Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Demon Doctors Credibility Shattered: A Look Into The New Age Of Ministry

By Ryan Harshbarger

Peter 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

The self proclaimed “demon doctors” have been on my radar for the past month and the feedback hasn't been very pleasant at all. I recently have received information from four of their prior clients and all four have stated pretty much the same results of the doctors work. The clients all wish to remain anonymous, which I happily obliged too. The most shocking one was of a couple that were being physically attacked by unseen forces almost nightly. The families child was also being victimized by this malevolent force. Upon coming across the website for the demon doctors the family contacted them with hopes of getting their lives back, and reclaiming a shred of what they once had. After an hour and a half phone consultation the wife was told that “she had allowed several high ranking demons into the family's home” and that the demon doctors could resolve this situation for the family. Two weeks went by and the doctors arrived and did a quick walk through of the home. Mr. Hasankani went into a “trance like state” in the living room and told the clients that he was contacting the “Arch Angels” to enter the home and forcefully remove the malevolent entities. Several nights went by without any issues and then the family was right back where they had initially started, times ten. The anonymous client told me that the activity intensified so badly that they were forced to move from their home and actually had to leave the state. Unfortunately they didn't fully escape the evil and the new home began to become another war-zone. The wife immediately contacted the demon doctors to tell them about how the violence had amplified and that the once happy home was being destroyed nightly. Mr. Hasankani told the frantic client “that the family are all allowing this to happen, and there was nothing more that could be done.”

This seems to be becoming a trend with several other groups other then the demon doctors and this behavior should immediately be eradicated. In part 1 of this article I asked the question “are they doing more harm then good?” After speaking with several of their clients and reading all the feedback from the article, people like this are in fact harming innocent people daily. “Announcing yourselves as Dr's should be a crime and is very misleading.” Both gentlemen from this team clearly stated they have absolutely no theological degrees or any degree in social work or psychology. Yet they are doing something that is very dangerous not only to themselves but the clients as well. “Here's the kicker, you ready for this?” The client I spoke with as well as the other three were all under the impressions that these guys were actually doctors. Sad right? Yeah, I thought you would agree. Is it not a crime to proclaim yourselves as an M.D and offer services under that title?  

“This leads me to my next area of attack.” I'm noticing a lot of paranormal investigators are receiving online ordained minister degrees. If you have not seen these sites where you too can obtain one, then do a little research and you will be very surprised as to how easy it is to get one by just filling in the blanks. “I filled one out in less than 4 minutes just to prove a point.” When a person receives this piece of paper, “yes it does allow you to marry people etc.” However, it does not give you the proper tools or the right to start doing exorcisms and giving theological advice to clients dealing with demonic forces.” Every day I am getting info and emails about paranormal teams having at least one person on their team that is either an ordained minister or a demonologist. “This is getting way out of hand!” I agree that upon entering any haunted locations you should always surround yourselves with protection from whatever higher power you believe in. You and your team should always be saying a protective prayer or ask to be surrounded by the white light of protection, but just because you have an online minster degree does not give you the proper training to engage in spiritual warfare. “This is happening almost daily and that's the saddest part.” To me this is a total mockery of religion and these people need to be stopped immediately. There are certain individuals out there that are demonologists and have the correct education and training to offer help to those in need such as Kirby Robinson and Leon Wilkes, just to name a couple. These guys are the real deal and have dedicated their lives and have received the calling from GOD to take on evil and banish it. Neither of them have received an online degree in demonology or a fill in the blank minister degree.   

