism seems to summon or unleash spells that are known for their murderous efficacy. ARM (Animal Recovery Mission), which I just joined, has very disturbing pictures verifying its defiling presence in Miami. I am currently helping a woman whose husband is a very high ranking UN official, and his family back in Senegal is deeply into Palo Mayombe. Do a search if you wish, and you will discover a whole new dimension of demonic darkness and power.  The curses can and do kill and maim—and I have felt its wrath myself the last two months…pretty unnerving.

The point is—this man is almost certainly possessed, and yet the classic criteria are not to be found. This form of the occult is very dangerous, making much of what I have seen tame in comparison, and a superficial triumphalism will likely get you hurt. Satan is a keen strategist, and his MO is apt to change as he knows his last hurrah is about to occur. Like some of you, I am confident that we are the terminal generation…those alive now.

Intense personal evil is the primary criterion that I suggest as being a sufficient cause for diagnosing demonic possession in some cases.  Do we think Satan is so foolish that he would shoot himself in the foot willingly? That is, as far as I can tell, he is not obliged to cause possessed people to act like they are possessed.  Make sense? Come to think of it, Hitler was high functioning, and I am not aware of classic signs, except for perhaps flashes of evil eyes during his damnable rants…and I think he was possessed. However, he was an intensely evil man. I suppose if you were to study serial killers, a sizable percentage would have been possessed. 

There is an element of urgency in that we are in uncommon times…where Satan is very likely placing key figures (human and demonic) in strategic places. There is no sense in beating this in the ground, so I will make this a brief blog—but I trust one that will engender some thought and discussion. All glory to our tribune God!                                                                                                                         

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