Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whom Do We Call?

By Paul Joao

I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. I will firmly establish his priestly house, and they will minister before my anointed one always.
1 Samuel 2:35

In a recent episode on the Paranormal State, where Ryan Buell and his team came into a client home and understood that there was a demonic activity their where he calls on Jesus for help to remove the demon from the home. Which creates a problematic problem for those who do not understand the rules of authority of Jesus and calling on His name would not understand the imcaptions of this view. At the same time the verse above, one Samuel 2:35 implies that people who are a faithful priest and an anointed person will stand firm with God and His people. On the same level, in the field of the paranormal people who need help in the house cleaning or remove demonic sometimes who are not train nor have the understanding of the matter will sometimes resort to themselves to do the task. Even at times paranormal celebrities will use a term, provoke or claim over implies a person that has authority of a high power just as if those who believe in Jesus Christ who has the authority over demons at the same time how a person do. That is not a Christian or does not believe in Christianity believe that they the authority of demons. Which raises questions how do a person tell the public the rules and the Biblical application of the use of provocation?  Which in this paper will demonstrate some of the Biblical verses that apply to this topic?  

In order to begin, Mark 1:23-26 is famous passage that demonstrates this view, how Jesus was able to remove a demon from a person or told a demon to leave the place. Much like in the paranormal field when investigators will bring a priest to remove the demon and if the priest is not well trained or does not believe in demons what does a person do? Over the years, people had to rely on demonologists for help when the answer is located in the Bible. That is faith to believe in and it comes when a person has receives Jesus as their savior but it does not end there. This not magic wand grants people some special authority. It comes from learning the Bible being devote in Bible studies, one area that would be great is doing a Bible study during an investigation, just to see what happens. In any case, a person should have faith to believe in, which is the next topic. 

Faith what is it, Mathew 17:14-20 demonstrates this as Jesus apostles could not do the work of God because they did not believe. The reason is people who do this line of work or a calling from God. At times if they are not train, they end like Paul and the slave girl that is located in chapter 16: beginning at verses 16-21. When Paul did what was right and people who use this line of work for fame will not see the benefit because in, Acts 22-28 when Paul and Silas were in jail they sang and rejoicing  and suddenly earthquake shock the prison opening their cells and unbinding them from their chains. When the prison jailer was surprised and he seen, what power of faith comes when a person believes in the power of Jesus Christ? Much like in the Paranormal when the client feels like they are not in prison due to the demon that traps the person from getting help, that authority alone is when people are conceived that its they are dealing with the only one authority. However, not all people believe that and there is the last topic that deals with it. 

That is how to tell people which authority to use that is located in the book of the Bible, Matthew 12:25-27 where Jesus mentions how Satan cannot command Satan it does not work. In the field of the Paranormal, where people in a “not of” view of Christianity often tell demons to flee and they leave for a short time but often they come back making matters worse for the family. It might not show up for a awhile but cases where people have to come back to a location and deal with problem number of times, may consider trying calling on Jesus for help. On the other hand, the use of cleansing techniques like sage or others that will not do the same effect will make the cleansing or the use of the same method as calling on Jesus. In the end, if the person did not know Jesus what do they do then. A problem is in the paranormal field, when people will use it, calling on Jesus. As this reminds people what could happen if they only believe in.

What does all mean, when a person reads the book of John chapter five starting at verse five, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” We should look past dealing with darkness or the practices of it and look for Light or the Holy Power that comes from Jesus as we embraces the Biblical Truths that allows a person to become a holy person of God. That has the authority because they have the faith as Jesus to win a soul for the kingdom of God.

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