Clearly the demon doctors are not affiliated with any Church or have any legit theological background and neither does most of these paranormal ministers. Now, I'm not saying that all the teams don't have actual ordained ministers but for the most part “they don't.” If you read the Canon Law 1172 paragraphs 1 and 2 on exorcisms to any of these charlatans they don't even know how to respond. Do you all remember when orbs were the big thing? Times were so much more simplified back then, now its all about demons for some reason. With shows like Dwayne Claude's and Bob Larson's ignorant attempts to fool the masses, they seem to be resonating somewhere because demons seem to sell. Look, I've witnessed two legitimate exorcisms and witnessed a deliverance and it's most certainly not something you can learn from a website or by reading two Michelle Belanger books. The Church is not very happy with this recent turn these paranormal teams have taken and I don't blame them. Even if you do not believe in demons and you only recognize energy, then you can at least accept that dark energy is around us and it feeds on emotion and turmoil. The people that are going through this need real help. The last thing they need is someone using Harry Potter type wizardry to manipulate clients into believing that they are out of harm's way and leaving them in the dark. As a paranormal investigator you are inclined to help the client find resolution and guide them to the answers they need. These people are depending on you for answers, so the best thing you can do is get your team in contact with a local Church for proper theological guidance and help. Some Churches are a little touchy on this subject matter so do your homework before you go marching in and ranting on about demons. This way if you do happen to run into a very nasty force you have a pillar of faith to lean on and help those in need.

I shouldn't even have to be saying this but paranormal teams need to STOP taking on demonic cases they are only doing more harm than good. Is it going to take someone getting killed or seriously injured before this stops? Any guy that shows up in a trench-coat with a brief case, a Bible, a cross and a super-soaker loaded with Holy Water, chances are he's just a 46 year old guy that lives in his mother's basement watching one too many Paranormal State episodes. The world we live in now is full of so much stress, with the economy and foreclosures taking away family homes it's a miracle that most have held on to their sanity at all. If you or someone you know is being tormented by evil forces, be wise about your decisions and don't rely on teams that have the best website or someone that claims to be a demonologist. First contact the Church for help and understand the best a paranormal team can do is only document the evidence. This documentation can be used to assist the Church to better understand what is happening, but unless the the team has a legitimate Priest or access to one, do not rely on these teams to cleanse your home of demonic forces.

For those who guide these people are leading them astray; And those who are guided by them are brought to confusion. Isaiah 9:16                      


Anonymous said...

None of the information about the Demon Doctors is the least bit surprising to hear. Just their name alone screams fraud. How could anyone really take these guys the least bit seriously? People need to remember to use their common sense when looking at web sites and searching the internet for help.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

It should be noted that there are Christian Demonologists that are not trained by the Catholic Church that are effectively excising demons. I have been doing this 22 years, and my training came from hard core survival after being delivered by Christ from a life lived in the demonic and witchcraft.

And yes - there are some rather questionable outfits out there ordaining people on a whim, and others doing it for the right and proper reasons. Some discernment should be used to determine the character and source for an individuals call to this type of ministry.

Jesus gave us the Great Commission - "to go forth and make disciples of all nations." There are various guidelines for how leaders of the church should comport themselves, but there are NO rules or laws and how one becomes ordained.

My calling to this work comes from God - and to that I have always remained faithful. Those I help I never seek to promote and hold up as "my accomplishments". I do my work for the Glory of God.

Yes - there are charlatans out there such as the Demon Doctors. Lord knows I have had to clean up after their messes. What people do not understand, is that unless you are a Christian and use the authority of Jesus Christ, you cannot successfully remove a demon. A non believer may be able to push one out, but it says quite clearly that it will result in the demon returning with 7 demons worse than the first.

As for the Catholic Church, has anyone NOT NOTICED that Catholic members seem to get targeted a lot by the demonic. It's not because they are better, it's because the religion has strayed quite a bit from the scriptures, from setting up human saints to be prayed to instead of Christ, placing priests as arbiters of our sin instead of Christ, and other multiple issues. They even have their own version of the Bible that supports their dictates from the Cardinals and Popes through the ages.

The Catholic Church DOES NOT hold the authority in the field of demonology. Yes - they have done a great amount of research and train priests for it, whereas the Christian church has drawn away from it, but that's the mainstream Churches. Non Denominational churches, ones that are reviving the full gospels of Jesus Christ and His message of Salvation, the Gifts of the Spirit, and such are re-awakening the truth of Demons and the spiritual battle all Christians are engaged in whether they acknowledge it or not.

