Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Test

By Paul D. Joao

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth
2 Timothy 2:15

There was a time in my life before joining the paranormal teams and understanding the nature of Ghost in the paranormal universe as my upbringing permitted as a Christian to not deal with spirits of course that only spirit that was allowed was the Holy Spirit. As a Child, one night seeing a spirit in my own bedroom watching me as being not afraid of it. This had lend me to in the following years to understand the nature of spirits. As my Christian community did not speak on it so looking elsewhere for the answers and understand that being a sensitive as the field calls it. A few people who were either girlfriends of friends or mine had seen spirits unbeknownst that when My time in teen Challenge as God laid before me a plan and a place to study His Word though scriptures and Books by Christians Authors who had experience in the preternatural, A Christian term for supernatural. These would lead me to a night that God would test me and this is the accounts of that unforgettable experience.

My time in Teen Challenge was a great experience as understanding God’s love and what being called for.  To me it was a training ground by day walking in the woods seeing angels as they were watching me as they would move fast and in a whisper hearing them, in church or by the pond. Often telling people, do they see them as they could not see them but felt something there near them. At night, it was a different story, late in the night sitting in the gathering room looking over my shoulder and seeing demons in front of me. Trying to come into the room where I was. As one night, sitting, praying, look behind me, and a woman appeared right behind me as I got up from my seat this woman walked into the room. Soon after, I walk around the place seeing if this woman would follow me as outside of the building it would follow as I went to my bed and prayed that night. This would prepare me for the test, one day a roommate told me about a farm, and they need some people there to work. The next couples of days, reading books from I talk to spirits by Victor H. Ernest to Kurt E Koch and others.

That morning came as the location to pick us up and take us to his farm, as we drove up at his place. It seemed nice a country style farm with cows and other animals. The first thing that drove my eyes on is the farmhouses abandon building where owner wife did not want to stay there. So I walked up to the garage and peek in though the window and seeing children spirits on the other side. As I asked the owner if he knew anything about it and he’s response was yes, as he told me his wife and others have reported to seeing them as well. After that I asked if I can take a walk though and he said go ahead, as I began to walk in seeing a blue spirit running away from me and the children screaming in my ear. Telling me to stop and do not go forward to the living room. me and a friend of mine, was with me as I first begin to walk in the house for the first time it felt like being in a crowded room on the first floor and in the second floor there was nothing. When I walked into the porch in day light, I quickly turn around and seen a woman walking towards me she was from a 18 century clothing with her hair in a bun, trying to get my attention. I decided to back to the owner and help him that was my purpose there in the first place.  As we all were talking about it and the owner not telling me much, which is a good thing. It was getting dark, and the owner need a mirror from the house so I told him that I would get the mirror for him, walking into the house felt better but in the bathroom, it felt it did not trying to move fast and get out but again before I was able to get out. The living room was dark and with windows, that you could not see them is that dark, starring in the room looking a picture while something was coming closer to me. My friend seen me and pulled me out there. At a distance away from the house, I look back at the porch as the demon had its claws on the edge of the door frame. On the backside where we did some work the ground did not felt right with me as if it was like a sinking my feet in now in the dark I had seen the woman as she should me where the children and her were buried with blood that glowed in the dark. Something told me to go into the garage and I would understand. The owner, and me open the garage and looking around on the backside of the garage was a door that look like it went into the ground, because the was the house was located on the property there was a garage separating the house and the mount or the hill. As I laid my hand on the door that went to the hill and feeling this negative demonic on the other side of the door, that did not me to open it, so I left the door closed. At first, the owner did not believe in first later after we regrouped.

We were going to cast out the presence, closed the doors of the spiritual world, and send this children and teacher to the next world. I opened the prayer using what my training had told me and asked the owner to repeat the words I would say. In a moment, watching a blue spirit take a form in the second window and knowing there was no lights in the house the transformer send a firework in the sky, and we did the same thing and again the transformers send another firework in the sky. so I used a closing prayer that came into my head feeling the God Authority come down on me. Moments later, seeing spirits run away from the house as we believe it work and the owner called his wife and she wanted to meet me in person.  When we left there to go to their house it felt and my friends were talking about it as I asked God that this night was triumph because of God authority and release its tormented spirits. the owner told me the whole story as the house was a Native American school house and a man came and killed the children and the teacher as their bodies were placed on the property. he also stated that I could not know the whole story, as his wife came out spoke to me and told me that thank you and she was a sensitive as well but being a Christian, and like Christianity when it comes to spirits it a do not speak or talk any more further. Later on that night as the owner treated us to pizza we agreed to not to speak about that night to others in Teen Challenge, sometime later as my friend would congratulate from there he send in his testimony that because of what we did that night change him as he did not get into the details. That night he felt God for the first time as was another person after, as for my another friend that was there, it sparked a deeper sense of Prayer for him, to see the power of God in front of him, made him more in tuned with God after that night. For me, in the years to come as come across different people who may believe or not in the paranormal or think that it’s a waste of time.

My response is why is that darkness can make people get closer to the Truth, which is the Jesus Christ. Sometimes it takes God Love to change people lives around. I think back in those days and remember that God is always tests us even when we do not know it, He might send a demon in your way but knowing how to call on the authority of Jesus can demonstrate a true sign from Him that He is there. In the following years, as I hear from different aspects from the Christian and Non Christian view that what I did may have spark something that wanted me to get into in Life, perhaps a vessel of both Christian and Non Christian can look up too.  

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