Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts

By Chris Baricko

I am sure most of you have either seen or heard about the Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts. It has been on just about every paranormal show on TV you can think of. The owner goes on saying he had no idea it was haunted when he bough it. Here are some facts for you to prove he knew full well it was haunted.

This is a clip of the story that in "The Telegram Times" on  Saturday, July 20, 2013.

"Lillian fell in love with the place immediately," said Mr. Gonzalez. "Well, once she makes up her mind, there's not a lot I can do about it. The realtor did mention something about it being haunted, but we didn't really believe in ghosts, so we paid little attention.

Here is the link to the full story:

It was on Ghost Hunters in 2006, two years before he bought it.

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Now they claim they had to move out cause the activity was so bad  but again they say it started when they first moved in.

By Erika Riggs  Oct 29th 2013
Ghost 'Sightings': Gonzalez says he knew nothing of the home's history when he moved in, but from Day One, he's reported odd things happening: an enormous potted plant tipping over for no reason, shadowy figures, footsteps, and a glass ornament that was moved from the mantle to rest exactly in the middle of the floor several time

Here is the link to that story as well:

It was also in a book called Haunted Massachusetts released in 2007.
As well in a movie called 14 degree that came out in 2006.
Ghost Hunters November 1, 2006
So within two years it was on national TV. In a book. In a movie. And they claimed they did not know on TV but when you read the above they had to.

He goes on TV saying they were in fear but read another quote from the same link as above “I’m not nervous around it,” Lillian says. “I do get very nervous, when Lillian’s not around I leave the lights on,” Edwin says. Little did Edwin and Lillian knows their beautiful Victorian came with company. Every minute of the day spirits inside their 26 room mansion started reaching out:

The new owners claim they hold events and fundraisers, and restored the mansion that they bought in 2008. As of this year the mansion is still is need of most of the same repairs it was over four years ago. The city even condemned it at one point.

The home at one point was slated to be torn down, not because of ghost activity, but for another issue. The house had not been updated for some time and at one point, stood vacant for 20 years.

Yet after the home was condemned, the city of Gardner didn't have the funds to go through with demolition. The house ended up selling to another buyer. A younger couple, Stanway says, bought it with plans to fix it up.

But the new owners only lived there a few years before moving out. Again, the home was vacant until Gonzalez and Lillian decided to buy in 2008.  (See same link as above).

I was going to do a event/fundraiser there till he told me that house was in need of much repair. He told me birds were living in the eves of the roof no bathroom.  I asked why have no repairs been made yet? He said that is what the fundraisers are for. When I applied to the City of Gardner for the required permits & trust me they made me go through hoops.I found out he has never pulled any permit for any repairs they told me since he bought it.

When I reviewed the city's permit is states clearly it has to have running water& bathroom. Knowing it did not I backed out of the event. It was then I got a call from the owner all upset asking me why was I backing out of the event? I told him why & he was still upset. He was worried about the City. I then got a message from one of his friends telling me to leave the Victorian alone he is just trying to pay his mortgage that is over $3000 a month I said so he knew it was haunted he said so what if her did. My point was don't lie to people were the money is going to get symphony when your not using it for what you tell people. I asked the owner for proof of any repairs recites very easy as he would have used for a tax right off like everyone else. He never did just ignored me  

He has been doing events there since 2009 so over 4 years and on avenge makes about $400 every other weekend in the nice weather so say $800 X 8 months = $6,400 a year now X that by 4 years is $25.000. That's not including any tours or special events others have there were the cost can be  $100 a person. Now I've been in construction over 20 years I know for $25,000 you can repair the eves and roof, fix the plumbing and get working bathrooms. So the question is where is the money really going?

Here is part of a posting from a groups web page from May NO HEAT, ELECTRICITY OR PLUMBING!!! THERE ARE NO PUBLIC BATHROOMS.....Last event we took a break around 9 pm and visited the pizza place next door, by doing this they allowed us to use the bathroom facilities as needed until their closing time.  We will place an order to be ready at a certain time and split the cost of the pizza, drinks will be on your own. THE COST WILL BE SPLIT EVENLY BY ALL PARTICIPANTS AT EVENT.
Here is the link:

You've seen him on TV not being honest in order to get people to come and put more cash in his pocket. They claim they moved due to the activity. In my opinion I think they moved when they did not put the money from the events back into the mansion and it got to the point it is at now. No running water. No Bathroom. No heat. Since that is the city code you would not have a choice but to move.

That brings me to my other point I contacted with my concerns and how they ran me through hoops. They said they would look into it. I never heard nothing back and that triggered a red flag. So after very little effort I knew why. They helped the owner with a fundraiser for a food drive. I have worked in local government over 12 years and can tell you first hand I see what goes on behind closed doors.

This is why they still allow events there knowing the mansion is not up to code.

But my background is also helpful in knowing what steps to take next. So I sent a letter to the State of Massachusetts with the Town of Gardner's own codes they turned a blind eye to and volited. It's a shame when locations and people use others for personal gain. We need to stop supporting locations & people like this. Support only locations that put the money back into keeping the history going. Like The Houghton Mansion in North Adams, MA  & The USS Salem in Quincy, MA Both locations are top notch and great people.


