Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Issue 100 – God’s Gold & PRS Won’t Issue Refunds for Cancelled Events

By Kirby Robinson

GOD’S GOLD is a forthcoming book that will be published in time for Christmas 2013 by a major publisher. It contains what might be the most shocking of paranormal/spiritual experiences one could ever have. God’s Gold will be at a massive 400 pages and it’ll share my secret journey that I have been on, along with a workbook that will help the reader understand and apply the teachings that I alone have received from God, Jesus and spiritual beings whose names I can’t utter out loud, let alone write them down.

For the past year, whenever I close my eyes to sleep whether a short catnap or at night, my spirit has been whisked away to highest levels of the heavens above us. God and His spiritual partners have opened the curtains to wisdom that has been shared to only four [4] other beings throughout time. These teachings have been so intense and mind-blowing at times, that I’d scream out, “Pass this burden onto others for I can’t take it. Let someone wiser and braver than me carry this message out to the world.” Each time I was told that it had to be me bring the message to you. So I’ll do my best to be the messenger between God and you. These profound teachings will unlock powers you never knew you had. These teachings will lead you to discover the resting place for God’s Gold buried in the earth by God. And buried there just for you to find it.

While in the heavens, I encountered some of the most famous men and woman of science and the arts. World famous names. But I can’t reveal their names just yet. Because who they are and what they have to say will amaze every single reader, both young and old.

Also, time in the heavens is not the same as it is here on earth. During my many journeys, I could look down and see the earth of 2013, 2014 and beyond. You’ll learn of wars that will break out, natural disasters that will strike, who will die and why, forthcoming Super Bowl winners and much, much more. God’s Gold will not only change your life but the lives of all around you. Not only will your sprit grow but so will your bank account, as you uncover your pot of God’s Gold.

Workshops will be held in luxurious resorts, cruise ships, and convention centers around the world. A10-set DVD collection will be given to the first 1,000 attendees and then will go on sale to the public in 2014.

The above is a bunch of crap. Anyone that knows me would know I wouldn’t write such garbage. Unfortunately, such a book as God’s Gold would trick many suckers. Take the 12/21/12  debacle or what I like to call such things Paranormal Dud Events [PDE], referring to fake paranormal events, shows and even people who claim to have some sort of special power/s. A show that claims it will prove something paranormal and doesn’t, or some type of event that is predicted and promised -- but never occurs.

New age and nonfiction paranormal books are usually dressed up works of fiction. Often, the writer wants to be a guru or teacher and the only way to do so is to say that have special wisdom/knowledge that only they can teach. These events take place under the category of religion. A man or woman can claim to work for GOD yet they work only for the self. Sometimes a false religion and/or cult can stem from this.

There is a darker level to this kind of conduct. People claiming to have these experiences don’t get them from God, they come from darkness.

For the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at such false teachers. The three we’ll start with are:

Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life.”

Doreen Virtue [she claims to have a PhD but it’s from a paper mill]. She’s written many books on talking to angels [demons], goddesses [demons], some type of therapy with angels [demons]. OK, so let’s just say in her case she deals with FALLEN angels.

Susan Rushing. Her book is called “Suicide From the Other Side” and she claims to have “special knowledge from the dead” [demons].

In time I’ll put others to the test of what does God’s word have to say about their claims.


It seems that Ryan Buell and his management team are very upset with the exposure that they’re getting. It shows them as a bunch of cons refusing to give refunds, not paying their bills and, in a few cases, writing bad checks.

Instead of dealing with the facts, they take part in personal attacks well we at the EYE will soldier on exposing them. We’ll soldier on helping others do the same. And soldier on by sharing this very sad comment about their tactics:

Kirby, you are correct that anyone who questions PRS is immediately painted to have dishonorable motives without even bothering to consider the facts.

