Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smoking Toking Rick Rowe; Profile of a Stalker.

I never have a problem writing these blogs.  Every week it’s the same thing, someone does something that makes a perfect subject for the blogs.  I always say, my blogs write themselves.  Last night though, took the cake for reporting about some outlandish behaviors of one man, who I can not help but mention.  He makes a completely perfect poster boy for what type of person motivates me into doing what I do out there.  His name… is Rick Rowe.  He adds the prefix “Lord” for Lord Rick Rowe.  Oh, and he means like the Lord, as in God, not just as Lords and Ladies prefix.

Rick is the owner of a Yahoo group called Paranormal Ghost Society that has been around since at least 2006 and I hear even longer by a few years from some.  He has a web site by the same name.  While his name does not reflect it, he’s a Bigfoot hunter and does very little ghost investigating.

Now the first thing people may think is… ok, he’s been around for a while.  They click on the link to his site; it won’t be what people expect.  It’s colorful not appropriately sizing to most screens and its grandiose and out dated style hits you in the face, and it reflects more of self promotion, little representation of any ghost, paranormal, Bigfoot or alien subjects and… it seems to be about POT and lots of it.  It’s like the main reason to have a site.  He is obsessed with marijuana to the degree; it becomes very obvious to anyone seeking him out on Facebook or his website.  His profile pics and photo albums are full of him smoking a pipe and appears his favorite type of pose and believe me, selfies done this way is forte’.

Now, I do not have problems with what people do with their lives, but, he’s trying to represent a team in the paranormal and I know people and how the public sees things from running my shows.  He looks like a pot head with the way he represents himself and not any kind of serious ghost investigator or Bigfoot hunter.  But, ok, I can over look that, like a lot of people might… until… you see what else he has on his site.

 He has a forum that is called Theatrical Clowns.  It goes back to 2007 where he gets upset with people and, writes a forum post on them.  But, it goes further then a post or two… he makes them a forum subject where he can make repeated posts about them and he has many, posting thousands of posts against others, berating them, insulting them, threatening them and just really ripping on them.  On me, he has over 400 posts alone.  Now, from looking at what he says of me, I can ascertain that the other forum posts are likely done in the same manner, which is twisting what people say, purposely misconstruing “evidence” that he has and interpreting it completely wrong, lying, talking to people and screen shotting only a portion that appears to back his own agenda up.  He’s done this to many people who are listed on his forum like some great wall of shame of his.

My offense for this rendering of shame was not seeing his allure and greatness, as well as his grand following and inviting him on my radio show.  The problem is he has so very many pictures of himself toking pot from a pipe as if he’s the poster boy of how to smoke dope, I just could not connect someone like that with what I do and I told him so.  That conversation was the first post on me that was screen shot with his dribble of complaints added.  Now, I admit that at times, people come off rudely to me; I’ll be a bit overly arrogant just to piss them off.  It’s just what I do.  I had no idea how far this guy would take it.  There are many on this clown forum of his besides me and some are well known.

Doing what I do, I get screen shots when something is amiss from friends, colleagues and just concerned citizens out there when they see something amiss, along with those that are as I put it “underground” and close to people that come forward.  On Rick, it’s an ongoing process and has been for years.

Recently, there was a link posted from an Encyclopedia Dramatica, which is a site dedicated to people who upset people online.  It was made in the idea that some people made Wikipedia articles on themselves and you could not edit to put truths in them, such as people being a scammer or stalker or worse.  Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a satire site, which is to say it’s done in a snarky and joking manner and not meant to be serious, but, makes a point about someone that the article is written of.  Most people are insulted when they get written about on there.  The link went to a Lord Rick Rowe article.  He did not like that. He wanted them to erase the article.  He then, decided he would war with the administrators and owners of the site.  So, he made them each subjects.  Mind you, they did not write the article on him.  He posted insulting things about them seeming to reveal criminal histories and even posting where they lived.  Now, while I can not verify whether what he has there is true or not, I know what I have on me isn’t the slightest bit of truth or anything that was posted about my friends.  So I’ll assume it’s completely not true.

Now these posts of Rick’s get posted all over by him and he regurgitates his post from time to time making it sound like something was just said that might be a few years ago that he’s already brought it up previously.  He wrote I went to jail for kidnapping for 10 years.  I find that funny.  I once took a child out of a dangerous situation and the parent called the police on me to which the police had to initially charge me with kidnapping until they could prove the abuse.  This person lost custody of her child because of it and they dropped the charge on me.  You’ll notice the charge was actually “attempted” kidnapping and you won’t find anywhere that I served jail time.  It does not stop Rick from posting a lie and trying to perpetrate it all over.  Like wise saying how I molested children.  When he did this, I did it back to him, thinking he would see how it felt.  NOPE, instead, the guy just posts what I said and keeps it going.  He can’t understand how his actions cause reactions and why people do react the way they do.  I do not think he cares.

He has threatened me and my family by saying he would show up at my door, taunted me last night through email while threatening.  He posted a picture of my home that he had someone take, as well as posting my address, phone number and names of my family members.  He has recently went after friends that are helping me and posted fake criminal charges they were suppose to have as well as threats and their addresses, that include charges that supposedly their children are suppose to have (but don’t).

I could go on and on about what he has out there and what he’s done.  So if you see me letting him know I’m not intimidated and poking fun at him, you understand that I am the voice of many here and against many other’s out there in the paranormal field like him.  I have met my share of odd people out there with these same types of stalker antics.