Shannon Sylvia said...

Mark Veau, the home's previous owner before Edwin, had a wife at the time, Suzanne. Suzanne saw a copy of a popular book featuring the house as one of the chapters, under Edwin's arm during the real estate showing.

Edwin was shown the house's news board - a giant corkboard that was bolted to the second floor wall - with articles about the house's hauntings as well as history - by the home's owner. That board is still in the house today. Edwin has posted photos of it on the website.


Unknown said...

Edwin has spoken during his tours about that..he viewed the home in early August and signed the day before Thanksgiving by that time(16 weeks later) people told him about an episode on tv and book so he confronted the owner during the signing to ? if any of that is true the realtors said "THE HOUSE IS NOT HAUNTED" and viewed the home there was only historic photos no mention of Haunting anywhere it was vacant for over 2 yrs before Lily and Ed got it. Mark Veau knows this house was hard to sell so they removed anything regarding hauntings..he got the house sold so for him Cha-Ching!! Edwin got most of his old articles from the library after he spoke with Mark..who is Shannon Sylvia interesting what I found May 22, 2010 - In a nutshell: Shannon Sylvia publicly accused her “friend” - Donna LaCroix - of lying about having terminal cancer to avoid having a particular interview aired. ...Baricko I found out you attacked The Mark Twain House and you attacked Lorraine Warren's 'The Conjuring' screening cause you did not meet them and you attacked GHost Adventure because they did respond to you Baricko (You asked Edwin for contact info so you can get on A Haunting) and you got ignored again so you took out on Lily and Ed ..Sooo they broke your heart? Get a tissue.

Chris B said...

Chris I have all the facts above. I got copies of all the code the Town of Gardner that is not in compliant with. So you can bet your bottom dollar he starts with events again this year. I will make another call to the City. If they Turn there cheek Next step the State.

So when it gets closed I will hand you & Them a tissue

Anonymous said...

Okay Chris, I think the worst part of this whole thing is not that he did or didn't know the place was haunted when he bought it, but that not a DIME has gone into the restoration of this house that they have been "fundraising" for or claim to have been raising money work has been done in order to get the place "restored to its former glory" (I know, I drive by it constantly and have never seen so much as a plumber parked out front) These people should sell the house to someone who actually wants and can afford to restore it, but I guess they don't want to give up their meal ticket eh? Just wait until the city/state finally condemns it and tears it down.

Anonymous said...

That was directed at Chris White btw

Anonymous said...

lawyer will set you straight real quick..and shut your fat ass. i don't appreciate you BARICKO writing things in other blogs like "Edwin, stop hitting on our wives and girlfriends. Ghosts arent ruining your relationship, your dick is." Wow .. love the racist comments a bit jealous and bit racist are we? ok got it ..that says it all now I know where you anger comes from

Anonymous said...

Anonymous..I love when people Judge without knowing anything...our plan to start a fundraiser to save the home lasted only 3 weeks before the city wanted us to stop doing anymore investigations, (I Have the date when when the website started to prove this so please don't Judge...3 weeks earlier we posted it on our new website and your right if we post and state Fundraiser than the $ goes to that, just keep in mind that it cost 80,000 just to do slate work on the roof. the house is not condemn thats ridiculous Baricko says this cause he want the officials to respond right away its a pure Jealousy wow he is attacking us..99% have no issues with us just him and you can see he uses his position as a state worker to harass people..just ask The Mark Twain House call them...The Pain House, The opera House. He enjoys doing this... A BULLY and so many investigators you lose track.. He bad mouths everyone who does not agree with him it will never end ...meal ticket are you serious..HAUNTED LOCATIONS BEWARE ..remember the comment "stop hitting on our wives and girlfriends". that speaks volumes as to what he thinks about me

Anonymous said...

hey Shannon, how is the GOFUNDME for your cupcakes going. Talk about CHA CHING. People in glass houses should not throw stones.
Karma is a B*tch

Anonymous said...

baricko, also did you know that its called collusion and a conflict of interest and highly illegal when you provide false and defaming information to your so called friend the assistant board of health person at the city. lets see what the city/state says about that. we are all over this.

Anonymous said...

I think the worst part of this whole thing is not that Edwin did or didn't know the place was haunted when he bought it, but that not a DIME has gone into the restoration of this house that they have been "fundraising" for or claim to have been raising money for... I believe PE city of Gardner and the state of Massachusetts should sue his behind because this smog knew that the Victorian is a historical place and he did not put the money into restoring this beautiful home 🏡 and,no work has been done in order to get the place "restored to its former glory" (I know, cause my friends drive by it constantly and they have never seen so much as a plumber parked out front)

These people should sell the house to someone who actually wants and can afford to restore it, but I guess they don't want to give up their meal ticket eh? Just wait until the city/state finally condemns it and tears it down or they will get in JAIL FOR FRAUDULENT CHARGES in fooling others and saying they got the permits from the city but they didn’t get them from the city I still think the city should actually take back the house forcefully remove these people before they really mess up the beautiful home 🏡.