This is why I have come forward and started reaching out to help educate paranormal and church groups regarding the scriptural truth of the Gospels in regards to this area.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! These frauds needed to get exposed... Great Job Ryan!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Michael you have so much knowledge and i totally agree with you as i two have had experience in the black arts and demons and they are not to be messed with people need to realize that demons are not the stuff of hollywood movies but that they are real and are very dangerous.and their is a lot of paranormal interest in the world today but that is because dark and light are both coming up together as we are in the final days and Jesus is coming back and we need to be the light of the world.

Anonymous said...

part 2
My biggest problem is my relatives and others I have told this story to including this website and other websites on the paranormal will not believe these things can happen to us, but if people become better educated on these kinds of religious problems and accept the fact that there is life after death just as jesus told us then we will be be tter able to deal with mirader spirits who come back to torment humans.
My objective now as a channeller for spirit is to try to talk these spirits out of my body and tell them to do whatever they choose to and let me see if something higher in the universe has the power to stop them from going after other humans if they so desire then I an write honestly what happens to spirits like this and at that point in time we will all know more honestly more truths of the universe.
The biggest hold these spirits of the dead have on humans is fear, and the pain and destruction they can cause when they cause us such fear so the first line of defense is relax and lose the fear because as far as I can tell these spirits can't kill anyone unless of course they take over your mind with fear and talk you into doing something terrible to yourself or someone else.
Remember Jesus said Demons roam the earth and we must be strong against them but in my opinion the only thing demons are are disgruntled relatives and friends who come back to settle scores with us, or to take their anger at their untimely deaths out on us.
When you decide to dabble in the paranormal keep the bible on the shelf and respect it because Jesus died for it, but you now are out there in the scientific field proving what is true and what is not and some of the dead people I have talked to said they have found some of the things in the bible and other writings are mythology passed down through the ages from priest and preachers and that we should look more for the truth back in the old testament which I understand is one heck of a scarey thing.
I am living the uncut version of the truths of the Universe and now I am into creation and evolution and all those things and I want more scientific interest in life after death and how it all began and as we look at all the miracles of creation all around us its going to be quite a feat to figure it all out but i intend to have a lot more answers going out than i did coming in and when i die I will be speaking back through channellers who will have me to tell them truthfully what I find in the so called promised land because some of the relatives and others i have communicated with tell me its quite a dissapointment and this is why they called themselves demons to get my attention.
Now all they need do is step out of my body and show me what happens and or doesn't happen to them so I can tell you everything I have learned about spirits and the spirit world where we all go when we die.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
I agree the demon doctors and or none of the paranormal teams who have visited my home have been successful in helping me to combat the spirits of three of my relatives and a man I knew when he walked the earth who have been sitting inside my body brutalizing me as self proclaimed demons in an effort they say to prove who or what can remove them from my body and so far nothing has removed them from my body.
A few priests have sprinkled holy water on me and said prayers and one minister connected to Rev. Larson the expert exorcist did a few healings and demanded that the so called demons vacate the body but so far nothing has removed them so since I know their names i have told all our relatives and theirs and nothing has helped me get my story across and or given me the power to remove them and for all I know unless they choose to leave my body they may be sitting there on the day i die.
My real problem is one of the angel guides has told them if they are inside my body when it dies he will destroy them but of course that will only be proven when i die and they crawl out of my body having no body to hide in.
on the other hand I have no idea what will happen to them if they choose to leave my body now and continue their tirade by going fter other humans.
Can a god source really destroy them as I have been told?
Or is that just an excuse so no one knows for sure what really happens to them when I die?
Only time will tell.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...


I'd be willing to counsel you and help you in your problem, but I can tell by what you have post, you've been fed a load of bull.

Human spirits, once we die, move directly on to their reward, good or bad. They do NOT roam the earth, they are not trapped here, and they CERTAINLY DO NOT and CANNOT possess another human body.

There is only one kind of spirit contrary and destructive to humans, and they are demons.

But even demons have rules to abide by, laid out by God. There is only ONE power and authority that can remove a demonic presence, and that is Jesus Christ.

I have been a practicing Christian Demonologist since 1989, and have been responsible for the exorcism of 7 individuals, and the binding and cleansing of a few dozens of homes.

First thing you need to do - is shed any practices or rituals that have anything to do with mediumship, wicca, paganism, witchcraft, channeling of spirits, etc.

