Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Issue 95 – The December 21, 2012 Countdown Begins

By Kirby Robinson

Michael Frisbee’s The Paranormal Christian Radio Show – Saturday, 12/8

This might be the most controversial radio show about the paranormal you’ll ever hear as the topics that will be covered are ones that no one else will discuss.

We have sent an open letter to Chip Coffey, Ryan Buell and Lara M to appear on the show to take part in the discussion. As I stated in the letter, if all of my concerns that appear in the book Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s ‘I Am Six’ Case, the book will be unpublished and a public apology will be issued.

December 2, 2012: The Countdown Begins

We are in the final days of the madness over 12/21/21 and it can’t come too soon. I have publicly stated over and over that:

1 The world will not end on that day or on any day anytime soon. If you’re a Christian you know that there is a clear blueprint for the events leading up to and including the End Times and Christ’s return to begin his 1,000-year-long reign.

2 There won’t be any huge shift in collective human consciousness as some fake new agers are teaching. Peace will not engulf the planet, and poverty and hunger will not end. Sadly, due to the war of angels and the fall of Adam/ this is impossible until the return of Christ.

3 Christ will not be returning that day.

What so many false teachers both within the Christian and new age realms fail to realize is that GOD LAID OUT THE PLANS FOR THE END TIMES thousands and thousands of years ago.

People often bring up the issue that the Bible states that once Israel becomes a nation again that not one generation will pass before Christ returns. Note: we are approaching the 70-year mark—which is more than one generation.

My response is always this:

Look at a map of Israel in her glory days and then look at a map of Israel today. It’s a mere shadow of what she was in those days. When God decides to create or recreate something, does he go for the stripped down model or the deluxe model? In my opinion, when you see Israel state the way she was  with no West Bank or Gaza City and a whole city of Jerusalem with a Temple Mount free of any other religions temples on her, then the clock will start ticking.

My greatest fear is that the forces behind the 12/21/12 hoax, the masters of lies and deceptions main focus is to discourage faith. What will be the common cry on 12/22/12?

“I wasted all my time and money on those DVDs and books and for what? Nothing. We can’t trust anyone when they come talking about the End Times.”

It was not the hand of God that created that calendar--it was the lesser gods and the prince of demons who knew just what man would do. They knew that false teachers would milk this for all it’s worth.

A few years ago, I asked the question what would these false teachers do on 12/22?

Would they refund all the money they made on the false event teachings? Will they apologize for being wrong?

 Or would they begin work on the next day for the world to end? Will they be overshadowed by the appearance of the Antichrist and his two buddies the false prophet and the beast?

Prior to any countdown to the end of the world can start there must be the Antichrist in a position of power. No our current President is not the Antichrist.

The moment you bring up the subject of the Antichrist you’re bombarded by the wacky new world disorder people, and those who have read and reread the Left Behind series. 1-5 in a boxed set to get you started. So many times, they forget that it’s a work of fiction by many different writers. If you have had a chance to read the series [I have] they are done by more than the two credited writers, which is not that uncommon. In addition, not everyone agrees with their take on the events of the End Times, but that is their perspective and they have a right to it. However, if you do read one or more of the books, please keep in mind that it is simply the authors’ perspective.

The new world order /disorder claim that the Antichrist will lead the next new world order. It’s also called the Fourth Reich, as it’s what the Antichrist represents. Those people fail to realize that as bad as Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Hussein, Pol Pot, the North Korean leaders, etc., rolled into one would be the Antichrist  No, it’s actually 100 times worse. Because the Antichrist needs no help as everything he will do and become will be aided by more demons than you can ever imagine.

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