Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Issue 140 – The Holy Grail is a Living Person!

By Kirby Robinson

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In this week's issue, we learn that the Holy Grail is a living person! New show Church Rescue means more bad reality TV, and the Worst Paranormal Awards ever …

The Holy Grail & Last Descendant of Jesus Christ is the Best Psychic Ever!

If you've read my blogs and heard my show you know about my disdain for psychics, especially those who make overblown claims.

The field isn't regulated by anyone. Claims go unchecked, and the public is cheated out of their money and cheated out of the truth.

I often visit the website Doubtful News.

I may not agree with their stance on demons and exorcisms. But we can respectfully disagree on certain matters. However, I agree with their efforts to expose false psychic claims. A long running story concerns the Marks trial. Ms. Marks and her gypsy clan members had milked clients out of $25 million over several years. They were finally caught, charged, put on trail and found guilty. While most of the major news outlets backed out of the story, Doubtful News didn't and gave it the coverage it deserved.

But what they didn't see coming was this:

The complaint was filed by a person known as Psychic Medium Rose

Her website is one of those old-fashioned scrolling pages that hasn't changed much since 2006. It has lots of claims, statements, and bizarre theories and terms on it. Some will find it disturbing; others will laugh at it. Here's the link:

We found this quote quite interesting:

"Certified & Tested by the Grand Master Hermit.
of The Tarot Association. Known all over the world."

We checked into the claims of copyright and found this information in public records

Naturally, we have some questions!

1 How can someone be open to do readings 24/7/365? When a customer pays the fee, do they really get psychic medium Rose on the phone 24 hours a day?

2 If a person is the Holy Grail [does that make me the holy moley?]! Wouldn't it be a good idea for the media and the church to recognize her? Maybe set her up in her own apartment in the Vatican? Give her lots of news coverage?
3 Where is the proof that this person is from Jesus' bloodline? The Da Vinci Code is a novel. Amazon labels it as contemporary fiction, along with mystery, thriller and suspense. So, this book isn't nonfiction. If psychic medium Rose has actual evidence of her proud lineage, she needs to produce it.

4 Who determined that psychic medium Rose is the best psychic in the world?

This site just leaves me shaking my head. Will this type of stuff ever end?

Haunted Entertainment Awards ~ Only the Desperate & Delusional Need Apply

What is the point of an award for those in the paranormal field? Do you have a ghost of a chance of winning? Awards in the paranormal field are like grains of sand and are worth about as much. I stumbled onto this site and discovered some of the many categories that you can vote for.

- Favorite demonologist! Some featured on this list I used to send clients to but will never again do that.
- Favorite Male Investigator [sexist as no female investigator category is mentioned]
- Most influential Paranormal Investigator [kidding, right?]
- Favorite Ghost Hunting Location
- Favorite Horror/Paranormal Model
- Favorite Psychic-Medium
- Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool Maker [how 'bout we delete the last word in this category and declare it all a tie!]

We noticed that Shannon Sylvia was listed in the Favorite Horror/Paranormal Model category. I contacted her and she claimed they did contact her about inclusion but she never responded and was never informed of this. Haunted Entertainment, the group behind this silliness is a small talent agency trying to break into the entertainment world.

Shannon asked to have her name removed from the group, and rightfully so. Those featured resemble Sunset Blvd. strippers. One model poses with a bottle of Jack Daniels—ghost hunters drinking spirits end up seeing 'em?  

Here's a list of nominations they should have:

1 Demonologist whose pants fall down in every investigation
2 Radio show host who lies the most
3 Paranormal investigator's best sex performance with a client

I think the above three categories would spice up something that is both boring and downright silly.

'Church Rescue' -- Sending an SOS to God

National Geographic Channel got a good response for its Snake Salvation show. Oxygen network is doing well with L.A. Preachers. Now, National Geographic Channel is coming back with Church Rescue. The program is in the pattern of Fox's Kitchen Nightmares or Food Network's Restaurant Impossible or Spike's Bar Rescue. A team of three pastors goes into a church each week to see why it's not doing well. A new coat of paint, new flooring, and a new message is  expected to be spoken about each week.

Did we ever see such things in bible times? What's next for Christian reality TV?

~ Let's All Hang from the Cross!

~ So You Think You're Paul…or Saul?

~ Can You Beat My Weekly Collections?

~ Late for Church – How Fast Can You Drive?

The church lived for 2,500 or so years without TV it can live 2,500 more without it.

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