Monday, September 30, 2013

Radio Show TONIGHT - Fake Hauntings - The Conjuring

By Kirby Robinson

Deception and unethical practices aren't limited to the paranormal field but can be found within the world of independently published authors on Amazon and other websites. Indie authors want you to think that their books are better than those of long established authors with careers that span decades and include Pulitzer Prizes. They amaze readers with claims of dozens if not hundreds of highly ranked reviews while gathering hardly any one-star reviews. How is this done? The fakery involved will leave you scratching your head.

This isn't to say that there aren't legitimate success stories within the indie publishing ranks -- there are. But for every real success story there are turning out to be multiple suspect success stories that can be traced back to fake reviews and distorted sales figures.

The case behind The Conjuring. Not since The Exorcist has a horror film that had any ties to a real case [outside of maybe the Texas Chainsaw Massacre] captured the attention of America. The Perron family moved into an historic home in rural Rhode Island, enduring 10 years of haunting by dark spirits. Ed and Lorraine Warren once again play a part in it.

Over the course of our 2 hours together, we’ll study as much information as we can. This is information that the supporters of these hoaxes DON’T want you to know.

Showtime begins at 7 PM [PST] or 10 PM [EST].  See this page for more information:

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