Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Purpose of Christian Demonology

If Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
Matthew 12:26

By Paul D. Joao

For quite some now, studying Demonology from many Christian People in the community of theology to the paranormal to counseling, non Christian and last but not least secular, this verse is a solid Biblical statement that is explains everything. That Jesus was trying to make, we as Christians if we believe in Demons or Not, often hear stories of people have experience these beings that have resulted either in a exorcists or a learning experience that enable to become a teacher.  Even in the “not of” Christianity teachings sometimes they will change the belief and make it sound that Demons are a good thing if that something. Even though from the many resources out there available either on the website or Christian or Non Christian book store. People will read a version of that author's belief in the subject. Therefore, my view this is what it is, a battle for a soul that is in stake when people often forget that when preaching or teaching any topic of demonology that the heart of it all is a person soul. In this report, a person will comprehend that aspect to look for and what to know when engaging this Demonology.

One of the first things is Prayer of protection and knowing that any sins in the past is past must be forgiven by God because when engaging in this field, a person that might be under a influence of a Demonic oppression or attachment will know the difference. Demons do not like binging discussed about so they will do everything in their power to keep you away from the Truth and use what a person has done in the past to haunt them. Verses a person who been forgiven but always keeps in the prayer mood and knowing that in any event anything might distract that person. 

Another thing is having a Biblical understanding of the nature of Demons. It is  common that people that is not Christian who may be in crafts that deals in Demonology may try to deceive a person in any way like Astral projection, where a person’s spirit can be transported to another location while the body remains back in the original location. The rule is if the Bible states anywhere such as Apostle John going to the third Heaven and receive a message from Jesus to write a book like Revelation then it must come from Jesus then. Perhaps, but not all AP is one of the many methods that Satan has used or tricked many to believe that is possible, knowing the differences can help people understanding what is allowed and what is not allowed in the Christian context, with Biblical verses to support the claim, if any. As Satan has copied God Word and use it for other than what God intended. Finely we have an understanding from a Christian view that can make a person who might have experience in these kinds of things before, coming to Christ.   
So what about people who have or had experiences it seems like every year a author comes out with a book or story on their encounters, and for those who are going through a form of struggle so what then. Call the author for help, sometimes reading the Bible might make since, perhaps if a person took the Christian Demonology cover and placed it around a Bible like these some Bible names such as Apologetics study Bible or a Christian Spiritual Warfare, whatever the case is. It is good to have a person write their story or come out with a theology Book that contains some sort of knowledge of how to deal or learn from. However, the person must state that God has saved them, or shown that it is a real account. In the past, there been attempts of Books by people who were false and the people who had their material thought was real, and it’s another form of false thinking been around.  Needless to say, for those who been writing and helping others these are a great way to get the message of Jesus out to the world. 

Even the Counseling is great source to know because what a person knows where or how demons feed off negative thoughts such as pain or events in the past, it creates a foothold in the person life. They can live a life however, when they come near any Christian environment it sometimes stirs things such as attachment or a memory in the past that does not allow the message of Jesus to come into the person life. This of course blocks and triggers the person to stay away, its effective in this manner. In some Christian counseling it helps to get to the root of the problem so the person can feel relax while he or she can attempt overcome this area and possibility build a relationship of Jesus Christ.  What a person should look for author or groups that have an insight to Christian Counseling, that might or near to relative to Demonology. This way as the sessions between the client and a counselor is in the process a healing of Jesus can begin in their lives. In the opposite aspect, in the some groups or people who treat in counseling may cause the client from not knowing the real treatment from Jesus.

Knowing there is a worldwide Christians who deal with Demonology in the paranormal or similar fields a person should be grounded in a Church and knowing that in some aspects people would consider it as outreach ministries than a “typical” group that is common misleading in Christian communities. Or having a both aspects helps bear witness to others who may wish to teach in the Christian Churches as an example is a Christian Demonologist or a Christian Paranormal team comes into the church and help others to understand a hidden danger that is not always welcomed in Christian communities. As people who are dealing with a form of demons in their home, a Church is sometimes called to help and does not help because of what the church may believe in. so the family is restored to asking a New Ager or a person who may be in the dark practice for help. So if the Church knew some knowledge or knows a team to help the family that family could come into the Christianity is it that what soul winning about.

What is the true form of soul winning in Demonology after all, why is easier to tell a Demon In the name of Jesus I cast you out phrase then telling that Jesus died for us and taking a point to tell them about Jesus. However, in our modern time people look for demonstrating act, such as seeing a power of Jesus or the power of Satan. People get so conceived that people probability do not know what to believe. As Christians who engage in the Demonology should conduct sermons on street corners  whatever the  outlet there is, that the message is clear that Jesus loves people and people should not feel threaten to call on Jesus and in times of trouble Jesus is near and he will protect the person. While Satan does the opposite he will do everything in his power to keep in harm, danger, trap, confuse until they been shown the truth of how much Jesus can do for them.

In the end, a  person who reads this should think as the person who is not a Christian have ever tried calling on Jesus and reaching out to a Christian Demonologist or a relative in the field. Or have they been trying every form of help with not getting to the root of the problem. That Jesus is the answer and we as Christian should work together with “Christian outreaches ministries” for help is in that the purpose of soul winning after all. Therefore, the person can now live with peace of Jesus in their lives. 


Fred Brimstone said...

Let's say the allegations directed at this blog's author were actually true (don't know Paul-just a hypothetical question), is it obligatory that this man must have lived a life of absolute piety and infallibility to pontificate on the subject of demonology?


Fred Brimstone said...

It would be a shame to dismiss the teachings of Father John Carapi's series on spiritual warfare just because of his fall from grace...

This sounds much more like a personal vendetta against this blog's author than it is a question of moral vicissitude.

Again, I don't know Paul.