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St. Malachy And The Prophecy Of The Popes

Author: Michael O'Brien
Special contributor: Aanica Guess
Lightning Striking the Basilica 

St. Malachy was the Irish Archbishop of Armagh in 1132.  As a saint, he was accredited with several miracles and was believed to hold profound psychic abilities.  Especially pertaining to the Vatican.  St. Malachy would go on to write down his visions whereby creating what is called, "The Prophecy of the Popes”.

From a dream, St. Malachy wrote his prophetic manuscript that consisted of a list of 112 illustrious pontiffs who would to go on to rule the Catholic Church until the end of time.  It goes on to list each pope’s importance to history and of course, predictions regarding each of him in short Latin diction.  These prophecies not only described each of the Roman Catholic popes to rise, but exposed the anti-popes as well.  St. Malachy noted these anti-popes began with Pope Celestine II and would conclude with the current Pope Benedict XVI's successor.

The abdicated pope [who is Pope Benedict XVI now] according to the Prophecy of the Popes is translated in short as "He will nominate a man who is described in the prophecy as "Peter the Roman”.  A pope whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome."

St. Malachy was proven accurate in his prophecies.  Credibility to that statement might be found in the arguments that were made that St. Malachy addressed only 111 popes in his visions.  This contention would have made Pope John Paul II's successor, Pope Benedict XVI the final pope, aka, "The Beast.”  So it is understandable that the Benedictines would have invented pope 112 to dissociate their order from the, "Peter the Roman.”  However, little has been offered to substantiate the 111-pope theory and most believe that there were indeed, originally 112.

Therefore, you ask, "What does all of this have to do with me?”  Well, let us discuss for a moment what happened the last time the Catholic Church ran amuck with absolute omnipotence.

First, there were Dark Ages where the Catholic Church slaughtered over 150,000,000 Christians for their beliefs, or lack thereof.  Forgive this contemptible comparison but realize Hitler killed 6,000,000.  An overwhelming difference of 144,000,000 deaths.

Second, the Inquisition.  A tribunal established in 1480 by primarily Catholic Monarchs.  It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy by any means and lasted over seven centuries.  While it was officially abolished in 1834, it is said that the deaths or executions told ranged from 2,250 to 9,000,000.  Quite a variance, I understand.  However, the hands of the Catholic Church committed what deaths that did occur then.  Interestingly enough, the office of the Inquisition continues today under the name “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."

What of the churches behavior towards the Knights Templar, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, Galileo, Joan of Arc, William Tyndale and during the Medieval Witch Hunts?  All of which were persecuted by the Catholic Church, if not tortured and executed for their beliefs.

Currently, the Catholic Church continues to deal with the constant shame of the rape and molestation of countless young boys.  What is worse, the fact that Catholic hierarchy insisted on covering up the allegations and secretively sending their Bishops to new communities with new victims.  My point is just how profoundly effective the Catholic Church was and continues to be in covering their atrocities for so many years.
Now we find ourselves preparing for a new pope to be named before Easter.  As I understand it, there are five front-runners for the position.  Ironically, three of which are Roman.

My guess would be either Cardinal Angelo Scola Archbishop of Milan or Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa, Italy will be chosen.  However, Cardinal Angelo Scola would be more in fitting with the prophecy of the Anti-Christ.  It is predicted that the anti-pope will win over the hearts and trust of the Muslim world in short time and then will corrupt it.  With that said, Scola is considered a top scholar on Islam and Muslim to Christian dialog.  In addition, that he is well prepared to deal with the challenges regarding Western secularism and materialism.  

Bagnasco is more along the lines of Pope Benedict's best friend as I understand it but he still had a fighting chance.

So, what would prompt a Catholic girl to write such an article?  It is simple really.  Just take a good look at the photos of lightening striking the top of the Vatican's St Peter's Basilica twice just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his confusing resignation.

While the majority made jokes about it, that incident spoke volumes to me.  It also begged to ask, "Is there any reality to St. Malachy's prophecy?”  "Is the Anti-Christ lurking in the shadows waiting to be announced and adored by millions?”  Better yet, could God have been unleashing the equivalent of, "Wake and realize!  Something wicked this way comes?"

I do not know but I am certain of this.  No newly elected pope in Rome in his right mind this year will choose to change his name to Peter.


Anonymous RDH said...

Did you see the documentary "Mea Maxima Culpa?"

THATS why this pope is retiring.

