Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pride Comes Before the Fall

Today I will discuss a list of Demon names and spiritual warfare. With this aspect I shall go over in a broad aspect of these demonic names and the subsequent forces that work under the demons associated to PRIDE.  Pride is the very first SIN which was found in Lucifer as well as others in Heaven, for the word of God says that 1/3 of Heaven's angels fell as a result of the war.  For the Bible discusses how harmful Pride is and that Pride comes before the fall as it is spoken.

As one knows Pride along with other aspects (Jealousy) is what caused those in Heaven to revolt against God thus being cast out and having their fates sealed permanently.  Satan is the perfect example of something who fell from grace and favor with the Lord God Almighty as a result of too much pride being built up in the personality.

Once the aspect of Pride ‘built up’ over a certain period of time and passing those prideful words (which we do not know or are recorded) to the others who listened to Satan who then decided to try to 'Test' the power and Glory of God and unfortunately were not successful.  This is a great example to convey how the fall comes for even Christ Jesus said “Behold I saw Satan fall like lightening from Heaven above”.

This sin of Pride comes with a great price.  Once too much pride starts to build up over time in one's personality, they will then start to lose the ability to see what the real truth is in many of the important matters in your life. The only truth one will now see is what you think the truth is, even if that truth goes against the very word of God and also God Almighty Himself.

A person will then start to become a small version of ‘god’ in their mind, thinking that all of the world revolves around them and their own set agendas. One will then become very selfish and narcissistic and shall refuse to listen to any kind of correction or counsel the Lord God Almighty will try and bring their way including individuals called to present truth straight from the very word of God and how it shall be applied.

Understand this crucial point: Demons know how powerful and destructive Pride can be in helping to bring a person down.  The demons will do everything they can behind the scenes to try and build up a person’s ego through false flattery and vain imaginations.  The demons will use every angle they can push any form of Pride upon a person.

An example of this is when a person who falls into the falseness of believing in Ghosts. This is ALL contrary to the very word of God. Therefore, those who engage in this act of Necromancy become filled with Pride thinking that lost souls are just waiting around in an innocent aspect searching, wanting and desiring help to convey a message.

Are you starting to see how this SIN is filling the person with even more aspects of Pride?  These people think they know better than God and start to play God by thinking they can have seemingly innocent conversations or patterns of communication which are harmless.  The people who do these acts against God, so do you think that God will not allow those forces of Pride come against them?  Of course not, as it is done to teach people harsh lessons.

Here a list of just some of the different demons who will come along with Pride and bring someone down through their actions:


Once the Spirit of Pride enters into someone, either through demons and/or through a person’s own human spirit, many of the above demons will follow right along with Pride to bring a person down as a penalty from God for disobedience.

How many prideful people do you know who also exhibit additional negative qualities such as being too judgmental and too critical of other people? Since their inflated sense of pride tells them they are always right and never wrong, then there is no room for anyone else who does not agree with them. As a result, they will become very judgmental and critical of anyone else who does not agree with them. Therefore the Spirit of Control has taken root as well which will start to encase the heart to not let anything enter as 'truth'.

As their pride continues to build up, they will then become more selfish and narcissistic, as all they will be able to see is what is in their own little world. As a result, everything else in their lives will become totally irrelevant, including the members of their own families. This is one of the ploys of Pride to separate and dominate.

They will then start to want more and more, especially in the area of power, wealth, authority, control, money, and material goods. From there a strong Spirit of Greed will start to enter in and before you know it, they will have lost all contact with God, their best friends, and family members. They will then become an island and a god all to themselves.

Then it happens, everything comes tumbling down around them. They lose all of their friends, their families, their wealth and money, and most importantly of all, they lose their connection and personal relationship to God Himself.

An example of this stated above was Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Saddam was someone who had it all in the area of power and material wealth, and then lost all of it in a matter of days as a result of letting his pride get in the way of letting the UN inspectors into his country to look for weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

In spiritual warfare once you start to see how Pride works and who Pride works with this will open your eyes. Remember the demons are masters at playing the pride game with people since that is what caused all of them to get cast out of heaven in the first place.

So many people to this very day are still continuing to fall for this type of very powerful Sin and slew of evil spirits which come hand in hand, such as some of our politicians, the CEO’s of different companies, and sadly even some of the pastors and clergy in our different churches who promote false religion or only speak partial truth. Realize partial truth is still a lie.....

Understand that Pride is a major sin and offensive weapon of demons which they will play this kind of game with anyone they feel will be susceptible to it, especially those who are in any type of leadership or authority position. I pray this has opened your eyes to see who and how Pride operates as a broad over view as well as which other demonic spirits set up shop with Pride.

Rev. Brad Luoma, A.A.E. Exorcist and Deliverance Minister

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