Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sanity's Twin; Kissing up to the Devil

You know, you run into a lot of folks in the paranormal.  Most of them are fine and even if they exaggerate a ghost story, they are basically good law abiding people.  Sometimes, you run into some that are really bad and even down right evil.  The kind you know would be in jail if they got caught or at least serving community service for their decisions or perhaps others that should be locked in a mental hospital.  The other kind here are the ones that seem to be good, but, are not entirely and they cross the line into being supporters of those who are bad and they may even do things of an immoral nature and even against the law for the wrong reasons.  Aiding and abetting a criminal is usually thought of as a crime, especially in racketeering, fraud, and theft among other criminal charges.  So, it’s important to bring out the importance of the support network of these types of people that appear to be doing this, as there is a real risk of them being involved in something they didn’t realize they were involved in.

For some people, it’s a no brainer when other people are doing something stupid and crossing a line where it’s considered criminal behavior or unacceptable by social standards at least and behavior that is considered socially wrong.  For others, they tend to be ones that think that other’s behaviors do not affect them.  They do.  If you hang with a thief and your family and friends know it, they are likely to warn you, tell you not to bring this person around and even avoid you because of it.  It seems in the paranormal, people think that it’s some how different.  It’s not.  If you hang with immoral people that scam innocent people and steal items or money from others, (or any type of criminal behavior) it WILL reflect on you and it also shows your true character.  People will make assumptions about you by those who you befriend and especially by those you stick up for.

Now, on occasion I have friends that I’ll catch doing some criminal or immoral crap or actively supporting those that do.  Sometimes, they are friends of friends on Facebook.  One such person was friend of a friend who was David Rountree, a sound engineer from New Jersey and paranormal researcher/investigator.  He was a long time friend of Darlene’s from back in 2007 in her Paranormal Police days and a member of that group that did paranormal fraud exposing.  She actively supported him many times in the past and had with me a few times.  You see, he was a person I just did not like and didn't believe was on the up and up.  Sometimes, it’s just a hunch.  With him, he had been on my show before and I exposed him.  I’m not alone out there in how I feel.  David has a problem thinking he is far smarter then anyone else with his quantum theories and physics talk and tends to push his air of superiority off onto others rudely.  It appears for all his great superior intellect he only has 12 reviews on his book that is all about paranormal “technology”.  Intelligence is measured by how well you communicate with others more then how well you can pretend to rant about string theories and the mysteries of the universe.

I know at one point, David talked some crap about me to Darlene, because she told me so.  One thing about Darlene, she’s a very loyal friend and we are also fairly close.  You can’t get between me and her, it just won’t happen.  We think too much on the same page here.  So when David did this, it didn't sit to well with her for a while.  But, she refused to unfriend him.  I did tell her too… because she’s my friend and I didn't want her burnt and I usually do warn people.  Most never listen.

Billy, a tech guy for the radio show I do, made a video on his own of his cat and made it appear to float in the air.  Now, normally I just do not approve of people doing videos with an affect and then putting them out there allowing people to think it’s real.  He did a good enough job that the video went viral.  He did this as a test to see how people would react, especially his own team of paranormal researchers.  The guy is 23 and didn't really realize the response he would get from the paranormal world and it wasn't good.  However, the criticisms were predominately from people that were long time haters of me and there were a lot of people who believed the video until he let them know it was a test.

Now, one of the people that commented on Billy’s video was David Rountree who used the opportunity to slam Billy and attempted to link what Billy did on his own to me, my radio station and my co-host Darlene and use it to draw a conclusion that WE did this for attention.  Its old “they must be in it together” thinking like we all coordinate everything in sync with some ulterior sinister motive.  In reality, they know it isn't so and really do not care and use it to defame someone.  You will often see people doing this using flimsy excuses and off the wall conclusions that have more of a motive for their defaming comments then any real truth.

I hated to tell Darlene “I told you so.” But, it’s what happens that I have seen over and over.  People that have something to hide tend to oust themselves so many times with us we rarely have to go find them, they come to us this way.

At about the same time as this, David was promoting events of a certain person named Carol.  It turns out that Carol Malone featured formerly in The Eye on the Paranormal after injecting herself into a case of stolen property stolen by fake psychic Christina George while trying to convince the family they were demonic and also involves authorities, now appears to be also advertising and selling tickets to an event that she does not appear to have secured the venues first and to according to David Rountree’s post.  Carol appears to be saying people are being ripped off, but, she lays blame to someone else… but…

On closer inspection of the post it mentioned Haunted Entertainment. On the post for the event, it clearly has Carol Malone’s name on it and directions on how to get to the ticket site to purchase tickets.  This brings you to Carol Malone’s Event Brite ticket sales for her company Dark Side Entertainment.  Now the problem is, just as Ryan Buell’s events that were advertised and the venues never booked, these events (3 of them for Dark Side Entertainment) were asking for prepayment of 60 days before the event for tickets.  They also asked for a down payment of half of the VIP package.  ($350 and half is $175) This means, that people have no way to get refunds from Paypal or their credit cards if they cancel because more then 60 days will make them ineligible for refunds from them due to policies that Paypal and most credit cards have.  Not to mention stating a problem of selling tickets and people not getting refunds on the other person named on the poster by Carol Malone, who has already been mentioned in these blogs.  We are currently investigating this.

