Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spiritual Warfare Is Needed Badly In This World

Hello everyone! Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Have fun making messy dyes for eggs? Lol. I did. But I have to say and no offense to anyone we all have our opinions......Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins on the cross at Calvary so that we may have everlasting life in paradise with you at the right hand of the father. We thank you. Amen.

I'm sure most of you are seeing all this dark satanic world rising around us everywhere. So many disturbing new movies coming out this year I keep seeing trailers advertised. I mean they are gonna make sure it's told over and over they have rights which is very true.

But spirit cooking...I'm only gonna say this.....It's satanic and your nightmares are rosy compared to this. I'm not trying to add fear I'm just answering 3 emails in 1 blog and its was heavy on my heart. Rebuke Satan and he must flee. But many especially on TV NEVER say "oh you are welcome but without Christ it wouldn't of worked". It is Him who commanded them to flee. I was just a vessel." Not the cast. Nope they took full credit.

Back to just a little info on this spirit cooking. For the right amount of money special "ketchup packages" are brought in and it's BABY BLOOD INSIDE. Women breed just to hand over these babies. I learned this in Bible College at 19. Why oh why? This evil must be flushed out. It's everywhere if you just pay attention to the people around you and the news--you will see it.

Now maybe they don't do that but there are a ton of celebs attending these spirit cookings. The red velvet cake was shaped like a kid. And of course RED velvet indicates blood I assume. But I will leave it at that. It really gets much worse. It's things you'll never forget. So sick. God almighty help any children in danger. We have a powerful weapon and even Satan knows it can't be defeated and that's the Holy Spirit. Commanding in Christ's name to leave be gone. Say it with authority. We have been promised in his name it shall be done. Amen? Don't show fear and stand your ground. Call on The Lord. It works. Speak firm loud and like you mean it. Play gospel music to stir it up that way someone can rid it quickly as possible for you.

But I shouldn't be surprised as the Bible warned of this. Nations against nations and more war and famine etc... and they seem to be our elite in government who attend strange events for lack of better what does one do? I heard they busted one pedophile ring so at least that helps but our country still needs help too. Many children actually.

Why is Satan and the dark arts all a sudden just considered so cool? Kids asking for ghost boxes and doing evp's at home, use spirit boards etc...They download the app version on devices and just because it's a phone and not a costly paid for device doesn't mean they can't manipulate those apps. Phones have radio and recorders. Are they only able to do it to this devices? My bet is they can manipulate our phones. YouTube and the Internet and people will email me and ask  "how to properly summon a demon Baal."

There is going to be major demonic messes to clean up. We all have got to pull together and accept someone's 26 years or 35 years instead of turning away valuable help just because they don't have a TV show. Are you kidding me? As if??!!!! How ignorant is that? No one is better than another.

I've been at this since age 19 and I know others who had to keep it secret but they studied too and dealt with inhuman hauntings. I wasn't a freak along with my dad who also married people and had other duties but these things stick with you growing up. No one is an expert because it's not a real work/employment. There is no governing, no rules set fourth for guidance at all. We need to pull together and help each other.

However, it's engulfing us via TV and movies hoping we get conditioned and feel "that is just how it is" as they said in the old days. People turned a blind eye. Everything on news local and national is sooooo depressing and angers me at the same time. We are in a spiritual battle my friends. This was put heavily on my heart to get out again but with more fire behind it. The Word of God never failed me. That's who I personally serve and always will while always maintaining respect for all other faiths as well. Satan would love us to descend into anarchy.

This is why we need to be on constant alert and ready to suit up our Armor of God and be ready go to battle when attacked. But spiritually. It's hard to fight  what we can't see, so these vile creatures attach and oppress and torture and kill and possess etc....They don't want to go back to hell saying they failed. They will fight a deliverance/exorcism to the final tiny bitter end. I've known some to last a week. I kid you not. I truly have nothing to gain by making this up. Remember I grew up in this. It was so confusing at times but the Lord always kept me safe when anyone rang the doorbell late at night. It usually means trouble and the kind only my dad could help. But I've always been protected as this is a calling. If it wasn't I'd be bad off after all these years.

I hope it cleared up those 3 emails with your questions and another warning -- my gift of discernment. Out of nowhere knowledge will just come upon me. I never speak up unless I know that I know it's the Lord. Test the spirit by asking him if Christ is the son of God. That ought to show if it's a nice spirit guide or angel.  I don't know how to a plain it. The knowledge just comes upon in certain situations. Like Lorraine Warren but she changed her title to Psychic I think. Or a Medium. Which is her free will to do. I just hope she didn't become embarrassed of her beliefs. She's such a cute old women though in her 80's. I wish more could be so lucky! Lol.

Enjoy this Easter Day and remember none of these things can touch us or effect us if we don't allow it. Stand up and fight. Suit up in that Armor Of God. This glorifies God. Satan hates all and any that celebrates the son of God.

I want to go thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please check out our other bloggers with valuable information they share as well. And interesting. I blog every Sunday unless something comes up with family. I started in 7/2013 blogging here. I can't believe the time.

Happy Easter God Bless/Happy egg hunting!

Written by Jennifer L Auld

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