Monday, November 19, 2012

Chip Coffey's Client Testimonial

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Thursday October 25, 2012, I went to see Chip Coffey at the Congress hotel 520. S Michigan in Chicago. I wanted to believe in him so much , I wish I read about cold readings and how they would stage paranormal state before I went.  I paid over $200 to go, the first part he talked about his childhood and when he became a physic medium, He claims at about seven years old he started seeing spirits, he claimed to be the first caller id, he knew who was calling before they called. He claimed his great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian medicine woman and people would travel for miles to see her. He claims he didn’t start using his powers til fourteen years ago, he tried to become an actor and worked on a physic phone line.He said after his mom died he didn’t see her til nine years later, but he can see other people’s relatives just by looking at them! the second part he did a few readings including me, but he also mentioned if you want a full reading you have to call the number on his website and it cost $500! You had to tell him the name of the person (my father Robert,but he went by the names of Bob or coach , which he didn’t pick up on how long he passed away (ten years) and how old were they(53). He was so off, he guessed it was my father , but everything else he was so off! He would say it may not come to you know, but if you think about it, you will figure it out, I remember everything about my dad. It was almost like if he told you the sky was red one day you will believe it! A tattoo of mine was showing and he was like a comedian , saying your dad didn’t like your tattoos, but he never really said anything, Well who’s parents like tattoos on their children?! He never mentioned I had coach tattooed on the back of my neck! He said he was funny and stubborn, most men are , and if you die at 53 of cancer , you were to stubborn to go to the doctor! Chip said no questions that is only if you book a 500$ reading, but I threw one in, I asked about the picture? He was squinting his eyes and looking like he was thinking very hard! Finally he told me I will find it, I said no the picture of me in his office he took down? My father and I grew apart for 5 years and he took down the only picture of me in his office, and I always wondered why he never put it back up, when he had a bunch of pictures of my brother. He came back with he is talking about a picture of you and him you will find soon, then he stopped! He claims to do all this work for animal charities , but he didn’t pick up I run a pit bull rescue or that I rehabilitate wild animals, racoons opossums  ect. He did about 8 readings total. The worst for me was a mother that lost her child at the age of 13. First he said they don’t know if it was an accident or not? Well he was hit by a car on a bike, it was an accident! Then when Chip found out his age he played on her emotions, said what most 13 yr old boys do, like she was the softy, if he wanted something he didn’t go to dad , he went to mommy, he knew the dad was there because he asked! she was crying so hard. The last part of the event that was about 60$ more was Chip playing around for a half an hour w/ flashlights , and it was dead! He even asked one of his employees, Have you ever seen the flashlights this slow? She said no of course. One blinked a few times….WOW! This hotel was claimed to be haunted by Al Capone, we got no voices no  curtains moving , basically I wasted over 200$ on a guy that likes to talk….A fake? I would say oh yes!!! Chip Coffey is just an actor praying on grieving people who want to believe there is a place our loved ones go. Someone just told me to have faith, and I think that is the best advice. I would never go to a medium again!

Kristen Prorak
Chicago, Il


Anonymous said...

Would love to see Kirbys record of dollar per minute readings when he worked for Cleo. Can't imagine they stayed on the phone very long. LMFAO Wood chipper anyone?

eyeontheparanormal said...

Would love to see Chips record of dollar per minute readings due to the fact he still does fake readings over the phone Can't imagine they stayed on the phone very long. LMFAO Wood chipper anyone?

Aanica said...


Anonymous said...

Kirby can't lead, he can only follow.


eyeontheparanormal said...

Yes chip is a better dancer he is very good dancing around the truth

Anonymous said...

There is always square dancing Kirby.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Well if Chip would invite his blood kin to hi home for a dinner he could give me a few tips [ but his side of the family has never invited my side of the family to anything]

if he was that good at readings he would know how we are kin