Sunday, April 15, 2012


By Kirby Robinson

It came to my attention last night that an eBook was published on Amazon and posted [at least parts of it] on a website. This book concerns subjects that in the past I have been very vocal about. But I didn't write the book.

Let me make some points on the matter:

1 I did talk to someone about the subject of the book.

2 I was sent a PDF file, but what I was shown was not the one published.

3 I never gave permission for the extensive excerpts taken from my published work nor for reprinting of blogs from eye on the Paranormal and Shedding Some Light.

4 The person the book is about is a done subject to me--at least when it comes to this blog.

5 I am done with this matter as I'm now focusing on the subjects of cults and lies of the new age and how both are impacting the paranormal field. And I'll focus on cults within the Christian community.

So whoever published that book--you should be willing to take the heat for it.


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