Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Issue 134 –Chelsea Damali—Fake Bad Psychic Goin' Wild

By Kirby Robinson

Tonight’s show begins at 7 PM [PST] or 10 PM [EST].  The topic is: Adios, Ghosts! The Myth-Busting Continues…

Tonight: we'll discuss the Haunting in Connecticut case.

Now, for the news…

There's a bad, bad psychic named Chelsea Damali that's feeding off the public…and we haven't forgotten the Un-Murder Bordello.

The Klinge Brothers and/or Chip Coffey shouldn't think we've forgotten about the lies that they've kept brewing in Galena, Kansas. If Coffey was even remotely psychic, he should be hearing fingers hitting the keyboards – yes, plural -- on more than one computer. There is a forthcoming book in the works. And yes, it'll be damning to all those involved in this deception.

Want to guess who my co-author is on this one?

Meet Another Bad, Bad Psychic – Chelsea Damali

If you've caught my show your know I have little good to say about them. I know their games, I can talk their lingo, and I can play the role better than most. Why? Because I used to be one of them.

I have even less tolerance for psychics who take advantage of the public. Meet Chelsea Damali – a fake psychic who feels comfortable ripping people off. Here's her Facebook page:
Take a quick look if you want, but I don't recommend hanging out there. Apparently, Ms. Damali has a bad habit of taking your money and giving you no reading. If you're lucky enough to get your money back, you MIGHT get it on back in increments. Or there might be no refund at all.

But if you dig just a little you might find a change in her last name to Faust. Why the name change? Other than a marriage to Mr. Faust, why such a name? As you probably know, Faust is a fictional character who made a pact with the devil. Or is there some kind of splotchy past that Chelsea might want to keep hidden?

She also runs a blog where she makes many claims:

There, she refers to herself as an author. Having a blog doesn't make you an author. You're a blogger. There's a big difference between the two.

A Life Coach? Anyone can be one. Just buy the degree or go to one of those online schools--no tests taken, write a few papers. You better be living a successful life prior to telling others how to live theirs.

Clairvoyant? Prove it. Being a paranormal team's go-to psychic on a bad fake para-reality show doesn't make you one.

TV Psychic. This can easily be disproven. Chelsea lists an upcoming 16-city Shadows and Visions Tour. There's no proof that such a tour is real. A web search leads us back to only one site and that’s hers. The tour supposedly begins on October 11, yet nowhere do we see a link to buy tickets or such an event.

If you happen to be in Bountiful, Utah you could drop in for a reading:

But I wouldn't advise it.

Finally, we discover a Las Vegas connection here:

Come back next week as we keep digging …

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Anonymous said...

This person is an internet smear campaign terrorist. Ms. Damali is very genuine and merely a victim of this man's smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny when people have nothing better to do with their time than to troll on someone who neither has time to read you're lame opinions, or a mean bone in her body. Chelsea damali has helped me through a lot of hard times. Psychic stuff aside she gives damn good advice, not to mention she treats her customers with respect. Something a lot of people in the paranormal don't have.

Anonymous said...

fyi Faust is her legal name Fucktard. Trace the lineage. There's only one Faust male left and that's her son you sick pathetic trolling piece of useless internet garbage. Damali is a Stage name. But of course no one on THIS site would know about stage names huh ;p maybe do better research before you slander the fuck out of a single mother. Or maybe pick up a hobbie? Maybe get laid? Or maybe actually go to her for a reading? O.o big shocker.. perhaps she can prove it? Cause she proved it to countless people.

Anonymous said...

This isn't far off. I have had the misfortune of dealing with Mrs Damali /Faust in 2015. This article doesn't even scratch the surface of how vile of a person she truly is. Oh the many faces this woman has. Hopefully she has changed her ways for the sake of the psychic community. However pleading your case above as a single mother is not a get out of jail card for messing with people's money lives and head.

Anonymous said...

Consider the source people. It's not like your shit doesn't stink. And tbh anyone who has ever been on tv has haters. This is no different from reading a google review from someone who's gotten upset over something pointless. Who's saying this? A good christian? Someone who's lied or cheated at some point? Maybe someone capable of lying and faking an injury to play on the good graces of someone who's just trying to make a name for themselves. I know of a few people in the paranormal who are pretty deceptive and have screwed people over themselves as well. Pick a real genre and do something with yourself. This is petty. Nothing like a bunch of grown ass people wandering around in the dark with flashlights and broken tape recorders to make themselves feel superior in something that's got no solidity. I remember back in the day where people would whoop people's asses for behaving like children. This is nothing more than slander and filth coming from a bunch of dumb asses who think there's some kind of worth in playing ghost in the graveyard for a living.