Please be aware of people selling tickets in advance of 60 days or more or asking for prepayment or deposits that happen way ahead of events and understand that if the event planner or management decides to cancel as they did with all the Ryan Buell events, you will have little recourse to get a refund of your money. Call the venues first and be sure they are indeed booked and paid for first before purchasing tickets. Personally, I would steer clear of the whole event.

As for David Rountree and his defense of Carol and promoting her event on his site and then later back talk about it behind Carol’s back while insulting Darlene yet again to her friend?  Well, he’ll have his own demons to deal with after this.

There is such a thing as integrity in this field and believe me, it is alive and well with many in the field that are yet great people.

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Anonymous said...

LOL...pretty funny coming from a convicted Felon. Can't you buy Darlene a tissue to cry in?

Unknown said...

lmao here mr anonymous see the difference is i don't have to use and alias to make a comment. it's coward to post here we know whom you are and think its funny really, see i use my name dude i do not have to hide lol.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine A bobby zoeller knows a lot about this david crabb apple, oh sorry ment David Round Tree. lets discuss your days with paranormal police they said you were and idiot lmao, speaking of this David Round tree tell us about lord rick and your yeti adventures together.

Unknown said...

This is a review i gave this author david RoundTree
I wanted to leave a review of higher caliber here,but after reading this book and the fact that this man has no respect for women. I have to inform all the readers that may want to by this book to be cautious. Truth told here David Round Tree has some self importance issues and fabricates things in the para world, much like his writings show here in his books. I truly believe his writings reflect something a lot more darker then what he wants his writers to know about.
I was saddened and shocked to know that this man called publicly a woman a tw***and a cu**, just because she did not get a long with or support some of his views.I have explicit screenshots of this authors over inflated ego i wanted to inform folks that buying this mans books supports behaviors this man plays out and supports his conduct here, so we want to inform the public, that we don't support this man and I have made a great many 5 star reviews as, i have always supported authors,but they should be heald accountable. for their actions.
lets get back to the book here.David round tree has some so called;lab in his basement where he lives with his mom and proclaims to be some top notch physicist,truth is he is a sound engineer and most likely does not have a masters degree, as we have conflicting stories from his writings and of , inconsistancy he does show. it shows in his books he talks a lot,but leaves the audience not knowing anything of any source of what he is stating in his writings as well.
if there was any way to leave a no star i would do this.

Anonymous said...

Is there actually a point to this blog? The only thing I get out of it is that David wrote a book that you didn't understand, and then a bunch of confusing drivel that adds up to you not being able to mind your own business, Evan. You say that he ended some friendships over disagreements and this makes him bad, even though you say you didn't think the person should have had the friendship anyway and well, big ol' you tried to warn her lol (completely insulting your friend's intelligence in the process and making both of you look like asses). You say that he allowed someone to post something on his own timeline, but that would be no one else's business but his anyway. You DO understand that this is the entire point to your drivel, right? And then in the comments, you actually cite Bobby Zoeller? Also, one of the problems you mention in this blog is that David told you that you guys were doing this for attention. Yet in one of your Facebook groups, you state quite proudly that " Darlene and I are getting a lot of attention doing this and it shows in the hits to our blogs and people that listen to our shows and we KNOW that makes them angry and they react." Uh...hello... You make zero sense, and have completely wasted 3 minutes of my life.

Unknown said...

responding to anonympous here,yes there ois apoint tothis blog, it is calledwe donot sup[port frauds and cons inthe fuield, i know david round tree is someone that should be shared and introduced as a fool, a fool that will attack folks and their beliefs if they do not agree with that person, we have seen many times all to familiar the part that these fakes and frauds produce in the para world and one by one they will and are being deleted and weeded out for others to see. it is called guilt by association if your going to support these frauds,then you to may all come in this blog as we write it. we are questioning this guys P.H.D. and his masters he says he has in quantum physics its pure dribble.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because all people must prove their high education level to a random guy on the internet who can only spell when he is using a spell checker...I totally forgot about that rule. My bad.

Anonymous said...

I guess some think that if they post over and over again that someone is a felon that some how that makes it true. LOL It's NOT TRUE and no one we are working with has even been to prison, or in jail. I have not even had police at my house or had them "watch" me. LOL Some of the dribble people post out there to deflect what we write here is just plain unreal. As for the anonymous posts, um, you do realize I EDIT his blogs. I sometimes add to it or rewrite the sentences. I do not have a problem with what he's saying and can admit on this, I was warned by so many people and I didn't listen. There is so much more to this then people realize and the blog is only so long. However, David appears to me to be backing a fraud, regardless of his shady reasoning for making an excuse to it AND he knows this person has ripped people off in the past. As for what we are saying, hey, he started on us first with his bullcrap insulting us and me and he didn't like getting it back. But here's the thing, I do not have PHD, then MA and then BA and then AES after my name all inconstantly out there depending on the site. I don't lie about my background. He seems to say he's AES only on highly technical sites and on paranormal sites brags the whole BA AES. He told me back during Paranormal Police days and others, (I'm sure some remember too) that he just got a PHD and he was questioned then. I stuck up for him. People told me he was full of it. Now, he says he's "studying" for his PHD. He's also been caught plagiarizing, which I thought was exaggerated, but, found he has on articles and even caught by others online. Perhaps he needs to clean his own closet before trying to make up crap about me and some cockamamie story how I called his employers and harassed them (total bullshit and never have and never will do something like that). He's low. Not to mention all the insults and shit he has out there on me on his pages that I am NOT doing. So save your "oh you're so mean" crap for something that is at least the fricken truth. He's been talking a lot of crap and deflecting the from the truth instead of addressing it.

