Saturday, November 26, 2016

The World Seems Obsessed With The Demonic Realm

Hello everybody! I hope ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving and got to be with your loved ones but most of all I hope everybody got to eat a lot of good food. LOL. Oh you know you agree the food is probably the best part. Lol. I love it.

What is demonic obsession? Opinions do vary on this.. in my opinion it is when somebody is just obsessed wanting to ghost hunt all the time watch nothing but that on TV and on Internet that's 90% of what you're doing. To me this gives legal rights to your life showing this much interest almost obsessed with the paranormal and the movies, TV shows coming out. Some good things are coming out this being more tolerated  but I still think more hurt than good has come from this becoming more popular. Everybody I'm sure has heard of the "dark side of the web" so Satan knows no boundaries as the Internet is a huge tool he uses. These vile creatures don't discriminate either. We're all "potential souls" for demons to torment and create problems for. They hate humans.

I know last week I spoke with somebody long distance and it sounds like there's an attachment going on with this person's situation and it simply came from an innocent walk through a cemetery and just joking around just to see what would happen. This is what this person told me and they were nervous and needed to find some kind a help in their area. It doesn't take much to put you on the radar the last thing you need to do is tempt anything. Remember our mind is the devils playground they know everything they know all our sins.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself dealing with personal attacks being made at you that's just something that's also common when helping somebody find help as well. Do you think they're going to be happy if this person receives deliverance or exorcism? Absolutely not! They are known for saying things to distract from deliverance. All the paranormal things going on like levitation whatever's happening all around you they only do that for one thing... to make you scared. To distract from the deliverance or exorcism to upset you whether it be personal information or whatever. This is very serious you're dealing with your mental health here and your physical health. Leave it to the right people before just trying to go in and give a blessing on the house because you're gonna make it worse if it hasn't been done properly.

Demonic Infestation:

It is believed this is a phenomenon in which a demon possesses a location or place, such as a house or building, or an object. A demon, by possessing a place, can move things at will and cause various noises and smells. Infestation never causes the possession of any of the people who live there. An infestation may occur in a particular place due to some esoteric or satanic rites being performed with frequency. Such infestation may result from a hex, spell, or curse, or from voodoo or witchcraft. To end the infestation of a place, the rite of exorcism lists several specific prayers that need to be prayed. Without the complete cooperation of the family the priests/ministers prayers will not work.

Please think twice when presented with anything like Ouija boards and things to that nature. It's best to just be curious and leave it at that. It's not worth going further. Demons prey on people through those mimicking another like a aunt who passed or parent. It's only to gain your trust to draw you in. Demons are so very tricky and want to remain out of hell because even for them they are suffering its horrible and of course this is an opinion and it too is subjective but demons don't want to go away they hang on for dear life because they don't want to go back to hell because of all the torment they are scared of Satan. And again this is all subjective but they don't want to go back and be punished by Satan for losing a soul. Even demons don't want to be there. Doesn't that just speak volumes?

The Word of God used in Spiritual warefare is our BEST weapon against anything evil. You need to speak it loud with authority and stand your ground. When they do paranormal things such as levitate, cause things to fall, doors open and close, it is only to distract the person from casting out demons. Or they will do it just to scare you even more when you don't have anybody there to help. For example let's say you haven't reached out for help yet they will really start pulling out all the paranormal stuff to put fear in you. Remember what I said fear is not of God that's all that it is just to put fear in you. Even just doing daily protection prayers..ignore anything paranormal and stay focused on Christ the Son Of Man.

If you have Jesus in your heart you know already that you're protected only through Jesus. Again this also depends on your religion. So of course there's going to be different opinions and there's different kinds of demonology as well. Just please know with all the darkness there is light there is hope for us through Jesus Christ who will give us everlasting life in paradise with the father. We do not have to fear these things that reside in the dark and hug the shadows because because they are truly cowards. They will not let you catch them on film. is very rare. In the last 25 years it has only been audio that I captured that was impressive. As far as pictures and video it's extremely rare.

Thanks for stopping by Eye On The Paranormal. Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs. Feel free to keep commenting the other two blogs I did on crystal meth and demons. It is still receiving comments, actually both blogs stem people found help from the blog some people felt better they didn't think they were crazy so you never know who could benefit from it. That's just something I wanted to throw in real quick in case you think you have anything to add that would be helpful information on that subject because there's a lot of people struggling to find answers for it. It's definitely something that needs to be known about.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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