Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Issue 69 – Dirty Deeds, Fake Bishops, & More Secrets Exposed

By Kirby Robinson

It's been a busy week within the paranormal community. Dirty deeds are ruling the paranormal. From fake psychics being exposed as they're breaking the law, and not caring who gets hurt, to a man pretending to be a church official to someone trying to get others in trouble. Yes, folks, just another week in paranormal-land…

Dirty Deeds In The Paranormal

Nothing escapes the Eye on the Paranormal, whether it's activity in the shadows or outright bad behavior. Late last week, I was flooded with emails from folks who got a very peculiar email from Jen Arnold, author of On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks. They asked me if it was for real or are we being scammed? Here is the email:

From: "Jennifer Arnold" [personal email address removed]
Date: Apr 18, 2012 9:13 AM
Subject: My Experience during my Trip

I'm in some terrible and horrible situation, My family and I came down here to Manila, Philippines for a short vacation and I was robbed at gun point last night, All cash,including credit card and cell phone was stolen away.

We've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all, Our return flight leaves in few hours time from now and am having problems settling my bills. I was wondering if you can loan me $1,800 to pay up the bills and also take a cab to the airport, But any amount you can afford will be appreciated, I'll refund it to you as soon as I arrive home just need to clear my bills. As soon as I get home I'll refund it immediately.

Write me so I can let you know how to send it.


Many asked me to really give it to her. To boil her in oil and put her on the rack but something just didn't seem right. I'll expose fakery when it's called for, but this just didn't seem right.

1. The email it says they went down to Manila for a short vacation. Jen lives in Florida. This would be a long flight. It reads "went down" which means they must have came from up north.

2. She is in such bad shape she had time to send out dozens of emails asking people for a certain amount of money? Unless it just seemed as it was a scam. After firing off a few emails her agent at Irish Eyes Promotions, her agent got back to me and informed me she got one as well. The agent called Jen, who informed her that she was not stranded anyplace. Someone had to have hacked into her email. The FBI was notified, and they have traced it back to an IP address and visited the person. The matter is under investigation, and charges are possible.

When a person has done wrong, I go after them full tilt. But not when the person is being set up. [One of the Eye on the Paranormal's beat reporters responded to the email, offering to help with sending cash, and got no response]. This tells me the person was more interested in stirring up trouble for someone than in collecting money. Once there are more details, they'll be shared.

Fake Bishop On The Loose

Jerry Williams is a paranormal investigator who lives in Ohio. He has an internet radio show, and that's fine. He also claims to be a demonologist… and, well, who isn't one these days? But now, he's decided to call himself Bishop Jerry Williams, and that's not cool at all. Such a title is never given; it's earned by years of study and dedication to a calling from GOD. Bishop isn't a title that is used because one thinks one is entitled to call themselves a bishop. Mr. Williams has even been hounding some major ghost hunting groups to be part of their team.

If Mr. Williams wants to be a real Bishop then he might think of becoming a member of the cloth and earning the right to that title.

Sandra Lynn Sparks Is On The Loose

Sandra Lynn Sparks works for Chip Coffey as a moderator for his website. In the past, she presented herself as a fake moderator for the official Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal Facebook page. In that capacity she used her fake status to direct kids [without permission from their parents] to Chip's website, and ones that she owns and makes money from. The woman has NO degree working with kids and giving advice that might be harmful to the child. The Facebook page was a haven for anyone, as no control was ever put into place to check who was offering to help the kids. There was even a convicted felon who posted requests to "help" kids. Many predators on the page [predators come in many shapes and sizes: money predators, spiritual predators, etc.] offered to work with children, but they have to be younger than 15.

Eventually common sense prevailed and the site once again was taken over by A&E. Sadly, a new page was created, called PSYCHIC KIDS: AFTERWORD.  Sandra Lynn Sparks is back offering advice and services that might be unsound and potentially harmful for emotionally disturbed kids.

Warn your family and friends. Sit down with your kids and tell them if they see things like this on the web not to buy it. No one affiliated with this page is interested in helping kids. They only seek money and feeding the egos of fake psychics. Please avoid anyone who posts over there or is mentioned as they're all scammers.

Next week we return to the secrets of the Bible that psychics and the new agers prefer you don' know.

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Mary Lamb said...

Jennifer is full of it, that's the bottom line. omg what a serious wanna-be and wanna-be for what? a demonic haunting? too bad everyone and their brother are wanting a demonic story to make them "special" Sad state of affairs when the devil is the most popular vote when it comes to getting (partially-semi-heard of, for a very brief 10 days or so), I guess Angels and God don't sell like Lucifer and his demon buddy's do.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Jerry Williams is real in the church and the Paranormal groups seek him not the other way around. Maybe you should get your facts straight before attacking someone you have no clue about. If this is how you investigate I feel sorry for any person asking you for help.

Anonymous said...

Yes I've checked the documents he has and called the school. He is for real I even checked. The church which is part of Vineyard they said they have Bishop Jerry Williams. So I agree you didn't investigate this very well Sarah ...

eyeontheparanormal said...

just thay a man himself bishop and gets someone to "GIVE" the title does not make him a bishop

Anonymous said...

Yes I am afraid it does mean that author. The church may issue titles that they deem fit for an individual. Your opinion does not matter when a church decides to issue a title. So unfortunately in this case the author is misinformed, willfully or otherwise. If the author has personal opinions about who a church decides should receive a title that is fine. We all have opinions. Facts are facts and when calling someone fake perhaps the author should rely a bit more heavily on facts and much less on opinion.

Anonymous said...

All churches are set by Doctrines. It sounds like this author is going by his own belief of his doctrine church. The author is misinformed. Maybe he's jealous since he tries to do the same thing? If I had a Demon in my home who would I trust this Guy and his opinion or BISHOP DEMONOLOGIST JERRY WILLIAMS? I'd pick THE BISHOP DEMONOLOGIST JERRY WILLIAMS.

The QuestionMarkCrusdae said...

Give it up "Anonymous", he is no more a Bishop than he is a Demonologist. And what kind of Demonologist stands in front of a Satanic pentagram? Whatever he learned and knows is more from the perspective of necromancers and that "Unhealthy interest" everyone is warned about. ULC Bishop, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

So does this author ever have proof because all he does is make accusations. Really give proof not lies,accusations or rumors.

Especially for this guy like Bishop long whom to me is the biggest fraud of the paranormal a gay priest who is not recognized by the church. According to the archdiocese. He ordains anyone to be ministers and bishops according to his website.

Anonymous said...

The author has no proof of anything he just likes to hear and read his own words.

Anonymous said...

The question for crusaders you are an idiot for saying that do you have proof. I've seen it on his website ....maybe you should not give opinions that's how it starts. People put pictures of demons behind them with occult symbols all the time and they are ministers. But then again you probably think your perfect you know Cruz your doctrine tells you lol

Anonymous said...

Mr Bishop Williams has a school website now also ran by Chuck Manning do u know this guy author eye?

eyeontheparanormal said...

yes we do we have a thick file anyone can call himself anything ANDRE CALDER called himself a priest [ episcopal] and he never was

Anonymous said...

I want to see the file..How do you know these people aren't titled. I mean where's your proof....I will send u my email address I want the file.

Anonymous said...

This is nearly as silly as the original post. Photoshop now has bearing on a persons religious titles. Mr Williams please stand in front of a church or something for these simpletons.

Anonymous said...


eyeontheparanormal said...

Will make you a offer you do a blog about all my criminal activity we will post it

send it to

you never will due to the fact I have no record

Calder was the fake not me