I’ve been made aware of certain postings made to the PRS website within the last couple of days concerning Susan Grace.  Those posts mention her by her full name and age.  Being a former member of the Refunds group she created and a personal friend of Susan’s, I can attest to several inaccuracies contained throughout the postings on the PRS forum concerning Susan and that group.  The most significant is that no one posted “personal information” about Ryan that is going to place him in any sort of danger. Moreover, I am not aware of any conduct by the part of any Refunds member – past or present – that would even remotely warrant the issuance of the restraining order posters are clamoring for. Finally, PRS’ representations that Susan is retarded and dangerous are totally unfounded.  The legitimacy of the Rip Off website itself was even called into question…

As if the discussion on the PRS forums wasn’t enough of a deflection from the real issues and facts, PRS also proceeded to send out emails to certain individuals demanding links to the report be removed from their personal facebook pages complete with threats to call the police (for what, I have no idea).  I want anyone reading this to ask themselves if that’s the way a legitimate business handles customer complaints.

Susan’s report is a factual, well-researched and fully documented narrative of her experience.  Where she chose to post it precisely is insignificant.  Additionally, a few complaints have been filed with law enforcement, Eventbrite, and local attorney generals’ offices.  If PRS is free of any wrongdoing, I’m sure these agencies will investigate the matter and find it to be so.  All businesses occasionally have to go through such an audit, which should only be cause for concern if there is misconduct present.  If PRS is only going to be shown to be an above board organization at the conclusion of these investigations, why would they fight having that proved?  Think about it.

Consistent with past practice, PRS has decided to respond to the customers’ concerns by bullying and attacking anyone who thinks that perhaps such matters should be looked into, threatening to make false, unfounded reports to the police, resorting to childish name-calling and casting a false light on motives, character and mental health.  I am all too personally familiar with these diversion tactics, which are designed only to illicit emotional hysteria (‘Susan’s dangerous; we need to protect Ryan; forget about the refunds’).  This is the smoke screen PRS lives behind to avoid addressing real problems.  I caution any reader of the comments posted by PRS on its forum against being romanced by such superfluous dramatics.

Had someone from PRS responded to Susan’s initially very cordial inquiries, I doubt things would have escalated to this point.  When people feel their voices are being heard, they have no cause to go digging around or to start aggressively pushing an issue.  Perhaps PRS will take this as a lesson to improve its system of communication with its patrons.  However, given my own experiences and the unbecoming attitudes being displayed on the PRS forum right now, I highly doubt PRS is ready to exercise that level professionalism.


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Michonne said...

Well I have to admit you had me going with the first part of the article, lol.. I thought wow Kirby has been keeping a big secret, God's Gold? Was relieved and amused at my own naive belief in what you were writing! See how easy to make up anything and have others believe (I would have figured it out)for me its the trust I have in you that even let me think for a minute "hmmm wow.. well he never mentioned that before" I can see how so many are led down the primrose path. Glad you're on the watch Kirby and I must admit I'm more than shocked at how depraved the PRS members are.
The fans on the other hand are no surprise... gullible puppets/stalkers/lost and probably lonely types looking for any attention... I have a feeling this is going to be bigger than Donna Lacroix's faked cancer stunt (covered by a while back)

Great article, looking forward to much more.. :D

Anonymous said...

#59 Consumer Comment
We Can Help!
AUTHOR: Dude, Where''s My Refund - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Saturday, January 12, 2013
Ladies & Gentlemen:

We represent the interests of a group of individuals who are seeking refunds from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS). We are currently in contact with a police detective who is diligently investigating these cases. The detective would like to have the opportunity to interview those individuals who feel they are owed a refund from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) for events, classes, merchandise, or for any other reason.

If you are interested in giving your statement (and potentially getting your money back) please provide us with your full name, address, and telephone number at Please include in your email a description of the item or service you believe you are owed a refund for and the dollar amount you are owed. We will promptly pass your information to the police, who may follow up with you directly.

We thank you in advance for aiding our cause and for standing up for yourself and what is right.

A Consumer Advocacy Group