Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do You Believe in Angels?

By Lisa Grace

Recently I was asked in an interview if I believe in angels or the supernatural as the way it appears in my fiction books.

Yes, I believe in angels. Have I knowingly seen any? No.

However, I have met some disturbed people that I believe are possessed, and no, the mental health counseling and medication did not help them.

Do I believe events could happen the way they do in my books? Yes and no. It’s a work of fiction and as such, many incidences are over the top. I believe in today’s modern world the supernatural one does prefer to remain hidden. It’s easier to operate when people don’t believe it exists. I believe all “ghosts” are demonic manifestations leading people away from truth.

If a being, (no matter how beautiful as Satan can appear as an angel of light) contradicts the Holy Scriptures, it is evil and sent to lull people into believing a false view of the afterlife to their detriment. The devil is recruiting for his army through deception.

Your best defense? Know your scriptures. Understand the supernatural world and its goals. Put on the armor of Christ and be prepared for spiritual warfare.


stephenbearnys said...
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stephenbearnys said...

Interesting article. Fiction and non-fiction are very similar in the paranormal world

paragurl420 said...

Nice job Lisa:)

paragurl420 said...

Nice job Lisa:)

mark hunnemann said...

succinct summary of important truths

Bridgette said...

Lisa...I couldn't agree more with your points. As a supernatural fiction writer myself, it can be touchy to have your characters do something that may not be theologically sound knowing someone will likely call you out on that because you are a Christian. I will certainly remember how you've handled this point. :)

KarenMorris said...

Amen, Lisa Grace :-)