Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Myth that Satan and Evil Do Not Exist

By Lisa Grace

All historians, whether Christian or atheist, agree that Yeshua (Jesus) existed. Not only does the Roman arrest record still exist where it mentions He was executed for the crime of witchcraft (source: mentioned in From Jesus to Christ by Paula Fredrickson), but numerous ancient historians like Titus Flavius Josephus, mention Him.

Many scientific minds believe in string theory, and different dimensions which would lead to life. Many espouse that there might be an alternate version of themselves somewhere in one of these universes/dimensions. So why do these same people find it so hard to believe that evil angels/demons exist? Beings made of light?

Evil angels' sole purpose is to lead people away from the gift of salvation. That's it. What better way to lead modern man away from the truth than to allow him to think he is at the top of the brain chain? Let him believe there is nothing smarter or more intuitive out there?

That's exactly the method they use for unbelievers.

For those that seek them out, they use two different forms of deception:

1) Lying about the nature of the afterlife

a. People returning as ghosts (myth)
b. Everyone is happy and consciously aware, on a better more knowledgeable plain of existence after death (lie)
c. That what they are experiencing is the truth, to be trusted, and consulted. That they are friendly and here to "help" and "guide." (lie)
d. That you can help others to "cross over" into the "light" (lie)

2) Attaching themselves as tormenting demons or even possessing their host and inviting other demons to do so also.

a. Beyonce admits in a Katie Couric interview that she allows Sasha Fierce to inhabit her body
b. There are cases in the news every day of people committing heinous crimes, then awake to being horrified at what they have done.
c. There are cases (on several paranormal shows) where real people in distress contact "paranormal investigators" hoping for help in getting rid of these tormentors but instead they have invited in people who just want some fun documenting anything out of the ordinary. Of course, beings smarter than humans simply out-wait their would-be outers or in some cases, follow the investigators home and torment them.
d. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to silence "their inner demons."
e. Women who have had abortions turn to drugs and alcohol at a much higher rate could it be they are turning to the drugs and alcohol to silence demons tormenting them, not just their conscience bothering them? If it's okay, why so much guilt? If they have no guilt, then what is driving them to such self-destructive behavior?

You can see it is much better for the evil angels to remain hidden by allowing the modern myth that they "don't exist" flourish. It's always easier to get away with heinous acts if people look the other way, and boy, do the evil angels know it.

Lisa Grace is the author of the popular teen fiction Angel Series, which is in movie development. The first book can be downloaded for #free as an ebook at Smashwords Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 or from any major ebook retailer.


mark hunnemann said...

Lisa...thank you for the excellent succinct summary of the dangers we need to be aware of. Superb summary and analysis

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you, Pastor Mark. I have to recommend people read your book, "Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes" for a better understanding of what we are dealing with in our modern era.