Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Issue 99 – The Paranormal “Man” of the Year is…

By Kirby Robinson

For us to award this honor a person must do something that sets them apart from everyone else in the paranormal field. Their actions must cause the average person in the paranormal to stop and say, What a Guy or Gal!

Unfortunately, this year’s winner actions did not add anything to anyone’s life, change the world, or bring anything new to the old paranormal table. This person’s actions showed the ego is alive and well. This person’s action showed that even a moron can call themselves a paranormal investigator/demonologist. This person’s actions showed no signs of love and compassion that we so need right now after the outright slaughter of 28 human beings--20 of them young children.

There will be 20 sets of gifts that will go unopened this Christmas. 20 bikes that will go unridden, 20 dolls not played with, and 20 teddy bears that will go unheld.

A few hours after blood was shed and lives forever altered, one person wanted to go into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and do an investigation. That person is the winner of the Eye on the Paranormal’s “Man” of the Year award. His name is Kurt W. Kesler.

On Friday, as the nation was shedding tears over the loss, it seems that the paranormal fame train whistle was blowing loudly as Kurt posted on Facebook a desire to go ghost hunting in the state of Connecticut. Common sense was shown as people became outraged that such an action was even being tossed around. Kurt removed the thread and thought it would fade away. Someone posted that since it’s no longer there you have no proof it ever happened. Well, we say thanks for screen shots and thank you Worst Paranormal for sharing it.

Here’s a link to the thread. Scroll down the page for the entire multi page thread:

Now it would have been bad enough if this is the place the story ends but it does not

Just like Chip Coffey, Mr. Kesler wants to exploit Ground Zero to further his career. He has tried repeatedly to conduct a ghost hunt on it, as he desires to release a DVD of it for profit. Did he intend to share money earned from it go to the families? In Mr. Coffey’s case, he went to Ground Zero with a client and a reporter in tow to contact the lost loved one. Since then he’s never failed to mention this tasteless action in his media information kit.

The final insult comes from the fact that the school board who oversees the schools in Newtown, CT started to reactive requests form a ghost hunter who claimed to be a paranormal investigator/demonologist wanting to have access as soon as possible to conduct an investigation in Sandy Hook.

As much as we’d like to lay all the blame on our winner’s doorstep, we can’t. On Bishop Long’s Facebook page, he asked if there was any place off limits when it comes to doing an investigation? Most people who responded thought it was okay as ghost hunters had a right to investigate any haunted site at any time.

 A few years ago, SCIFAKE caught a para-celeb selling tickets to ghost hunts at public cemeteries without the owner’s permission. During visiting hours, visitors who were paying respect to lost loved ones saw ghost hunters walking across graves talking loudly. The promoter even gave the finger to those at the cemetery.

Additionally, Mr. Kesler has a book out about demonology. If you’re a demonologist you have to have a book. This isn’t a bad idea. At least the reader, if they have any basic knowledge of the subject, can kind of determine the amount of knowledge the author has about the subject. In the case of Mr. Kesler’s book, Demonology 101, within the first few pages he shows no wisdom on the subject, as he knows nothing of Christian theology or where demons come from.

So we can only hope that Mr. Kesler keeps up the good work as the poster boy for what is bad paranormal behavior.

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Count Malachi said...

The douche-bag Scifake exposed holding "Fan Days" in Chicago area cemeteries was a little worm named Brandon Kreitzer. He claimed he had "fans" after having a team together for half a year and now he claims to be a "para-celeb" because he put together a crappy, sputtering internet TV network LOL

KWKESLER said...

@ Count..... WTH are you talking about?

Count Malachi said...

Quote "EyeOnThePareanormal" (from the article)

"A few years ago, SCIFAKE caught a para-celeb selling tickets to ghost hunts at public cemeteries without the owner’s permission. During visiting hours, visitors who were paying respect to lost loved ones saw ghost hunters walking across graves talking loudly. The promoter even gave the finger to those at the cemetery."


Not talking about you there Sir Douche, you really need to enhance those basic reading comprehension skills, they are as lacking as your better judgement. Yes Scifake and it's crew have been at this LONG before you clicked on basic cable and decided to become a "paranormal investigator" and a "demonoligist".

BTW where exactly were you "ordained"? Online perhaps? Universal Church maybe? hmmmmmmmm?

Am I to understand this unmitigated jack-ass actually sent a letter to the school the next day requesting access to do an investigation?

KWKESLER said...

No actually I have been ordained through other sources. And as for the para-reality shows, I am against them to a degree as though they have brought a pleathora of people who are interested in inveastigations, it has lead to a lot of people watching those shows and not really knowing what goes on during an investigation.

As for my own douchebaggery, this and some other articles are biased, as I never stated anything about making money off of the now past project. the data collected is between myself and a few of the parents, and I gave up my media rights to the data because writing a book, making a dvd was never in my mindset. Though that rumor was spurred on by a bunch of "volunteers" who wanted to be apart of the investigation of the school. However after noticing that some were actually either not that well experienced and or seriously showed direct signs to myself and a few others that they had hoped to make money off of said project.

However in my defense I can also honestly state that there was a few people who had already made contact with the school and parents in hopes of doing a "live broadcast" from the school. Reguardless they were rejected, and I was given the green light.

eyeontheparanormal said...

and Jesus wept

KWKESLER said...

Kirby, Jesus wept for the innocents that were lost that day, not for my actions. Maybe for the other para-investigators who contacted the people involved with hopes of doing a 2 hour live broadcast.... but not for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just re-read this. Kesler never stated that he was doing this to release a DVD of it. Let alone he has kept the investigation quiet and claims that all data was given to relatives. I think maybe you guys were a bit easy with the flames. No wonder people are calling Tebo and Kirby the laughing stock of the para-community. LOL apparently no one can do anything and get some fame if those two can't as well.