It’s time for the paranormal field to stand up to these types of people and object to these kinds of behaviors. Together, we can stop them.  Strengthen our voice by reading our blogs, listen to our shows and like or comment on our posts. The bigger our audience, the bigger our voice and influence on these people.  Feel free to write us for either a report against someone or what you think.  We rarely hear the positive side of what we do.

The truth is out there… the War is ON!  It’s time to clean up the field and make it a true community in every sense.

Evan Jensen, Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network

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Anonymous said...

Lord Rick Grow is a dope smoking ass hatted cat burglar, with no class what so ever, folks needed to see what he does and to think he targeted Evan Jensen for simply not allowing him on Evans radio network. what a fool this loser is.

Anonymous said...

It seems in the public, folks get by with a lot. After reading this I realised that there are some folks that will stick up for others. i very personally wish to honor Evan Jensen for his continued dedications into the para world.

Anonymous said...

Evan rocks on brother, let those klnow he will never shy away from frauds, scammers, or thieves in this field.

Anonymous said...

If pot smoking is the new concept on radio, we want out of it and the paranormal.

evan jensen said...

I see I had some support here in this blog it tells me to keep going strong and continue to send my message here we thank you.

evan jensen said...

i noticed , some folks believed that these types of folks are giving a black eye to the para world, we certainly agree here.
maybe iam wrong should folks dope smoke and do drugs while going live on their own para shows? to me just is bad for everyone, what about kids seeing it thinking its all cool?

Anonymous said...

Lol I take it that all these so called "anonymous" comments are all from the same person since they are all 2 min apart, all in support of this blog. This guy attacks the same people over and over each week. Ok we get it, you dont like all these people. But you continue to sling mud and exude the same kind of behavior that you are now complaining someone else is doing to you. I happen to see lots of your vile posts, photoshop pics of these people, and you have been claiming that the Christina George woman had warrants out for her arrest, I think you said she was on probation, and that the police were looking for her. I even heard one of your show where you said you were working with the police and you asked for the listeners to help you find her. So what happened with that? Because I see now you and your other friends are stating your working with the DA, so what happened to the warrant for her arrest as my brother works for his local DA's office and he said it sounds like BS. You always were promising proof of this stuff yet you never post it, you just switch your sights to another person. Why do you care so much about this guy? It doesnt seem like he takes on private cases, he looks like a good and involved dad, and he uses medical marijuana, which is legal in CA, I think you are just using your pages that you add everyone too, they dont ask to join, as you have added me to all of your pages after you friended me, and I have seen this all transpire. Stop attacking others and maybe they will stop attacking back, you say you are not a bully, but a great deal of what I have seen you post, I would say would definately be considered bullying. I will now be deleting you and sharing my thoughts about you and your scam articles on my pages and all of the group pages I am on. You should really grow up and realize this is not what the Paranormal is about, this is your personal issues with others. Good Luck the way your going your going to need it

evan jensen said...

I wanted to take the actual post here from another one of our blogs
"OK... some news for today on the paranormal.

Richard Rowe (aka Lord Rick Rowe and Angel of Thy Night, God of thy Night, Paranoramal Ghost Society owner) is suspected of making an early phone call threatening the life of a Connecticut woman in the paranormal community after she answered back on some false criminal records being shown as her son and herself on a forum that he updates daily of those he hates where he posts insults, meme's and threats against them and has little involvement of the public. No word yet whether police will seek his arrest at this time. :Let the record say this when i post i will post with my own name i am not one to run anywhere and have always backed what i say with hoonesty and i mean what i say

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Rick Rowe, you regurgitate the same blather you do in every post that you are easy to tell. You put words into mouths that have never been spoken and yet sit there acting as some king of the world that is worthy of a God?? Your arrogance and demeanor are apparent and your own undoing. As for where you are, thank you for letting us know what state you are in. As for the DA, there absolutely is one involved and any numbnut would realize that this would be true if they stole items and then advertised that fact on their own Facebook, Youtube (several times), websites and radio. Her contradictions and her own words are her own undoing. Even her involving a famous star in the mess. As for her being on probation, there must be something you know we don't. That is curious. Not only does this case involve Christina, but, seems to be involving those who are attempting to silence people and protect Christina. Now, we are not the law and have no control of what the authorities do with the information they ask for. The rest of the story is up to them and we are NOT going to furnish that information to people so that they can fight or flee it. This at this time is sensitive information and no more can be said then what already has. If you are so sure she is innocent, then give the authorities her address. There should be no problem right? As for being our friend and threatening as you are, the only thing that is going to happen to us is people will see whom is right if she does indeed go to jail. We have no control over any of that. That has been in the hands of others all along. I said we assist. We do. They ask, we give. We inform when needed when they do not know. If that is bad to you, then you have issues and perhaps you should move to Salmalia.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo Lord Rick. Cry us a River your so disgusting, the only thing you are famous for is smoking dope and ranting. Tell us about your episode about Hell Hounds one episode blunder?

Anonymous said...

Your so stupid I know your son Jarrod and he said he didn't have a dad probably because he's abarrest his dad is a werido

evan jensen said...


Anonymous said...

if yah didnt like the blog maybe grow upand learn to stop stalking folks the way you do lord rick grow lol

look yellow said...

I just discovered Lord Rick today as I was Googling for information on the Water Babies of Lake Pyramid. I clicked around the site and quickly came to the same conclusion expressed here. I'm sorry you had to deal with these attacks, but I must admit the absurdity of this self-important loon gave me quite a laugh. I hope the past few years have been good to you, Evan, and your life has been mostly Lord Drama free.