Thursday, June 27, 2013

Belief in the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Who believes in the Supernatural?

According to some studies (you can Google to pull up the latest ones) 77% of people believe in angels. You can safely assume then that they believe in the supernatural world.

Religious people believe in the supernatural, knowing that this world and universe are just one of His creations.

Those that have had encounters with the demonic or a visit from one of God's angels believe, too.

What I don't get, is if 77% percent of people know there are angels and a supernatural world, why aren't they more serious about developing a relationship with God?

Instead, many will try and summon the creations of this paranormal world, even though there are warnings not to in the Holy Scriptures. These warnings are meant to stop you from going down a path that leads to deception and ultimately to death, both physical and spiritual. You will learn nothing from that isn't fake and meant to deceive. Look in the Holy Scriptures for the truth. This is why these creatures leave when God is called into the picture by true believers and those that are saved. They must obey the saved in the name of Jesus. It's His authority that rules over them. So when you see these creatures do flee at His name, why wouldn't you go the source (Bible) rather than to those that fear the source (the demons)???

It makes no sense! Read your Scriptures, accept you are a sinner, turn away (repent of your sin) ask Jesus (Yeshua) into your heart, to be your personal Savior. His blood sacrifice covers your sin. Go to the source, not the fleeing demons who tremble at the sound of His name.

God wants us to experience Him, through Him, Jesus. (John 3:16) Not through the ones who fell and now seek your destruction, too.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Excellent article.