Anonymous said...

A word on Bobby Zoeller, you people do not even know anything about him and can't even fathom how exact he was in his assessment of David and other's out there. Yeah, he is very much like Evan is out there. I wonder why with the string of liars and cheats all over out there protecting each other and threatening and harassing people when they stand up to them like some sort of gang of thugs. He knew it back then. He was effective, his methods hard hitting and sometimes over the top but, I now get why. Because these people play dirty. They don't address issues, they try to create this chaos and bull to try to cover up what they are doing and get others to help them. Bobby saw this. He knew it. If you can't have truth out there, what the hell do you have in the paranormal? It's not about "being nice" it's about the damn truth! THAT is what people are searching for, not some fame seeking morons that think playing nice is the way to go or for some people to make money on and think truth doesn't matter. People are playing with others lying and making them believe crap that isn't true, while being ripped off by some completely and then the real truth is convoluted and impossible to see because of all the crap out there. It NEEDS TO STOP. David can be a big boy, pull up his big boy pants and do the right thing or, he won't (as he is showing already) and continue looking like the school yard bully he looks like now. That's really up to him... not you anonymous or anyone else. But, likewise, I can and will stand up to the bull every single time.

Count Mallachi said...

Not to get sucked into this little battle but I used to actually recommend the work of Mr Roundtee for those interested in a more scientific approach to paranormal/supernatural research.

My advise to him is to completely abandon this pointless social media generated conflict and get back to that being guy.

Count Mallachi said...

Edit: "being that guy" (DOH!)

Anonymous said...

Frankly; all of this is rather amusing, but pointless. There is no scientific way to prove that spirits and demons exist. You guys are a bunch of pseudo science wannabes. You have no evidence that paranormal activities happen because you don't have the slightest idea what a paranormal happening is in the first place let alone measure it. Then when you bozos argue about your "evidence" you resemble a bunch of little children fighting in a playground.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, don't always ASSUME we all our "scientific" in "hunting ghost" or "proving spirits and demons" exist. I would say that is basically a great generalization at best. Not everyone on this page is a paranormal investigator, nor, are all paranormal investigators trying to say they use science. As for Mr. Rountree, he is grossly criticized in scientific circles and it shows the lack of science understood in the paranormal field to put him in such high esteem. At this time, all we have is human experience that tell of stories and experiences of these types of accounts and I do not believe we have ANY evidence that proves spirits exist or that the soul lives on. However, making solid conclusions based on no evidence is biased also and not really scientific either. One has to realize possibilities and what may be possible to truly test for what MAY be out there. If you decide nothing is, your conclusion is already made without any further testing. As anyone knows, lack of evidence is NOT evidence. It's a simple concept and one in which so many make a mistake in with their "skeptical" views, which in reality, is not truly a skeptic.

Anonymous said...

Darlene and Evan are some of the most self absorbed people I have ever come across. You state that all the others are guilty, yet you both have clean hands. Yet NOTHING that any of you have said has been proven to be true. Your right Darlene, It is very clear your write Evan's articles for him because he isnt intelligent enough to compose a sentence. So how can he call himself a journalist. You all started going after a new person every week always linking them to this Miss George woman, you all sound delusional, how could a so called fraud who according to Evan is a nobody, have so many people come to her defense? They dont, they just see you all for the asses and liars you have made yourselves out to be. Like the petitions Evan and Darlene make anytime someone they go after, attacks back, yet both times they couldnt get more that 11 people to sign, yes you guys really have a large backing, haha oh where are they, because other than the same people who always respond on your posts and bs, I see none. oh yea there are none, they are all made up just like your facts, by the way, we have been waiting for over a yr for Miss George to be arrested, what is the hold up€? You did tell us all she had warrants and was being sought for stealing the artifacts over a yr ago. yet still nothing has happened other than you changed the story, brought her so called sister into the middle and now she says she is involved and helping you and the clients when talking to the DA??? hummmm sounds like more fishiness to me. If there was really warrants out for her arrest, it doesnt take that long to find someone. So how about this. Go back under the rocks you came from, you are not doing the Paranormal Field a favor, nor is anyone believing you or these outrages rant and tantrums you both throw because people wont believe you . Pathetic

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous dated,September 5, 2014 at 10:07 PM
iw anted to ask and let this be a reminder my friend, when we expose we have good reasons to do what we do its to rid the para world of such losers as we have shown this entire year. i am certain by your post there that you are most obviously one one of them, look whom is crying now?