Thursday, February 21, 2013

Curses, Yokes & False Covenants

By Kirby Robinson

I'll focus on three tools that the dark forces/demons use against us in the never-ending battle, and as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” I want to empower you on the pervasive subject of curses, yokes, and false covenants.

A curse is any act, spoken, or mental thought that seeks to produce harm or injury towards someone or something. When the demons out there pick up the scent of a curse they go to work on the curse and the person who makes the curse. (The simple act of cursing anything is an invitation to the demons to enter your life and you opened up the door to them). A curse can take many different forms.

1. A curse as an evil declaration against a person, group, place or thing, so be careful when you say such things as: "I curse this job." "I curse that relationship to fail." "I curse this office." This is the act that leads to most curses being cast and often people don’t even realize they are casting curses, until years later, if ever. And of course there is the other way, that of finding a trained individual who will cast the curse for you, or the do-it-yourself method of buying or checking out a library book and casting it yourself.

2. A curse is the polar opposite of a blessing. When you say "I love you" that’s a blessing. When you say, "I hate you" that’s a curse. Blessings are positive wishes, hopes, and prayers for good. No curse can ever produce such things.

3. A curse can be our own personal actions. Let’s say you drink alcohol. Then, by the simple act of drinking you opened up the door for possible legal, personal, and health related curses. These can range from being arrested for DUI, to becoming addicted, and such alcohol related diseases like depression, cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure and AIDS. Conversely, good conduct, such as abstaining from liquor, produces the opposite results, which are blessings.

4. A curse is a judgment against a person, place, or thing. How often have we felt good about a task we set for ourselves, then someone attempts to undermine us, saying: "That’s too difficult." "Your goals are unrealistic.""What makes you think you’re good enough?" We as mere humans hear the curse of the negative words and buy into them.

5. A curse can be placed on a physical object and thus effect everyone who comes into ownership with that object. I can’t count the times I’ve been called into a case and while moving through the home, I find some little object and ask where did you get that? And hear answers such as "My boy bought that statue thing back from Iraq" or "I dug that up at some burial ground." Objects can have curses placed on them that can last for thousands of years.

6. A curse can come from the simple act of saying the words: damn, hell and any other cuss word, or in reality curse word, with a negative intent in mind. When you get cut off in traffic and say "damn you" to that driver of the sports car, you’re cursing the driver of that foreign sports car. When you say "damn you" to your spouse when you fight, you’re cursing your spouse. When you say "damn" or "dammit" when you get mad at yourself, you’re cursing yourself. And whenever you curse someone, even yourself, that curse will return to you.

7. A curse can come from a negative wish. For example, you wish someone dead, or to go to hell after they die, then that also constitutes a curse. 

The yoke is the outgrowth of the curse that binds the cursed one physically and spiritually. It’s like the ox that pulls the cart, with that big, heavy wooden yoke binding his neck. Someone who has been cursed is prevented from finding peace. They only know suffering via physical and emotional pains and inner turmoil. They suffer physical, emotional, and oftentimes sexual abuse. Shame and disgust will rule every thought they have about themselves. Coldness, fear, hopelessness, and confusion will rule their minds. We also need to understand that our own inactions can produce curses that saddle us with yokes. These would be traits like refusing to forgive, refusing to engage in a spiritual path, and refusing to stop self-imposed negative thinking. That trio of inactions produces curses that saddle us with yokes. We end up cursing ourselves.

A covenant is an agreement that is entered into by two parties. If party A does the thing that Party B asks them to do, then Party B will reward them for their actions. As in the Christian act of salvation, the person goes through the process of accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior in body, mind and spirit, makes a public confession, and in turn Jesus Christ will stand up for them in heaven. Covenants are good things, but there can be "false covenants" that we don’t realize that we’re entering into. "I'd give my soul for that job." "I'd give up my five years of my life to date him/her." "I would give up everything to see him/her lose." You’ve heard those expressions before, or maybe you even spoke those words. At some time, quite often in our youth, we make pacts with the devil. I’ve seen it so many times in my cases where I find out that at some time they’ve asked for something from the devil, got it, and years later their life literally went to hell. Folks, the devil doesn’t play by the rules. He may get it for you, but you’ll never be able to keep it. And the price you end up paying is immeasurable. 

False covenants can also be simply wishes such as: "If I only had that job, my life would be complete." "If I married that person, I’d be whole." These are also false covenants because you’re seeking happiness outside yourself. And only true happiness is inside. Curses, yokes, and false covenants can all be multi-generational. In Numbers 14:18, the Bible reads: "The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation." Additionally, this can also mean their mothers, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. And I‘ve seen some curses run as long as twenty generations. 

Appendix: There’s something I wish to add here concerning curses and a person’s ability to curse total strangers. It can’t be done. You simply can’t go through the phone book, newspaper or any website and cast curses on people that you don’t share some form of a metaphysical interaction with. But, at the same time, you still suffer the consequences for intentionally or unintentionally casting a curse on a stranger. 

From the book Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light

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