Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Incident That Shows Dire Need for Reformation

By Rev. Mark Hunnemann

"Don't re-enact Platoon scenes with Charlie Sheen!" hehe Yes, same TV ad....
I have never stated my desire and mission for this newsletter in any systematic fashion; I'd like to  do that now. Something happened tonight to re-inforce my passion. Let me explain that, and then get on with my vision.

Since I have a calling to bring Christ into the paranormal, I have to stay current. To that end, I watched GHI (Ghost Hunters International) tonight--I always pray beforehand. Barry Fitzgerald, who normally is fairly level headed, blew it horribly in tonight's show, which was located in Belize..As the current Lead Investigator for GHI, Barry made an unbelievable decision while investigating some ancient Mayan ruins, which dated 1,000 BC. The client, Pedro, wanted them to discover whether the spirits were attached to just the place or were they attaching to him as well. Pedro, who obviously was obsessed with the place, (which was never addressed...not in reveal anyway) told the group that blood rituals had taken place there, and that he had re-enacted these blood rituals using his own blood, in order to draw the spirits out. (anybody feeling a bit uncomfortable yet.....)

"So, Pedro, would you be willing to re-enact this blood ritual for us tonight..." Barry asked the client. "Sure!!", was the ecstatic reply. Barry asked for volunteers, and Susan eagerly agreed. An interesting side-note..Kris expressed, more than once, her concern that it was going too far. THAT, should have knocked some sense into the Irishman, but it didn't. In the "sacred" place, Susan unwittingly let her life-blood be offered up to it trickled into the basin. "I sacrificed a bit of me to you tonight...and opened myself to, show yourself." she implored during an EVP session. I wept in my spirit, as she opened a door never meant to be touched by human hands, and that she has no clue as to the coming darkness. You don't do that without suffering serious consequences; especially since it involved human blood...hers. Pray for her..

In an attempt to accellerate or optimize conditions for the alleged Mayan spirits to interact with them, a serious line was crossed. They practiced an occultic blood-letting ritual. This darkness was witnessed as entertainment by millions; for an untold number it was the  sanctioning of doing whatever needs to be done to maximize "profits". Of course, the GA (Ghost Adventure) crew has crossed this ritualistic line long ago.We have seen that EVP sessions themselves are portal openers; ritualistic occultism is a defiant shaking of the fist at God. With no objective standard as found in the bible, who in the paranormal community is prepared to say enough is enough...

Enough is enough! Let us say it together, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!" It is this sadly surprising display of lack of discernment by Barry Fitzgerald that I am using as a foil for proclaiming my vision for change in the paranormal community; both in belief and methodology.Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on the door of the
church in Wittenburg-it was like a community bulletin board-and that was the catalyst of the great Protestant Reformation. The essence of this movement was a re-discovery of the gospel of justification by faith alone. My vision is for a reformation in the field of demonology and the paranormal/supernatural. The following are my ten thesis; they are the purpose behind these newsletters.

1.That the bible be acknowledged as the primary standard by which we identify the  paranormal. (Prov.1:7) Any assumption that diminishes the singular honor and dignity of our Lord Jesus, or detracts in any way from the perfection and finished nature of the atonement, be jettisoned.

2.That the currently unquestioned assumption of ghosts be rejected as repugnant to scripture (Dt.18)

3.That the notion of residual haunts is repugnant to reason and scripture.

4.That there are only two residents of the supernatural realm: good angels and fallen angels (demons).
5.That verbal solicitation of EVP's is manifestly anti-biblical (Dt.18), and opens one to demonic influence.

6.That the primary purpose of an investigation is to determine the presence of the demonic and assist the clients in getting rid of them if present; empower clients.

7.That we raise up an army of trained clergy and lay folks who can work together to help those assaulted by demonic activity.

8.That pastors awaken to the reality of this demonic juggernaut and that they equip their sheep.

9.That the paranormal be called the supernatural realm

10.That in light of the present spiritual warfare, we cry out to God for reformation and revival from the Holy Spirit.

This list is open to future revision.You may not agree with portions of it, but the purpose is to show where the author is coming from. I realize that much of this rests upon the conversion of the majority in the paranormal community. That is why we must be willing to take small victories;.finding common ground, build relationships, and so on to make incremental progress...unless and until the Holy Spirit comes in revival fire. Have mercy on us Lord, and pour out lavishly the Holy Spirit. Soli deo gloria!


Aanica said...

I will agree with you in every way, this is not the first time I have said this or stood my ground against that which offends me spiritually and morally.

Reverend Hunnemann, I hope your words will be heard and more will join in the fight against the abomination of Para-reality TV because can you imagine how many super fans are going out ghost hunting to do just what they did and seal their fate by offing blood to any spirit passing by.

It’s sickening that networks approve of such extremism for entertainment of the masses. As long as there are fans supporting reality ghost shows, there will be no stopping networks that have no conscience. Thanks for the breakdown of the GHI cast and crew who approved of this stunt.

And another point you mentioned,I have observed becoming a new trend in paranormal groups is the title "demonologist", when did it become a status symbol to claim this title?
Most and I mean 99% that claim this title are doing it for popularity and don't have a clue of the evil they claim to fight. I hope this is something we see fade but I doubt it..

Anonymous said...

Why do people believe that crap on TV anyway it shows how stupid people who follow the paranormal really are, what a waste of time this entire genre is.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would they show Kris cutting her self on TV. It was bad taste and pissed off millions!

Anonymous said...

all things that portray demonic summoning in a good light is so disgusting

Anonymous said...

3. Planets/Raashis and Degrees (Ansh)