Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Psychics Exposed -- Find Out how Naughty They Are! – Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GOD’S GOLD is a forthcoming book that will be published in time for Christmas 2013 by a major publisher. It contains what might be the most shocking of paranormal/spiritual experiences one could ever have. God’s Gold will be at a massive 400 pages and it’ll share my secret journey that I have been on, along with a workbook that will help the reader understand and apply the teachings that I alone have received from God, Jesus and spiritual beings whose names I can’t utter out loud, let alone write them down.

For the past year, whenever I close my eyes to sleep whether a short catnap or at night, my spirit has been whisked away to highest levels of the heavens above us. God and His spiritual partners have opened the curtains to wisdom that has been shared to only four [4] other beings throughout time. These teachings have been so intense and mind-blowing at times, that I’d scream out, "Pass this burden onto others for I can’t take it. Let someone wiser and braver than me carry this message out to the world." Each time I was told that it had to be me bring the message to you. So I’ll do my best to be the messenger between God and you. 

These profound teachings will unlock powers you never knew you had. These teachings will lead you to discover the resting place for God’s Gold buried in the earth by God. And buried there just for you to find it.
During my many journeys, I could look down and see the earth of 2013, 2014 and beyond. You’ll learn of wars that will break out, natural disasters that will strike, who will die and why, forthcoming Super Bowl winners and much, much more. God’s Gold will not only change your life but the lives of all around you. Not only will your sprit grow but so will your bank account, as you uncover your pot of God’s Gold.

The above is a bunch of crap. Anyone that knows me would know I wouldn’t write such garbage. 

Unfortunately, such a book as God’s Gold would trick many suckers. 

On this week's EYE ON THE PARANORMAL, we'll begin a series of shows on the subject of bad psychics. We've brought up stories in the news about shady store front ones. However, now we'll look at the big names of the field. We'll examine their claims of success and at the same time we'll look at their failures, the misses, and the harm they've done … and continue to do.

We’ll look at the ethics and morality of the psychic world and break down what you need to know to keep from being a victim. This is too much for just one show, so we'll come back to this topic in upcoming episodes.

Additionally we'll talk about my new book on Theresa Caputo and break a big story that no one other then the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL has.

As a weekly feature, Kirby will also share some book reviews and recommendations, as well as his infamous incredible "BAD BAD Thing Awards."

Showtime begins at 7 PM or 10 PM EST. Here is the link to the show:

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You were starting to really scare me, until I read your statement that it was a bunch of crap. Ha!