Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is Crystal Meth an Entity?

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great Sunday. It's hot here due to humidity and heat factors. It's been in the mid eighties the last few days. In Florida the weather here happens to be highly bi-polar. It can change on a dime with little warning. It really messes with your sinuses or allergies. Not to mention colds and viruses. My poor sister who hardly gets sick is down. That's what I hate about this time of year. They are literally harassing people to get flu shots. They have bandit signs (little signs that stick in grass) everywhere you go that has a pharmacy or near one wants to set up a appointment and are very pushy about it.

Crystal Meth An Entity?

I was online and came across a video on YouTube called ' Meth Is A Entity'. This person was trusted by certain people to film the smoke being blown while using crystal meth. Well when they would slow it down by a few frames it was frightening what I was seeing. It was not paredolia/matrixing. It's only this drug that people get crazy scared saying skeletons and demons are chasing them. They heard cackling and demonic growls in their ears.

Most not all, have some type of demonic encounter with this drug. It always seems to be this drug the most that causes a epic evil environment. Look what it does to people after six months of use. Most have terrible sores on their faces thinking they had spiders or something crawling on them so they scratch very hard, leaving scabs and scars on their faces. They don't realize what they are doing to themselves at that time.The drug has the mind so clouded that you can't know right from wrong.

Nothing like this drug does that to such a large capacity. I'm aware drugs make people hallucinate. Most of them do however, crystal meth and the demonic go hand in hand it seems. More and more people are now talking about this. They see now there might be a problem. All drugs are. But the crystal meth stories I hear are heartbreaking. They are the stuff nightmares are made of. But we do have protection. The glory of God will free you from this! Hallelujah! Isn't that great news? You don't have to live this way.

God can be everywhere at once unlike Satan and demons. The Lord will be with you every step of the way. He won't forsake you. Don't let this drug take more lives. Or yours. You deserve a better life and it can be done. Don't listen to that voice in your head making you feel useless or unloved. Satan wants you to believe it so it brings you down any further. That voice is Satan spewing lies at you. Not good enough, your life doesn't matter etc.  he did it to me during my addiction to OxyContin to treat a painful case of Endometriosis. They stopped me cold turkey after 3 years and I thought I was dying and it was withdrawl.

I had the the chance to sit down with someone who has been on crystal meth for ten years. The number one problem is the fear of withdrawal. The pain, chills, fever and then it starts in on the person's head. They felt like they were going crazy. Until he saw about six shadow figures in his room on the wall in the air. Just utter torment. So from what I gather is that many want to quit but fear the long withdrawal stages with physical and mental torment. I was also told it takes about a year to completely detox at times depending on the person's tolerance.

This person wanted to detox slow at first then take it away. These rehab places have certain pills that take away 75% of discomfort so people can focus on getting better instead of being unable to join in on group therapy due to the nausea, vometing etc....Then the mind games start and its when people can't take those demonic side effects. They will drive you insane.

Most people fear these withdrawals since your so sick you can't even lift your head up to make a phone call. It's hell pure hell excuse my French. Then the mental tormenting I'm told just never stops. Many suicides have taken place by people wanting out but feel the drug has too much of a hold. The Lord is all we need. Demons must flee in the name of Jesus. Speak it loud with authority and claim that it has no right to your body, mind, soul or spirit. Fear is what they feed on. Take it away then they know they are messing with a powerful Christian or Catholic etc..there is a way out. There always is. God won't ever forsake us. Satan is the father of all lies remember that.

There are so many places who will help you in a manner you can still function so know there is help. Prayers needed? Let me know and I will pray for that person and for God to always give them favor in life. This world is going evil faster than I thought. Please know help is out there.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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