Sunday, December 13, 2015

Do Not Act On Emotions That Affect Our Mind, The Enemy Is Counting On It

We need to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit dwelling on it. Our feelings cannot be counted on especially when we are going to something or if you're mad or angry or depressed or worried. If you're not enjoying your life then you're missing God's best for you. The pressure and problems of every day life is enough to defeat us. I know what I'm saying is much easier said than done believe me I know more than you think I do. Like I said whenever there is a holiday that glorifies Christ (Easter for example) satan hates it with a passion, he cannot stand it. Personally in my life right now I have two very sick relatives very close to me and one who died recently. All of this so close together thrown upon my sister and I. I know what hurt is. I know what pain is. I know what it's like to want to die but I'm here to tell you that Jesus Christ does not want that for us. Ignore these tormenting emotions they are demonic in every way. As I said, Every time there's a holiday that glorifies Christ satan absolute without a doubt cannot stand it. You may know as a Christian or a believer sometimes more negative things seem to happen on holidays that glorify Christ which it could be a coincidence...I'm simply relaying what I've been told by people over the years and from my personal research. We must resist the Devil. He only comes to steal, and destroy.

Satan is the original liar. He is the “father” of lies. Satan told the first lie in recorded history to Eve, in the Garden of Eden. After planting seeds of doubt in Eve’s mind with a question (Genesis 3:1) he directly contradicts God’s Word by telling her, “You will not certainly die” (Genesis 3:4). With that lie, Satan led Eve to her death; Adam followed, and so have we all.

The many accounts of evil spirits in Scripture affirm the reality of powerful spiritual forces of wickedness. Evil spirits (also known as demons or devils) are depraved and quite familiar with human weaknesses and desires. They know it very well. Some are more vile than others. Spirits speak to all of us to inject ungodly beliefs into us. These are thoughts that steer us away from our identity in Jesus Christ. For some people these supernatural voices are far more destructive and can cause harm to the individual hearing them. For some individuals, hearing these thoughts can be just utter torment trying to convince them to commit suicide or to kill another. Oppression and Depression mimic each other in many ways. At times many are written off as highly depressed, now that evil can stay for life with no fear of being casted out.

When God tells us to forgive our enemies, it is not to do them a favor it is to do us a favor. We give that person free rent in our mind by allowing what they did to us constantly stay with us and torment us and I am one that has trouble with this myself. I can forgive but I can't forget which really means I haven't forgiven. Having bitterness and anger in your heart once again that negativity can attract unwanted spirits. I've once heard someone say "if we keep what God tells us to give the devil is going to take it." As long as we stay insecure and not move past we will only live with turmoil. No confidence at all. Our emotions will surely take over. Demons are attracted to this and will target you quicker than you can imagine. Our mind is the enemies battlefield friends. It's our weakness they go after. We must not let the past or what anybody has done to us continue to linger in us in a bad way. God will deal with them God will deal with everyone of us for the things that we've done that we know better. And I personally believe some people get dealt with while they're still on earth.

I've said many times satan goes after our mind. It's our number one weakness at times in my humble opinion. One way Satan gains control of the mind is when we place our trust in what many Christians mistakenly call the Holy Spirit. What I mean is  "God told me to do this. . ." However, what God told them to do is completely contrary to God’s word. Jesus said in John 8:47 "He who is of God hears the words of God." God never, ever, ever leads us contrary to the Word of God. So when we receive anything we think is the Holy Spirit, the first question we must ask is "Does God’s word agree with what I believe is the Holy Spirit speaking to me?" Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder for Satan transforms himself into an angel of light." We should start each day by saying to God "We cannot do anything without you Lord, please be with us and guide us through every decision and choice we make." There are many demons assigned to torment us by satan just as Jesus assigns angels to look after us . We have demons running amok trying to destroy all humans before the appointed time. Yes they know very well the second coming of Jesus Christ will in fact take place. They already know they are defeated but they will still try to drag as many souls to hell with them or make our life hell in hopes we may take our own life or just live so miserable and depressed we end up making ourselves sick. They hate our guts and want nothing but death for us.  And when we are not in control of our emotions and we make certain decisions and choices this is what the enemy is counting on.

We know that we are made up of body, soul and spirit. Again the soul in itself is made up of mind, will and emotions. Becoming a believer means we must have surrendered our will to the Lordship of Jesus Christ our savior. But the mind and emotions, we might not have fully surrendered to our Lord. In these circumstances either knowingly or unknowingly we are allowing the devil room to come into our lives and our homes and have a field day! Torment beyond imagining.

Many people are fooled by "familiar spirits" that come in the form of a dead love one or maybe someone who passed away for lived in that particular home at a time. That way they never truly get dealt with because people think it is a ghost a human spirit that has not yet crossed over. The Bible is full of information about familiar spirits. This allows us to study their wiles in the Bible and find out how they work. They may appear under different names; but their works, manifestations, and their deceptive ways are found both in the Old and New Testaments. We must, therefore, be alert and be prepared because Scripture warns us that these deceiving spirits and false manifestations will be found among God’s people in the last days. Familiar spirits operate under their master, Satan. They influence people to create hate and hurt. Basically raise hell and torment us relentlessly. They spew lies and make a person believe such horrible things of others and ourselves. To knowingly open oneself to the work of demons is an evil act: "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery." To knowingly open yourself up to these demons and their tasks is considered a sin.

Written By Jennifer Lori Auld

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