Saturday, March 24, 2012

Special Report ~ Goodbye Anonymous & Michelle "Babs" Griffin Tries Rewriting History

By Kirby Robinson

We'd hoped to share some great news with you today, but as yet not all the I's are dotted or the T's crossed. Until everything is signed we must keep silent but we have a few other announcements.

Goodbye Anonymous

Just who is Anonymous? They are the folks who love to sit in dark places and post nasty things about me and my bloggers. They are often the fakers that we expose or they are the haters that follow the fakers. These followers can't defend the fake para-celebrities with facts so they engage in lies and distortions of the truth because they have nothing else to fire back at us. They are also the people who have no guts or courage in their convictions. They are the same folks who want only one "unified" voice heard in the paranormal.

As of the today, they are no longer welcome here. Either make a comment under a name or don't bother. This is a blog for grownups that have the ability to think and reason, for those who seek to shed light on issues that people need to know about. If you're still a child who isn't able to think or reason for yourself, your comments just reflect your spiritual immaturity. So, for those fake para-celebrities and/or their blind following zombies, don't let the door hit your backside as you leave us.

Michelle “Babs” Griffin Tries Rewriting History

It seems that Babs is up to her tiresome old tricks once again. She has made an effort to scour the web and have each and every copy of the video of that para-celebrity guest on her TV show making fun of me because my eyesight is failing. We've even been told that she claims it never happened – my supporters and I are making it up. Well, Babs, it did happen and as you try to have it removed, know that we have copies of that video. But, the truth has never been her strong suit.

Psychics Exposed

The series we launched last week will be something we'll stick with for some time. We feel a need more than ever to uncover the lies most psychics and psychic-mediums don't want you to know.

We'll cover such topics as: What is this psychic gift they claim to have? Why can't they give people winning lottery numbers? What does it say in the Bible about these so-called psychics? How can you become a channeler and rip people off? And who really started all this? [Hint: it goes back to the Garden of Eden and the streets of Babylon].

If you have any questions or topics you'd like to see covered in the weeks ahead, please feel free to reach out and ask and we'll cover them. One topic we'll address is why it's okay for a pastor/minister to get paid and not a psychic? And at some point we'll deal with the psychic flavor of the month: The Long Island Medium. Now that one will be a blast!


stephenbearnys said...

just keep speaking the truth, and know that God will honor what you do and say.

stephenbearnys said...

just keep speaking the truth, and know that God will honor what you do and say.

Aanica said...

Well kiss my grits! ol'babs has been busy! LMAO damn- I had forgot about that old girl (she is so forgettable) funny thing about those videos and screenshots, you can always bet there's a copy floating around somewhere!
One more thing; as many severs there are overseas, I'm going to guess you could spend a lifetime chasing your tail trying to find where they're all uploaded.

Just saying-

Mariea said...

Who in their “right” mind would make fun anyone’s failing eyesight – friend or enemy? I suppose what else can they do? To me, a mere reader of various things on the Net and elsewhere - it says a lot about your true character. In regard to those who comment as anonymous, I laugh every time as it is so obvious of what camp they are from.
Aanica, please don’t take this the wrong way…I giggle when I read your responses as they are just cleverly stated!
Kirby, have you heard from Reporter X? I have found their new site, but I think you wrote somewhere that you were still in contact with them.


eyeontheparanormal said...

I know about the site and let me say this I have nothing to do with it

They sent me a e mail a week or so ago they are welcome to report on what they wish I do not have the time nor will my failing eye site allow me to be a part of it

more then likely I will be retiring from going out on cases in the next few days

Mariea said...

God has some new things for you to be involved in. Best to you.


Sean said...

Always well wishes for you Kirby. :)