Sunday, October 29, 2017

Random Rants of a Demonologist

I sure hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday so far and had a awesome weekend.  It is still so freaking hot as all get out here in Florida. I hope y'all are enjoying all the blogs here. We have great bloggers with knowledge and very interesting things to share with you as well. Check out the old forums and discussions on who was exposed and other information if you ever have a chance. You would enjoy spending some time researching for yourself. Even older blogs. You never know which ones you have missed. It's always new to someone.


I have some serious issues to discuss. Firstly, on Halloween, don't be creeping around these cemeteries and abandoned buildings. It's only asking for trouble. Please learn from my stupid mistakes I made as a teenager. As I've said many times that these demonic creatures don't always come out on command but they never forget you and will be back just when you think things couldn't any worse in your life. They are sneaky that way. But what do I know?? It's not like I've ever encountered a demon. NOT! (sarcasm) Please be careful. It's hard to get help with these issues from someone legit. Once that door is open it's highly dangerous and difficult  to close that door. You'll regret it.

We live in such a dark world and it ticks me off knowing our own government is part of a four decade or longer pedophile ring. Hillary Clinton has been caught committing treason. Now why won't she ever do a day in jail? It's so upsetting and wrong. Abuse of power. We outnumber them so what are they going to do if the American people decide to form a alliance against these vile pedophiles? I'm serious, this is a very real threat to our children.

We all know what a tragedy the Las Vegas shooting was. Families will forever remember how they lost the ones they love. It's scary to me because a lot of what I see and witness is this world slowly becoming darker and darker. Too much attention on occult and dark rituals. The directions are on YouTube. As I said last week, you can find many videos teaching dark magic. This is what happens in the end times. I'm not saying it's here because no one knows. But there are sure a lot of signs we are heading that way. Out of all sixty six books in the Bible, Revelations can be very complicated.

Some feel this event was manipulated to happen so it takes the attention off our corrupt government. It's an outrageous claim but apparently true according to the FBI. Now this shooting is very shady and multiple people knew or were involved. Only time will tell. These families need some kind of closure to this tragedy. Why does so much not make it on TV (mainstream media) like a pedophile ring in another country was brought down. Americans were involved too but after many years they finally did it. Now it's time the USA do the same thing! Protect our children God.

Darkness can't hide from the light of Christ for very long. Look at Hollywood. Finally, Harvey Weinstein owner of Mirimax films has had many, many allegations from underaged girls using his power in Hollywood to get women to do things for him. My God, they have it on tape. Major celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have come forward. He's buddy buddy with our government pedophiles! Yup...they are everywhere. It's disgusting. And he's still free as a bird. He gave a 14-year- old girl some kind drug to dope her up so he could have his way with her. Everyone in Hollywood has covered for him and still are. Many more celebs came forward about his actions like Angelina Jolie. Yet he's still free and spreading his fear to others who can help put him away.

Actor Corey Feldman came forward telling us how rampant pedophilia was when he was a kid doing the movies Goonies, The Lost Boys etc.with the late Corey Haim. They were both molested. And when they spoke of it on their reality show it was pulled off air and Corey Haim ended up dead. They didn't name names. Corey Feldman has said many times, "the trouble in Hollywood is and was and will always be pedophilia. I was surrounded by them, literally." He can't name his molester who he says "is a huge Hollywood mogul probably watching this interview now." He'll be killed and he knows it. He was arrested before his concert for marijuana. Come on! It's almost legal in all states. They want to shut him up. Research for yourself. It's there.

It's almost Halloween, so it's that time of year to be very careful what you get into. Stay out of cemeteries with a ouija board/spirit board. I promise you it will not be good. I took a dare once here to sit in the 'Devils Chair" in Cassadaga, Florida. This place is known for psychics and witches who mainly live in this very small out of the way area. It's a beautiful small town. Very small. The cemetery had what the legend called the Devil's Chair. If you sit in it at midnight he will show. I sat on the large brick structure and he didn't show.....but later I became very regretful due to the activity I stirred up. Growing up with a Pentecostal minister as a father, he was very upset when he learned of what I'd done. I was 16. It's still a hot spot on Halloween.

There use to be a abandoned mental hospital in Pine Hills, Florida called Sunnyland. Everyone wanted to check it out despite the rumors of an angry demon, an inhuman spirit. Yup, I went in like a stupid idiot! Now it's torn down but one big building still stands. It can be entered but the cops patrol that place as it's a park now.  There is one in Jacksonville Florida but I think it's being torn down too. It was also called Sunnyland. But I'm sure people will still enter and end up with attachments. It pains me to say that. How parents could take their children to a place like that truly baffles me and makes me angry. Why would they risk themselves and their children for a cheap thrill that won't ever leave if it attaches and leaves with them?

It's about four hours from Orlando. I'll leave it at that for another blog. See what my curiosity caused? My dad warned me so many times and I didn't listen. I wish I had. But as we all go through different phases growing up in life I was in a 'know it all' stage. I felt invincible.. I wanted to know if this place was really what people have said over the years. That's what will get you every time. Curiosity.

This world is so dark. It's getting worse and worse each day. MSM (Main Stream Media) only airs what they want us to know. You'll never know what's really going on. People don't realize these people are also satanists in our government. It's why SRA is so rampant. (Satanic Ritual Abuse) It's disgusting and happens right under our noses. These people worship THE DEVIL! They don't believe they are their own living God. They do believe in God and Satan. But they will claim they don't.

And of course Orlando's finest ghost teams claim they can help people with this and they have 30 years of experience etc...Not true. They charge! I was contacted for help and when this family told me they were charged and was never told if anything was on audio or video I felt so horrible for them. I could hear the fear. Jesus Christ in Heaven help us all. See that's a lot of work so of course they only want to look cool and do the fun stuff. Right guys?? Charging, are you serious? And you can't bring yourself to sit long enough to watch video and listen to audio. It's a game to some people. Satan makes them his puppets.

Then there's that paranormal group that took advantage of a scared family with kids and have the nerve to charge and then not return calls other than one time stipulating 'Oh we'll contact you when evidence review over'. This family paid $250, that they couldn't even afford. Those groups are paranormal posers. Wasn't cool in early life so now they use this as a tool. Makes me sick. This family is now living in a hotel out of fear. I have news for you, that alone puts you on a demon's radar. Law of attraction. And when you are useful to them they will be back with 7 more friends. What that family went through was cruel. Thinking they were finally getting help.

Please turn to Jesus Christ. Ask Him into your heart. He is the only way to the Father. We have strength in his name to cast out demons. It's one of the last things Christ said after defeating death and ascending to heaven. He revealed himself to a certain amount of people. When they asked 'Jesus what shall thy do with the devil roaming about our land' and Christ said ' I leave you with the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out demons in thy name'. Amen glory to God! We can defeat the adversary with the words of Jesus and only in his name. Faith is all it takes.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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