Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Issue 92 – Christians Can't Speak Their Minds + New Book Due Out November 1

By Kirby Robinson

Out of respect for the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, we've held up the release until now. Here is the official description:

"Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State's 'I Am Six' Case" examines a paranormal reality TV show from all angles.

Paranormal State's "I Am Six" episode is a perfect American horror tale -- for all the wrong reasons. It stars the ambitious founder of the Paranormal Research Society, an attention-seeking client, a bumbling group of paranormal investigators, a psychic-medium in search of ratings, and a rogue exorcist.

Paranormal State featured PRS director and founder Ryan Buell in a docu-drama, which ran on the A&E network from 2007 to 2011. It followed Ryan and his ghost hunting crew around the United States as they hunted paranormal phenomena, ghosts, and confronted demons. Merging the documentary and drama segments, the viewer was fooled into believing it was a straightforward documentary. The cast included [mostly] Penn State graduates with varying specialties and the telephone psychic-medium Chip Coffey. Reverend Andrew Calder appeared as the go-to exorcist in two episodes.

Paranormal State's most controversial case featured Lara, a 26-year-old woman from Quincy, Illinois who is allegedly possessed by a demon called Six. The show airs a 60-minute episode just before Halloween 2008, and the nation watches as Reverend Calder performs an exorcism that fails. The following year, PRS returns with demonologist Lorraine Warren of Amityville horror fame, Chip Coffey, Father Bob Bailey, and ghost hunter/documentary filmmaker Chad Calek.

Kirby Robinson and his team of investigators dig into both "I Am Six" and "The Possession: Return of Six" cases and discover the deceptions, misrepresentations, shoddy investigative work, and an outright impersonation by someone in a key role. By the end of this fast-paced but thorough book, the author proves that the paranormal doesn't mix with the theological.

Robinson and his team travel to Quincy to interview neighbors and tour Lara's now-former home. They verify facts and dispel falsehoods. Both episodes are broken down scene-by-scene to prove it was staged. PRS overlooked medical and psychological conditions in order to capture a dramatic exorcism on film. According to the Catholic Church and their rules of determining demonic possession, no one involved in the "I Am Six" case ever found actual proof. An unedited piece of tape shows PRS isn't dealing with a case of demonic possession but one of media attention.

A key player in the "I Am Six" case reveals a secret that will shock the reader. "Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State's 'I Am Six' Case" is filled with coherent documentation, humor and insight.

This eBook is available at Amazon, B&N Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords

Christians Speaking Their Mind in the Paranormal Community Will Feel the Wrath

It seems the patience and the understanding level for non-Christians in the paranormal field is plummeting. Christians in the paranormal field who dare to speak face the wrath of the nonbelievers. In the past, other bloggers, including me, discussed the faked and staged show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, and the impact it has on the mental health of children. Recently, someone left this "kind" comment:

"People do not believe in psychic kids but do believe in an invisible man in the sky who no one has heard from for thousands of years. yeah, makes perfect sense. Idiots!"

October 27, 2012 – Anonymous – Comment left on this blog posted back in January.

To summarize, it's easy to accept a psychic kid but forget about Christ?!

They couldn't even get their facts right. Let's break it down.

The show produced no proof whatsoever that psychic kids are real. No one outside of the show ever worked with the kids to determine if they had any psychic ability.  I'd like to direct people to a great eBook that addresses a few things about Chip and those kids…

I don't know who C.C. Starbuck is, but they did a fine job in refuting anything to do with the show and raised lots of questions about Mr. Coffey's claims.  

As to no one seeing this man in the sky that goes by the name of Jesus Christ --millions if not billions, see Him every day when they close their eyes and pray. The same number hears from Him during prayers and in times of need.

What people fear is that Our Savior is real and you never have to pay for His help. Psychics and new age teachers do nothing without pay. They fear that He can cast out demons. Most fake demonologists and demon hunters seek fame and money and look for cases to fill the pages of their next Publish America book.

They fear He has a message that's filled with the Good Word, not the hollow words that fake psychics and false new age teachers have to offer.

They fear that Christ can reach into a spirit word and bring the dead to life as they have yet to understand what the word DEATH really means.

Last week one of our bloggers, Lisa Grace, wrote a wonderful blog [] stating her view that people who claim to talk to the dead are fakes. As a Christian, she has a legal right to do so [for now]. Those that follow the new age view of the paranormal have the opinion that those who die sit around and wait for someone to go ghost hunting or pay a medium money to talk to a dead loved one. Engaging in a “spirited debate” that both sides might learn from the following comment was made:

"@eyeonparanormal I'm sorry but this article just shows how truly uneducated some people are."

It's always nice to see people who think they are so smart they have a right to call others dumb. Yet they don't bother to think that after all the research and data gathered by the paranormal community, that they have yet to prove the dead stay around and talk to us.

Here is my challenge to these folks who think they are totally right, and we who question the status quo in the paranormal field are wrong. Here is a simple test. If the dead truly know anything, what book do I always keep on my desk? Send me the title in the comment section of this blog. [A response “the bible” will not work, as that’s too obvious]. If you can do that, I will stop blogging about how the dead are not hanging around you and yours.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Kirby you idiot, prove psychic kids was staged or faked, all you do is make claims with no support. You are like Hitler with all your propaganda. Loser!

Anonymous said...

lMFAO! You're so right. Butbdont waste your energy on thos illiterate gutter snipe

Anonymous said...

By the way.... i am the one who made the comment about "the invisible man in the sky" and as usual, your comprehension skills failed and u totally miainterpreted what I said.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I just finished watching the second part of the Six episode (the one where they go back) and my impression at the end is that they thought the girl was somehow in control of what was happening. Like it was a security blanket.

That was the general impression I got. I never really know what to make of these things when they are put on television. I think the majority of people watch them with a grain of salt.

Ron said...

I bet Kirby is jealous that others have more psychic gifts then he does. He feels threatened by teenagers. LMFAO!

Todd said...

Kirby is still beating a dead horse. Man, be original for once.

Anonymous said...

Would you get over it already . . . God you are such a loser and God knows it.

Aanica said...

Anonymous cowards as usual who cannot think for themselves... yawn-

Kirby, I know who hard you work and I know this is going to blow the paranormal up gossip world up!

At least you're not afraid to tell the truth (too) ;)

Love it <3

Anonymous said...

This article is presently what did you say? I need, thank you.

Anonymous said...


Loser as well !

Aanica said...

Yea, a "loser" that is drop dead gorgeous and helps run one of the most devastating and successful web sites on the internet Hahaha!(eat your heart out)

I'd invite you to stop by sometime @ BUT that would take something you dont have.. courage and intelligence... heh heh

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