Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Issue 90 – Long Island Psychic/Chip Coffey/"I Am Six" Book

By Kirby Robinson

We are pleased to announce that our forthcoming book that blows the lid off the "I Am Six" case, possibly the most controversial case of demonic possession in the past few years, is nearly done. Next week we'll unveil the book's cover. The book is being edited, the last few bits of information are being gathered and photos are being taken. The title we have settled on is: Never Mock God – An Unauthorized Investigation into the "I Am Six" Case

Our investigative team has traveled the country digging up the truth no one wanted you to know. We've visited Quincy, Illinois to speak to people firsthand. Additionally, we've gone to the states of Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Florida chasing down leads as they developed. We've uncovered long hidden secrets that will cause the reader to question everything they've been told about the case and those who took part in it.

Our tentative plan, barring any further evidence coming in, is to have the book out by October 31.

Why Does Chip Coffey Do That?

We have to wonder why does Chip never tell his beloved fans on Facebook when he makes a public appearance on the radio? Why keep them in the dark?

And now back to more important news.

Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium Should've Seen Ron Tebo Coming

We take our hats off to Ron Tebo and his crew over at SciFake for their efforts to expose her. At first I had no real problem with her outside of the normal issues I have with psychics. But as fame grows so does the ego …

Here are links to their great work:

Stay safe this Halloween season and if you have black cats [or know of people who do], please keep them inside until after October 31 for their safety.

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