Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Issue 106 – Chip Coffey & Theresa Caputo – A Tale of 2 Psychics

By Kirby Robinson

The Tale of 2 So-Called Psychics: Fading Fame & Getting Cheated

Hell must have frozen over as I’m about to do what some say I would never do--come to the defense of a para-celebrity who is being cheated. No one should ever be cheated even if you’re a so-called psychic. However, I need to point out that if this person was a real psychic they should know they are being cheated and who is doing it.

[I use the term so-called psychics, as I doubt either of these people are psychic. Neither of them are prophets from a Biblical perspective.]

The Chip Coffey Fame Train Might Have Jumped the Tracks

I stumbled across this link the other day and it left me wondering:

We really have to be amazed at such level of begging by a para-celeb who claims he is so loved and is supposedly a member of the A-list in the para-celebrity realm.

Chip thinks so little of the public that he wants them to foot his bills for this spec pilot. He wants the public to cough up the sum of $17,000. If it should happen, and if the pilot is picked up, then who shares in the profits? Certainly not the public. We have to ask why has Chip not talked to those so-called spirit guides of his [demons] to discover whether the pilot would be picked up or not?

Such shows are ripe for faked evidence and faked events. Any so-called ghost tour wants to stand out over the others. The use of so-called local ghost hunters means that those local yokels want that shot of being in the next Ghost Adventures.

One of staff members said it looks like Chip has a tin cup in his hand as he stands on the corner of Fifth and Net. In honor of that, we offer this song:

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Riding High – But Someone Has a Hand in Her Pocket

As Chip tries to resuscitate his career by returning to local paranormal events, Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is riding high. Shea has almost a million fans on Facebook. Her TLC network show is setting records in viewership. Her book is coming out in October, and it’s setting pre-order records on Amazon. She has a speaking tour that sells out and she doesn’t need ghost hunters to go door to door selling tickets.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t really think she is more gifted then Chip. However, Theresa is far better at cold readings and she has a bubbly personality and can even make fun of herself.

However, with success come leeches who seek to feed off her. Two people have published eBooks using Theresa Caputo’s picture on the cover and making it look as if Ms. Caputo either took part in the preparation of the book or stands to profit from it.

[Why her legal or PR team hasn’t caught this first makes me wonder…]


I may not agree with the Long Island Medium, but at the same time, I hate to see people taken advantage of.

We have reached out to her representatives and have not yet heard back. 

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Aanica said...

Nice catch Kirby! lol

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous
gross.. lol

Dee Dee Ramone said...

The fact that "The Long Island Medium" is so successful is proof positive that the average American IQ has plummeted.

You think Chip's fans are morons?

Patb said...

Did that haunted ghost tours show aire?? Are the paranormal fans really that crazy to be pulled in again to a show that just from the get go sounds Faked??!!

Anonymous said...

the haunted ghost tours will NEVER air, chip's begging for money in the amount of $17,000 just to get a pilot preview show!

How far you've fallen chippy and all I can say is BaWahaHahaHa! (takes a deep breath and begins to laugh hysterically again!)