Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's Never Safe Conducting A Exorcism Or Deliverance

I think the title obviously explains why you should not attempt to do such a thing. I have to put this out there and hopefully some may hear this. I know It's very upsetting for me to know of the pain and hurt people are going through. This world has turned darker. Everything is leaning to it. Movies, TV, Internet etc...I'm not speaking of shows like Supernatural I'm speaking of very disturbing and dark antics through the world and it just makes me wonder? Everybody wants to summon demons! Then things start to blow up everything in your life. I learned how badly these want to hurt people or cause strife within families. I just wish it wasn't glorified so much. 

Now topic at hand. We have people with absolutely NO knowledge of Deliverance or Exorcism out there doing them! Half these so called celebs are fakes. They make it worse. The ignorant are opening way to many doors. Most don't realize. We need God and His Mercy. Watch the news. There is a urgent need for psychological and medical guidance when one receives an exorcism, which is a requirement by the Roman Catholic Church. It's just very dangerous to attempt this without the proper back up too. Everyone taking part of it is in danger. I thought that was noteworthy. It's a very serious issue. I couldn't be more serious about this.

So many people ask if demons can terrorize us through our dreams at all? Adam asked me: 'Are they merely a sub-conscious thought already there, or can there exist in our dreams a real spiritual battle? I am not aware of the fact that Satan can control my thoughts, as much as I am aware that my sinful nature desires to m impure thoughts. I am fully aware that God knows my thoughts. Does God allow our dreams to give us insight to the spiritual world that is unseen?' That is one of the many questions we may not ever know until we do get to the other side.

The devil does not want people reading the Bible or attempting to gain any knowledge of Father God’s love or the Biblical Laws definition of good and evil. Consequently, the devil tries to reduce or eliminate the importance of the Bible, and sadly, his efforts are paying off very well. Recent surveys reflect that succeeding generations of Christians tend to study the Bible less than the previous generation.

A Demonic Stronghold Possibly?

Demons or anything powerful enough to hold you in its claws to keep you from receiving God’s love and truth.  Once a stronghold is established, you provide an open door for the enemy and become exposed to demonic control and oppression in that area of your life. The existence of a stronghold can be recognized because it will be that area of your life in which you consistently have problems and cannot cope in life. Our thoughts influence our emotions and our physical reactions. A thought may seem harmless, but it can become physically, emotionally or spiritually dangerous.  Satan will bring evil thoughts into our minds. We cannot entertain these. This will only give way to the enemy. We need to rebuke the evil thoughts from our minds as soon as they start. This is so important. 

Stain has limitations though as I've said before:


  • Satan is an individual personality, so he can be in only one place at a time (as seen in Job 1:7). So when we say that the devil is person all tempting us, more than likely it is his power working through his network of demons.

Satan is not omnipotent

Because of this,  many references to Satan or the devil include his whole kingdom. The person of Satan does not personally tempt each of us for he simply cannot do that. Satan must rely on the following agents to carry out his temptation: His Army of demons, the world system which lies under his carnal or ignorant Christians he is able to use as he did Peter (Matthew 16:22-23), unbelievers under his influence or domination therefore, he can surely be resisted and made to flee in the name of Jesus Christ. but only by the strength of God all mighty made available to believers in Christ (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Satan is not omniscient

Satan is an angel and angels don’t know everything (1 Peter 1:11-12). There is no indication in Scripture that Satan can really read our thoughts despite it is a common belief. Because he’s an expert on human nature, he’s pretty good at predicting our behavior and can easily tempt and corrupt weak humans.  

Satan is not self-existent.

He was created by God . It can even been said that God created and uses Satan to his own ends (2 Corinthians 12:7).
Another one of Satan’s limitations is that he is not allowed to reveal himself, being forced to work solely by deceit. He is our enemy to all human souls, but non-appearance is a significant containment of his power. 2 Thess­alonians tells us that Satan must content himself with an appointee, the man of sin, who will appear on his behalf at the end of time, only to be immediately destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Christ. We have already won this battle. 

Written By Jennifer L. Auld

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