Friday, January 13, 2012

The Paranormal Christian - Apologies To The Readers

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

My apologies to the readers of this blog and to Kirby. This week I was overwhelmed with my expanded job duties, a number of cases I am consulting on, and starting my new college path - so I was unable to prepare a blog article this week. My intent was to post a brief regarding the Pleiadian conspiracy, and the demonic who are using this fa├žade to deceive believers of the Pleiadians to undercut the Truth God presents in His Word.

This was to lead up to our show tomorrow evening on which we will be featuring Dr. Fred DeRuvo, author of Demons in Disguise and Nephilim Nightmare, books that expose the truth behind the Pleiadian Deception. I hope you will join us at and listen in at 7 PM EST on Saturday, January 14th.

However for this week, I will have to simply apologize to you and seek your forgiveness. I will pick things up next week, when I will do a piece on Freemasonry, another cult practice hiding behind good works and the semblance of Christian beliefs. When you dig deeper, and higher, you find the true “God” behind their organization and “religion”. Many would question how this relates to the “paranormal”. It’s simple – the truth behind Freemasonry is that of a demonic doctrine, contrived by a demonic host, and thus supernatural in origin. Supernatural and paranormal walk hand in hand.

I’m sure there will be many calling for my head and claiming blasphemy, I ask you to keep an open mind and read through my article next week, and I will point you to a number of resources to follow up your research and understanding of what I have presented you.

Until then, God bless each and every one of you, enjoy your weekend, and we will see you on the show tomorrow.


Aanica said...

You can bet I will be there Pastor Frisbee.. :)

Miranda said...

Hmmm, How suspicious. Every time the History Channel or Science channel airs a new topic, suddenly, the good pastor, and others, seem to become experts on the very same subject.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Miranda - we had this episode planned for a few weeks, and I'm not a big watcher of the History Channel, due to their political and anti-Christian slant in programming, and I prefer SyFy over the Science channel.

If you had listened to our show the week before, you would have understood our reason for following up this week with the Pleiadians.

BTW - I don't claim to be an expert on it, however, I have read up quite a bit on them over the years, since they are one of the cult beliefs gaining many followers, and their doctrine is very much sourced in the demonic.

That's why I brought on Dr. Fred DeRuvo, who has written three total books on this phenomena, and if you had listened to the show last night, would have learned something, rather than making snide and baseless comments.

Lizzy said...

@ Miranda

Good point! Amazing how some people can't think for themselves and see what is painfully obvious.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Lizzy - you must be like Amanda - calling others clueless, while being painfully clueless yourself.

We had this scheduled and on our site since mid December, so no - we weren't getting our ideas from those channels, that we don't even watch.

Aanica said...

LOL! Pastor Frisbee, seems they are desperate and transparent at the same time!

Biff said...

Miranda what exact show would he be copying ?

Can you tell us?

Was it the History channel or The Science channel and unless you provide an exact show name, it would appear that you don't know what your talking about and are just trolling the good Pastor!