Saturday, December 22, 2012

“Shame on the Media, The Blood of Recent Victims is on your hands.”

By Ryan Harshbarger

I have touched on this subject before. Perhaps if you’re one of my readers then you already know what I’m about say. If not, well I have this anger that has been boiling in me for quite a while now. After the most recent shooting in Connecticut it’s completely proven my point; the media outlets and their objective for “ratings” honestly have no souls. History Channel for example was a channel that I used to love, and watch regularly because of their great programs. However, ever since all this Dec 21st nonsense they have become my most hated outlet.  

To loosely quote Morgan Freemans supposed hoax article, which does hold validity “There are a lot of sick people that see these suicide murders on TV, and they want to outdo them and become famous.”  This is serious and the fat cat rating gluttons need to heed these words. “You’re not helping at all you’re only amplifying these tragedies” by 1. “Glorifying these shooters and turning them into house hold names.” 
“Where’s the name of the victims?” 2. “Pumping out all these programs about the Apocalypse.” “Haven’t you learned that some take this very seriously; and they’re killing their families, themselves, and others?”

From this moment on I am personally holding the History Channel, and all major outlets that are feeding the heads of the sick personally responsible for these tragedies. “The blood of these victims is on your hands.” And as your ratings increase, and you get your raises and paychecks I want you to think long and hard the next time you air a program about “blood money” the check that was just deposited into your account is exactly the same.

Shame on all of you! These programs are systematically depleting the lives of innocent men, women and children. So when Dec 22nd comes and we’re all still here what then? Will you at the History Channel conjure up another apocalyptic scenario to once again scare the masses? Or will you acknowledge your errors and release a statement to refute my feelings on what you’re responsible for?

In closing to all the producers, writers, directors and staff of all the media outlets that are responsible for these atrocities. “I wish you all a very happy holiday, and pray that you have a shred of human decency in you, that will kick in and make you see your errors.” Unfortunately I’ve seen your track record and I’m almost positive you’ll do nothing and continue to chase ratings. Here’s a question “what would you do if everyone stopped watching your stations?”  Ponder that one over the next few days as we countdown to the end of the world that you’ve created.    


Tammy Lynn said...

Dear Author,
First of all, let me say that I empathize with your comment.

However, I live in Connecticut. I know some of the families who's children were the victims of the Newtown Massacre, I know some of the survivors and I know someone who luckily for her, called out sick that day.

I really don't think that the negative media attention toward 2012 prophecies had as much to do with this senseless act as the incessant media attention toward similar acts of violence.

I agree with you that the MEDIA is to blame. And what's worse???


i.e., "The children aren't here, there all in the auditorium."

Locked doors and closed window shades will no longer be a deterant.

They also shouldn't have shown countless images of the types of weapons used.

You cannot trust the media what-so-ever.

Do you think for a minute that the investigators cannot recover what's left of his hardrive?

They'll never tell you the truth!

Ryan Harshbarger said...

Tammy Lynn,

Thank you for your comment. My heart is with you and the families. This article is not pointed directly towards just that event, but all the acts that have been carried out due to the media turning shooters into celebrities etc. Also, if you recall when the "rapture" was to occur there families killing each other.

The media has created a very dangerous fear that is already tilting a very scared population. They have caused many to go over the edge due to the constant "the worlds ending propaganda."

Aanica said...

I do agree the media is manipulative and depending on which station you follow is what kind of twist you get-follow cnn? msnbc? the agenda is to suit liberals & democrats, follow FOX? the agenda is Republican issues. Bottom line- dont trust what you're spoon fed with soundbites.

Ryan Harshbarger said...

Hey Aanica,

You're correct and I think that a lot of people are waking up to this. I know that this article isn't really within the whole "paranormal realm" but this is a topic that needed to be touched on.

God bless all the families.

Aanica said...

I agree Ryan, glad to see you back and writing again. I look forward to reading more. Also you have touched on something that needs to be talked about (a lot). good job..

Merry Christmas to everyone and God Bless!!