Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reap's Response to Bogus Website

By Reap Paden

Imposter! If you search 'eye on the paranormal' there is a chance you will come across a website that is made up of people who are doing things right. The owner of the website doesn't mean to give that message but that really doesn't matter. Kirby, The Ghost Divas (RIP), Michael M. O'Brien, Aanica, Ghost Hunters Inc, Ron Tebo and me! Yep, that's right I'm there too. According to this imposter website I am a satanist and an atheist which is impossible, any idiot could figure that out. (except one) I am also an ex-con. Wow, I am an ex-con? My life has been more exciting than I thought! If only I'd known I could have been charging more for all the autographs I sign for people.

There is quite a meltdown going on at this hub for haters. The person(s) running it are not real deep thinkers and I wouldn't suggest they quit their day job to become webmasters besides who would take my order at the local fast-food joint if they did?

While the hate runs rampant the facts lay thin and the ignorance could drown a man 10ft tall.

Loser is the word of the day for those who have never heard of a thesaurus.

The sense of their own self worth rings hollow and it's like the child who stands in the middle of a room full of adults demanding that everyone believe he's 21 when it's obvious to everyone it simply is not the case. After a while it's both annoying and sad.

I've no love for some of the people featured on this outburst of idiocy. Despite that fact I have trouble disliking them when I see this webpage, it's that ineffective.

A pathetic attempt to make others look bad but it lacks one thing. It lacks truth. It will never amount to anything and no one will ever buy into it because the truth is the thing that would have given it some validity. Anyone with half a brain will figure out a website comprised of some rambling idiot and a bunch of pics with 'loser' and an arrow is not a reputable source to base your opinions on.

An obvious result of jealousy and inability to match wit this little website sits all alone in the corner whimpering and whispering "I hate you" too afraid to say it loud enough for people to hear. That would mean the losers would know the moron who knows nothing. Cowards can't have that, it isn't their way, and it never will be...

In closing I'd like to send a message to the inept fools who think their little webpage has effected my life in any way. F**k You, F**k No, F*ck Off and make sure my fries are hot, thanks!


ParaLegal33 said...

Thus far 2 of the claimants have received confirmation that the site in question is abusive and therefor a TOS violation.

Typically the real owner/registrant is replaced by the host domain by default depending on the specific policies but rest assured the true identity WILL be reveled eventually.

Aanica said...

Ouch, true and too funny!


Jenesee said...

I know it is difficult to do but my suggestion would be to quiety try to shut this site down and be gracious about it. You dont serve yourself well when you lash out and retaliate using this forum. I know I come here to be enlightened and learn more from those I assume live the life they preach. Although we all are human and feel a range of emotions anger, fear, and vengence arent what you have previousoy shown and they are jarring to the readers who couldnt give a fig about some fake site. We are HERE :) so my respectful suggestion would be that you focus here and trust that what you stand for will stand.

eyeontheparanormal said...


do not worry that will not take place here we will keep post blogs that spread the truth and light to things that people need to know about

Skipper said...

Wow, oh wow.

Why the swearing partner? So what if people say crap about you, you of all people know it shouldn't matter. You are above that, but watch your profanity, Kids read this blog.

Plus EOTP shouldn't have one posting talk about christ almighty and the next shouting out the "F" word. Lose readers that way.

I thought Kirby said that profanity wasn't allowed.
Guess he was wrong...again.


(_X_) said...

Well getting nervous huh? you don't fool anyone with your preachy crap! LOL omg, so transparent...

Yea what will stand still stands

Oh we are going to shut it down, and we are going to tell everything about it as we go- so until some douchebag coward puts your copyrighted material on a website and thinks it's so f**kn why don't you just stuff it.. that's my suggestion to you

AND if its too much for this blog I will tell you another you can find it at (_X_)

Jenesee said...

I dont know who you are X or who you are directing your comments to, (is it me? )but you arent making much sense

Mariea said...

I saw this website in question months ago as it popped up as it has the same title with the exception of capitalization or lowercase letters. I am new here and come here because I like to read the blogs. But, it was real clear and apparent that it was a “hate” site – and I am an individual who does not follow everything paranormal. Haters will always be haters. I do understand the anger over the insults and copying of material, but at the end of the day I would not lose any sleep over it. This site is good and it is obvious it was the “only” thing they could do to anger you because you expose their lies.
Best to all of you and keep doing what you are doing ;)

Reap Paden said...

Can't wait to see what happens to this site in the next few days. Nothing up my sleeve......

(_X_) said...

Yea jennesse a.k.a blabs I'm talking to you simpleton.
Did all of you really think you could get away with hate blogging to that extreme and stealing copyrighted photos?
Did you know about the fact that privacy domains retain the right to dump you if you violate TOS?
Do you understand what that means? Whoever owns that site and registered it privately has the account terminated and your real name appears in Whois
That's right Jethro a loop hole you didn’t know about! LOL
When a violation in TOS like at the fake is done, they can delete your privacy domain account in lieu of facing any court costs and especially in cases of extreme prejudice (that means easy to prove) such as demonstrated at the fake site It’s just a matter of time, tick tock, tick tock , Sherlock

List-O-Hate so far

First: against women,
2) Weight of an individual
3) Child abuse victims.
4) A proven track record of hate against a handicapped individual
5) And other innocent victims you "just don’t like"
6) defaming a man and anti-religious prejudice against him. Violating a mans right to chose or not to choose to follow a religion.

That's a big no no BTW, first Amendment violation - Freedom of Religion, check your constatuition under Bill Of Rights!


(and I do mean that)

ps. This list is growing

Jenesee said...

Um X I think you are confused, I dont run any sites associated with the paranormal, Im just a long time lurker here, commenting in a post. As an aside wow what a welcome. If this is the caliber of readers doubt Ill comment again to open my thoughts up to trolls. If you are going to spew nonesense and hate at least figure out who are target is. Admin, this guy is in your court now.

(_X_) said...

No Jenesee, you will continue to post here eschewing the same tired cliches and ineffective tactics under a new name like you have so many times before ...

If not then what a huge loss it'll be not to have your profound thoughts posted here LOL.

(_X_) said...

btw genius (jenesse) I never made any allusion to you running any paranormal web sites, thanks for giving yourself away (again), dumb-ass LOL



(_X_) said...

Its gone and that is a huge win for us! So where is skipper now? how about blabs umm I mean jenesse hmmm?


Skipper said...

Still here.


Skipper said...

When is Kirby going to Expose himself? LMFAO


eyeontheparanormal said...

That depends on what you want to see skipper

Reap Paden said...


(_X_) said...

If you want to see pictures of naked men Skipper I'm sure there are plenty available via Google search.

More proof this is a Chip Coffey fan.

Sincerely you can-


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