Monday, June 10, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Chip Coffey & Klinge Brothers New Paranormal TV Show

By Kirby Robinson

Psychic-Medium Chip Coffey
The Klinge Brothers

Psychic-Medium Chip Coffey and the Klinge brothers team up for a direct to DVD deal and that’s got to be a bad bad thing.

A press release has been issued about the teaming up of the Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey. What the press release doesn't tell the public is that Chip has been trying for years to return to TV but failed to gather any interest from both networks and production companies.

Brad and Barry, the Klinge Brothers, are coming off what might be the worst of the worst ghost investigation shows: Discovery Channel's "Ghost Lab." It was so obviously faked that the Eye on the Paranormal couldn't bring itself to ever do a report on it.

Chip Coffey tried and tried to work with A&E and the Bio Channel to host a paranormal show of his own. Kim Russo took over the show he wanted -- "A Haunting of." With the success of the "Long Island Medium" it appears that what cable TV wants out of a psychic show has changed. Unlike Theresa Caputo, Chip doesn't like doing public readings either individual or group. He tried to get the public to fund a pilot for a new show but fell about $15,000 short of his goal.

In the near future, the Eye on the Paranormal will have a more detailed report.

The only bright side of the story is that Chip's new show will go direct to DVD.

Read the press release here:

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Anonymous said...

You guys are so far off. The Klinge Brothers are one of the ONLY paranormal group that are NOT fake. Have you checked out their fans on facebook? You people just want to stir up something to make yourselves look big. Plenty of people are looking forward to their new documentaries.

eyeontheparanormal said...

to use your logic if they are one of the only "real groups" they are now working with Chip Coffey who worked with PRS which must be fake thus they are working with a fake

tune in and learn more

ParaTom said...

So their "fans on Facebook" will suffice as proof they are legit?


Dee Dee Ramone said...

Gee I wonder if Chip will tell children they see dead people on this show too?

F'n scumbags