Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Jim Bakker’s Boston Baked Beans

By Kirby Robinson

Televangelist Jim Bakker

“God warned me about Boston – now buy my beans!” Jim Bakker

The events over the past week in the Boston area could sadden anyone to see the pain and suffering on the faces of the innocent. Yet what is more disturbing is to watch people cash in on the bombings merely for fame.

I think I counted over 75 interviews with people who claimed to be crossing the finish line just as the bombs went off. The photos taken as the explosions occurred showed only a handful of people crossing at the time.

Someone trying to profit from the tragedy in Boston is televangelist Jim Bakker, a false teacher and false prophet, who is trying to return to the top of the heap of phony preachers. He claimed that during a December 2012 broadcast of the Jim Bakker Show that he stated, “Pray for Boston.” Jim claimed that he saw what was going to take place on that April Monday afternoon. Because of that buy his beans, buy his 20-year food and his new power bars and food powder.

Criminals like Jim count on a public that buys into false prophets to get away with such things. If it had been a message from God it would have been far more detailed and a sign of when the event would take place.

Almost 11 years after the events of 9/11, Jim Bakker claimed that God warned him about that tragedy. Guess he figured he needed to cash in on Boston now, because if he waited another decade, his $60,000,000 tax bill hanging over his head would only worsen. A percentage of all funds sent to the church of Jim Bakker goes to said bill prior to going to the church.

Jim Bakker, shame on you and you’ve done another bad bad thing.

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