Sunday, December 9, 2012

Issue 98 – No More Christian Christmas!

By Kirby Robinson

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It May Not Feel Like Christmas Much Longer

If anyone has their eyes open spiritually by the blood of Jesus Christ, they have noticed a war on Christmas by the anti Christian movement. Under the guise of so-called cultural sensitivity or religious open-mindedness, the good old ACLU is trying to remove Christ and God from the season -- and it seems they’re winning.

To me this is more proof that the foundation for the end times is being poured. Because the element of a loving God and His Son who died for us to be healed and freed from death has to be off the stage for this to happen.

In Rhode Island, the governor states that no one should call the Christmas tree in the state capital a Christmas tree…it’s to be called a holiday tree. Now we all know that the Christmas tree has nothing to do with the birth of Christ and a true celebration of His birth. In reality, some would point out that the pine tree is really a symbol of a fertility god, NOT the one true God. But it’s just one more step in the war to remove Christmas from the public’s mind.

In Georgia, a group of students has had a yearly Christmas tree sale as a fundraising event, but this year they’ve been banned from doing so. None of the groups that worked in stopping the sale ever mentioned giving money to the student group to make up the loss. I guess it’s more important to make a political statement than help students.

Years ago that bastion of conservative Christian values, Walmart, put profit over God when they advised the sales clerks to say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. I’m always amazed by this as there is only one holiday that matters. New year is a manmade event, and as the hair grows even more gray I can’t figure the point of this one. Just as His Holiness the Dalia Lama states “same problems, different day.”

For the past 60 years, in Santa Monica, CA, there has been a Christmas display made up of scenes of the story of the birth of Christ. It’s has been presented by various local churches who bid on the open spots. Last year, the anti-God groups got together and outbid most of the local churches. They put together a group of vile displays mocking God. This year there is no display at all.

Until recently, a person could turn on the radio and hear “the best in Christmas hits.” But it has changed to “holiday hits.” Soon, you’ll tune in and hear such classics as:

“I’m Dreaming of a White Holiday.”
“I Heard the Bells on Holiday”
“Blue Holiday”
“Oh Holiday Tree”

I hate making predictions but in this case, I will. In ten years, finding any reference to the reason for the season will not happen. When a child asks a parent about why there’s Christmas, the response will not be the story of the birth of Christ, it will be “no other reason. Just to get gifts, eat, drink, and have fun.” All the while, a tear runs down Jesus’ face.

Things That Make Me SAY WHAT?

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