If you want my help and to get remove this nastiness from your life, you can reach me via my website, or through my ministry,

Ryan Harshbarger said...

To the one who said she had human spirits inside. Pastor Michael is correct and you have been told some false info... I suggest you contact Michael and get these issues resolved....

Avoid Bob Larson at all costs- He is a fraud.....

Anonymous said...

Wow ! all these negative comments! And a preacher calling then nimrods? Has anyone validated the preachers statement? Look who are we to say they are not real? Who are we to say they don't have a god given ability? We can not prove or disprove them unless we honestly know one of their clients! But it seems they keep their clients info locked up tight for confidential reasons and I can respect that! That is one of their claims everything is kept between them and their clients!
I agree with Dr. Dodd on the statement of their are many man made laws with in a church setting! This was done long ago to keep a handle on the congercation of the churches! Man says you have to do this, in order to get this! If you want that, you have to do that! Everyone looks at Priest as being Holly, and its his call from God to be a priest! But yet how many stories to we hear about Priest molesting kids? But yet we trust a priest to get rid of demons! A man says his calling was to become a preacher! But yet how do we know this? we just trust him because he has the title and mans schooling of Christianity not Gods teaching! And later we find out he has taken money from the church or had an affair with another lady with in church! But yet we trust them to bless a home or get rid of a demon?
I can see why THE DEMON DOCTORS do not affiliate themselves with any church, would you want to be part of the scandals? Look THE DEMON DOCTORS hide nothing, they were asked if they are true doctors and they said NO! They didn't lie, and it would have been easy for them to say yes and nobody would ever know the difference!
THE DEMON DOCTORS have not lied about anything that I can find out! If they say they have a heavenly gift who am I to say they don't! When asked questions they tell the truth! When they say their is confidentiality between them and their clients its true no body can get any information! I have read some of their testimonies sounds to me they are doing what they say they do! and they do not charge anything! They do not have their hands out for money like priest and pastors from a church! What is their motive? Helping people in need! WOW where do u get that these days for nothing! I stand behind them and god bless them for helping people!

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Interesting how you will stand by and support the Demon Doctors, whose practices are completely outside of Biblical truth, yet you won't reveal yourself, only do it anonymously.

My bet, these support posts for DD is probably being done by the Demon Doctors themselves, especially since this article was done months ago, and they assume no one is watching now.

eyeontheparanormal said...

In a few weeks we will return to the matter of the DEMON DOCTORS.

Anonymous said...

Norm,everyone wants some kind of miracle to occur in their lives. To me Jesus has always been the answer. individuals that try to rid demonic presents I say good luck, is the demon doctors questionable?I question most churches. You can pull someone out of the fire don't mean they won't jump back in. No schooling,diploma will teach you how to rid demons. only by faith. that you get on your own. It takes courage to put your faith to the test.I know one of the demon doctors.You sighted four cases.I know they do hundreds per year. Why not get some imput from them.then compare and get imput from the church and see how sucessful they have been. ordained to marrying people again that is based on faith between two people not the church.

Anonymous said...

I have dealt with the Demon Doctors. Watch out! They say scirpture is useless when doing they're so called 'demonic removals.' Needless to say, they have elevated themselves above the Word of God. One angel did that and we know what happened to him. The demon doctors need to stop and turn to Christ Jesus before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

I have not had a chance to meet all of these Demon Doctors, but I'm familiar with the one who claims to be Dr. Devon Rapp, aka Dr. DJ Rapp, aka Dr. Dwayne Rapp. He is in his early 40's, unemployed, has not held a job for more than a year, bankrupt and foreclosed on, and lives with his mother. After a few years of ghost hunting he became involved in Demon Doctoring.He claims 25 years of experience. That puts his training in his teens. Never has been a serious for any length of time. He even claims to do exorcisms over the phone.

Anonymous said...

Demons doctors are the only ones that they can help people with demonic or paranormal activities

Anonymous said...

Demons doctors are follower of christ. They mocked jesuse and they mocked demons doctors and they call themself believer. Shame on them and on you in the past and now. Study your bible as sitting and judjing others