Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Issue 97 – Special Paranormal News Wednesday

By Kirby Robinson

My Eye on the Paranormal blog will be coming out sometime this weekend, but I had to include some interesting news.

We offer the truth not only in eBook format, but as a paperback. Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s ‘I Am Six’ Case is now available as a print edition and can be found in the books section at Amazon:
Never Mock God

Michael Frisbee’s The Paranormal Christian Radio Show – Saturday 12/8

This might be the most eye-opening and controversial paranormal program ever!

I’ll be joining Michael for a special edition of his Saturday night radio program during which we’ll be tackle some of the most controversial issues within the paranormal field.

We’ve issued an open letter to Chip Coffey, Ryan Buell, and Lara M to appear and explain things away, which would lead to the removal of the book from the market, and a public apology. To date, we have received no reply from any of them.

So tune in and get informed, but also angered, that not only did they mock God [and continue to do so] but they mock the hard work of the honest and genuine investigators within the paranormal field. They mock the hard work of men and woman of the cloth who combat the demonic every single day without the limelight.

4 Paranormal Headline News Stories

Whatever you do, please don’t get buried in Germany!

Even in England, they see the end coming!

Rock & Roll & Satanism -- Say it Ain’t So!

Are You a Fast Food Cult Member?

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