Anonymous said...

i should say first that im really proud of michael for posting a blog that absolutely nobody wants to believe in. i'm saying that because I read her blog several days ago & meant to post a comment but couldn't seem to write it down. i did pull up much info on the prophecy & saw where her views & facts were accurate & i think that's what disturbed me mostly. i think it might have disturbed a lot of other people to by the lack of comments here. who wants to believe that the anti christ is upon us? i can hardly think of anything more terrifying! what if she's right? & then you add how odd the pope's decision to resign is, with the lightening striking his basilica 2x's the same day he resigned...well both are even more disturbing for me. excellent article michael. terrifying but excellent.

eyeontheparanormal said...

I think the reason is due to the fallowing

1 all the bad teaching on "THE END TIMES"

2 very few churches ether no longer being up the subject or no longer think it is ever going to take place

3 the POPE as we call him has no spiritual authority what so ever

4 the refusal to deal with the matter of the sex scandal has taken away any moral high ground the church ever had

Anonymous said...

all very good points.

Anonymous said...

It's not that anyone is afraid to post in the article, they just dont believe what its about, nor do they want to make time to do the deeper research that is involved to understand the story and contribute substantiated statements.

Anonymous said...

Religious opinion battle is a tough one, better know what your talking about and have many years of it behind you. That's why the lack of comments exists.. simply put, it's over their heads

Unknown said...

In the end, all that matters is if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you have done so, doesn't matter if you die tomorrow or a decade from now, the day I die and manner of which I do matters not, all that matters if where I will be when I open my eyes after my passing - in the glorious presence of Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father.

All else is simply a distraction.

Michael OBrien said...

As I stated, when St. Malachy made his prediction about the 117th Pope, he referred to him as, "Petrus Romanus," or, "Peter The Roman."
Ironically there is currently a viable contender for Pope who very well may match his description.

His Eminence, Cardinal Tarcisco Pietro Evasio Bertone, Secretary Of State and Camerlengo of Romano Canavese, Italy. Now, in terms of controversial Cardinals, Bertone may indeed lead the pack.

For instance, Bertone has been widely criticized for his stance regarding pedophilia within the Catholic Church. Cardinal Bertone contends that any sexual abuse committed and admitted by priests should not be reported to the proper authorities but kept within the sanctity of the church. Furthermore, he blames the infiltration of homosexuality on the Roman Catholic Church as a direct result of the pedophilia, not the priests themselves

Additionally, Bertone is widely perceived by critics of the church as a flat out liar regarding many facts listed within his book. Bertone is also seen as quite the political troublemaker. In particular, it is claimed that he engaged in a systematic deception [cover up] along with Cardinal Ratzinger [currently Pope Benedict XVI] to cover-up the existence of a sacred document allegedly spoken by the Blessed Virgin Mary that many believe contains information about the Apocalypse. A sacred document that could potentially pertain to or even support St. Malachy's Prophecy Of The Popes.

Lastly, among his many prestigious appointments and accolades, [not mentioned in this response] Bertone is reported to be fluent in Italian, Polish, English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Each of these attributes are so coveted by the Roman Catholic Church that Vegas odds currently list Bertone at 5 to 1 odds as Pope XVII.

So why even bring Bertone up to begin with? Consider this.

Tarcisco PIETRO Evasio Bertone of ROMANO Canavese, Italy? PIETRO ROMANO?

PETRUS ROMANUS? [as per Malachy]

Currently, Bertone is the only Cardinal in contention for Pope that matches St. Malachy's doomsday prophecy.

Michael OBrien said...

Excuse my typo above. I meant the 112th Pope.

Anonymous said...

@ Frisbee, hopefully thats where you'll be when you "open your eyes" after passing ;)

Anonymous said...


How is the taxi driving business?

Anonymous said...

Aanica said...

@Michael (O'Brien) I just love this article more every time I read it, good job sissy!

Michael OBrien said...

Thank you cubby! I always do my best work with you at the helm!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous here.

Anonymous said...

mike, i don't know how you do it but you can always manage to make the strangest crap i never thought of fascinating. you can bet your ass when the new pope is announced i'll be back here to see if your predictions came true.


Michael OBrien said...

Here's some disturbing news.

His Eminence, Cardinal Tarcisco Pietro Evasio Bertone, Secretary Of State and Camerlengo of Romano Canavese, Italy, or "Peter The Roman" was just announced at 3:1 odds as the next Pope and not 5:1.