Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Issue 101 – Liar, Liar Paula White’s Pants are on Fire…

By Kirby Robinson

…or Maybe Her False Eyelashes

We at the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL expose fakers wherever we find them, no matter if they are fake psychics, fake para-celebs, fake para-reality shows, and even fake TV/New Age preachers.

Paula White is well-known within the circle of the Word Faith “Prosperity Gospel” movement. They teach a false doctrine of name it and claim it, that we get rich by giving money to them, and that we are all little gods on the same level as the Father in Heaven.

On a recent program that Ms. White taped, she unleashes her false teaching on the subject of First Fruits. This is a practice of the Jewish faith in which the first of anything is given over to God. The first lamb that was born or the first calf went to God by offering it to Him. The first monies that came in at the start of the year went to God.

This was done because they were living under Jewish Law. All the Laws that ruled the Jewish faith came from Moses and the only way that a person could please God was to fulfill the Law and live by it.

All those Laws ended the minute Jesus Christ was born. He was and is the only Messiah [Kenneth Hagin now teaches that he was not the Messiah and the Jews have one coming--a false teaching.] When Christ was born, we fell under the rule of grace that the festivals such as Passover and Hanukkah don’t apply to the Gentiles, which includes everyone outside of the Jewish Faith. This is because as Christians we are free of the Law.

Paula White isn’t the first nor is she the not going to be the last false teacher on the subject.

Dr. Gene Scott used to be a spiritual mentor, but one major issue that finally drove me away from him was the teaching of the First Fruits on everything. Here are four examples of First Fruits:

1 You owe God your first paycheck.

2 The first dividend check goes right to God.

3 Your tax refund goes to God [it’s the first refund from the government for the year].

4 The first profits from your business venture go to God.

And who is God in these cases? Paula White and Dr. Gene’s widow, Melissa Scott. Well, to their ministries’ bank accounts.

In Gene’s case, his followers’ First Fruits went to pay for porn models to dance for him at his home and sit in the front row of his church. [Melissa, his wife, was one of those dancers. She has replaced him after his death and teaches the same thing. If you don’t give her your First Fruits you’re heading to ruin for the next year].

You might have heard of Paula White due to the infamous scandal of being caught with fellow fake Benny Hinn. It would be a safe bet that she knows more about Benny’s Fruit of Looms than the fake First Fruits teaching she pushes. However, here is some background information on her and the false teachers, false rabbis and false teachings.

Paula asks can we dig it? No Paula we can’t.

Paula says God had more than one son!

Paula had the same fake act performed on her by the same fake Rabbi!

She throws God’s Word into the garbage --why not toss in the Bible, too?

We all should run from false teachers.

What sets Paula White apart from other fake pastors/teachers like Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn, is that she has learned the tricks of the trade far better than others have. She knows the false teachings of the new age better than she knows true Christianity. She blends many religious paths into one. She is a master [along with Melissa Scott] in baiting and switching the truth in her messages. Ms. White says she’ll share information and will begin to do so then she starts a new subject and never returns to it.

Next week we'll take a close look at her false teaching of First Fruits.

There’s No Real Love on the Love Channel

You might’ve noticed a new channel on your cable, over the air, or satellite provider called the Love Channel. The thing you’re not told is there is no love on the Love Channel. American viewers who watch this may be fooled by the title but it has nothing to do with love and everything to do to convert Christians to the Muslim faith. The goal of that religion is to end the Jewish and Christian religions either by peace or by force.

They use Americans as teachers and refrain from using the name Muslim. In their false book they talk about love and bring you the core teachings of the Muslim faith, yet they never mention its name.

As in George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, the Ministry of Love is actually paradoxically named. So it is with the Love Channel …

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