Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paranormal Confusion and The 3 Stooges Exorcism, Part 3

After repeated viewing of the final part of the episode we are ready to present the third act in the misguided play known as PARANORMAL STATE: THE NEW CLASS. We hope to cut through the fog of misinformation and downright deception.

Let me make this clear -- the family featured in this episode, "If I Should Die" had a haunting. This case is similar to the one in the Animal Planet pilot, Demon Exorcist, where Sarah Maitland claims her family is being attacked by a demon. Neither of these cases as presented to the viewer show credible proof of demonic activity. What we have is a case of para-celebs and para-celeb wannabes amping up a case that features real living honest people for the sake of fame and fortune.

On Day 2 of the investigation we see Ken arriving and reassuring the family that whatever is lurking in their home is feeding off fear. And by gosh today they're going to try and get rid of them. [Would you go see a doctor or leave your car with a mechanic if they would simply say, "We are going to try to help you!"] Now these demons are hovering around yet nothing has happened since the team walked into the house. Have we heard any footsteps? Have we seen shaking beds? Moving furniture? Doors opening and closing by themselves? NO! Nor are we even offered an EVP to prove the spirits are there.

While the investigators are investigating, Kelly, the girl of the house talks to the sketch artist. He's been on previous episodes of Paranormal State – is he the sketch artist on-call? Are there no other sketch artists in the area?

We don't see the team doing their historical investigation. We have no idea who they really talked to, if anyone. We told that a retired railroad worker shared a photo of a brakeman who used to work on the railroad. Did he have anything to do with the home? Was he a bad man? We aren't informed. And how does a human become a demon? Remember, they claim this is a demonic case.

The photo is never shown close enough for us to see. How can the viewer tell whether it resembles the person from the sketch or not? If the person has any living relatives one would hope they view this program and talk to a lawyer. This mysterious brakeman, or whoever he is, is being dragged through the mud for no reason.

We are then offered a story, minus any type of proof to back it up, concerning an abused child who sets a house on fire and kills some of the people in it. Yet there is never any kind of tie back into the case. The weak logic they use is that, “well things don't have to happen on the haunted property, just nearby to have an influence."

A demonologist is brought in by the name of Carl Johnson who is a self confessed agnostic! Dwayne Claud who was featured in the Demon Exorcist pilot also has similar beliefs. By confessing such a lack of faith he lacks the spiritual authority to cast out demons. Notice how he phrases things like: we will try to hold it back, etc. If your faith is in Christ who was the master exorcist there is no trying to hold it back. You will drive it out using the power of Christ. So everything that follows is simply an act. It's what I refer to as The Three Stooges exorcism.

We have Chip sitting on a bed, Carl holding a crucifix and a squeeze bottle of holy water, and Ken standing off to the side, posing for the cover of a new age magazine. Again, the only person to interact with the demon is Chip. He keeps interrupting Carl as he tries his best to act as if knows what he's doing! Does the alleged demon demand anything? No. Then we're warned that this farce of an exorcism is about to reach its full power by Chip. Yet not even a bang on the wall is heard. They must realize that the drama of the whole thing is falling apart as they bring Kelly into the room. Chip is the focal point and Carl and Ken are left to stand around and look uncomfortable.

The drama continues as Chip tells Kelly to yell at the demon and by gosh it flees and all is hunky dory.

The team meets with the clients and simply rehash the same confusing story that made no sense then and still makes no sense now. The family reacts at the end to the disappearance of the paranormal activity which is simply due to the fact that was there nothing there in the first place.

I admit that I thought I'd never see a more deceptive show than Paranormal State but I was proven wrong. We hope that we won't be seeing anymore offerings from this pathetic program.



Nichole and Brittany said...

Just followed your blog. Its great reading so far!


Eric said...

I met Chip 3 years ago at eastern Kentucky university. He was doing a conference on the paranormal. I had no clue who he was nor did he promote the show. After the conference as I was leaving he passed me in the hallway. He stopped me, put his hand on my shoulder and said "im sorry about your grandmother". My grandma had just died a week prior and after just listoning to a conference on the paranormal, needless to say i was thinking about her. Im just saying its not all fake.

SARAH said...

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby you just don't give up do you? I've given you so much time for you and Mr. Tebo to do your homework and get your facts straight and still nothing! A lot of people have been sitting back laughing at crazy people like you who are bashing the show based on ONLY what YOU saw. No, the show was not EVER to be about proving paranormal activity, they already have way too many shows about that, but it was about how it (paranormal activity)effects people's lives. They amongst others saw all the evidence there was to see. THE SHOW WASN'T ABOUT THAT. I really think that is where you and Mr. Tebo are getting mistaken. Haven't you noticed that only you and Ron are the ones bashing Demon Exorcist? There's a reason for that.. It's called doing your homework. TV 101.. 90% of what you see on tv is edited. Don't EVER take what you see on TV at face value.

eyeontheparanormal said...

This blog is not about Chip's psychic abilities. It's about Chip NOT being an exorcist.

If you would take the time to read this blog you'll discover that it's not about the show you were on but about Paranormal State: The New Class.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Nicole and Brittany,
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding blog Kirby...these ridiculous, charlatan hacks have to go...


Anonymous said...

Sarah thinks all blogs about phoney exorcists simply MUST be about Dwayne Clod and her (Animal Planet Demon Exorcist Extraordinaire) LOL

Anonymous said...

Gee I didn't know Babs also goes by the name "Eric' LOL

Aanica said...

Hey Kirby, great blog as usual,LOL! I love your style!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, do you know that your episode, as well as the other, demonstrates issues with D. Clod and his team that pre-date you by years? For those of us on paranormal teams that have worked with them, or cleaned up after them, it is very difficult to watch the same issues repeat themselves, now on TV, and knowing that Clod and Team were paid for this. If his calling were true,he wouldn't need the fakeness and editing that are allowed on TV shows, or the attention he draws by introducing media to advertise he can help. He writes those in need always manage to find him. Well, yeah, you will be found when you promote yourself on your websites, radio shows, and self-publish a book. It is good that your and your family are ok at this point, but look at the number of people that have been involved, and that's where the good was able to come through - through others involved. As for the bashing - there's a lot of truth to that content, while how it's happened has taken away from the truth. Dark legacies have been left behind from Clod's past cases, and work. Like attracts like, homework 101 . . . Angels were not what was left behind, or followed those involved, home.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing good about Sarah, she has bashed Dwayne one second, while promoting the one show she was included in in another second (with another woman and another story)soe her time was not as grandiose as she claims, she also has bashed her chubby buddy Jackie the fake psychic apparently they have fallen out and its becoming a matter of some VERY PUBLIC records the sue happy person Sarah has tried to be many times. Kirby good job for bringing this faker to the light! you know how much cockroaches hate the light..


Aanica said...

Very nice to see all the new comments coming to light Kirby.. :)


Sarah said...

I just want to say that I know the blog was not about me, but I was still mentioned...First of all, "Savanah" I've already called you out on your so called theory of me being sue happy.. I have NEVER sued ANYONE. Second, Yes, I was upset with Jackie ONCE which was really stupid, so what? No it isn't a big public episode like you are trying to make it out to be. And as for Dwayne, I have NO issue with him. I had a problem with the show not showing the evidence we had or talking about the medical issues because it leaves idiots like you to do exactly what your doing. Even though they made it VERY CLEAR to us that the show was about people and how the paranormal effects their lives and NOT about the proof which had already been confirmed, It still left that open door for exactly this. You can call me a fake or whatever you want, that doesn't bother me one bit. I know what I experienced as well as others who are not even family members and it wasn't just about the paranormal it was about the way we AS A FAMILY was effected, And they couldn't even show all of those issues because of the time limits. so I don't need your validations. I actually think it's amusing knowing what I know and yet none of you guys ever bothered to ask. SO.. as I had to point out to Kirby, Do yourself and Scifake a favor and do some proper research for once and google Father Ashcraft before you go running your mouth. I can tell you that there are quite a few people laughing at all the Dwayne and Demon Exorcist bashers right now because they actually did do their homework. And I think Father Ashcraft would have a little more knowledge than someone like you as to what we did or didn't have in our home.. Oh wait, he must be a fake too since he was part of the show.. you guys know so much!