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Issue 57 – 'God Leads, I Follow' & the Paranormal State Sex Scandal

By Kirby Robinson

My #1 rule is that GOD is the boss of all things. He leads, I follow. God knows more than I ever will. He has more insight then I can ever hope for. His love and compassion flows more deeply than mine ever will. That being said, for the past several months I've been exposing the fakes, frauds, tricksters and deceivers associated with Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. But it's time to let go of this for now. Beginning next week I'll begin a new series entitled DELIVERANCE FROM DEMONS: NOT THE END -- ONLY THE BEGINNING. I'm being led by God to do this. I'm seeing that way too much attention is being paid to the deliverance/exorcism, and the aftercare is being ignored. Aftercare is what takes place with that family after you close the door. This harsh truth isn't as glorious and dramatic as what we see in the movies and on TV, but aftercare is essential. Because it's not over, the path to healing is just beginning.


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We've known about this story for quite some time. Our source who fed us the information concerning Season 5 gave us the heads up about it last year. Apparently, this information was being whispered about during filming but we guess when your eyes are on the green you don't see anything else.

We won't go into detail about it here and we only mention it briefly in our forthcoming book, Paranormal State Exposed. We say GOOD JOB to Ryan for breaking ties with Father Jim, Lorraine Warren, Tony Spera and the New England Society for Psychic Research [N.E.S.P.R.].

Does it go far enough? Sadly, it doesn't. On the surface it shows that Ryan Buell and PRS appear to be doing the right thing. But let's delve a little deeper.

1 Unless you visit the PRS forum and see the thread you'd have no idea this took place. You could watch the episodes of season 5 and think everything is cool and Father Jim is totally legit. So why is this sex scandal such a huge problem? Because you must have spiritual authority to remove negative spirits/demons. The only person that had that was Father Jim. But you can't be a priest in name only. If you're in a state of sin you don't have any spiritual authority. Will they be removing those three episodes? Will they inform the viewers of the problem? Will they return to the clients' homes and clean up the mess left behind by Father Jim?

2 When we exposed the misdeeds of the team and the para-celebrities featured in season 2's episode, "The Messenger", their defense to many of the deceptions was “we talked about them and that makes it okay." Actually, it doesn't. Why hasn't PRS gone more public with this scandal by contacting the church, other paranormal groups, etc .?

3 What about Lorraine, Tony and N.E.S.P.R.? They have been featured on numerous episodes – many of them awash in deception. If they would help cover up such things, is it a leap to think they would be deceptive about other things? So we have to ask if PRS will remove their episodes?

Here is the link to the thread

If PRS removes this thread we'll publish it as we have screen shots of everything and will be monitoring their site.


It seems as though some of our special contributors have upset our reading audience. We've been contacted about why do you have this or that person post on this blog? By allowing these people to post blogs, you're endorsing them and their services.

When we started the Eye on the Paranormal we tried posting more than one blog per week. But we just didn't have the time, and there are so many topics we would never have the time to write about. So we decided to ask for anyone that wanted to blog about the paranormal to contact us. We didn't ask for any I.D. or background checks, etc. We wanted people to post about whatever type of paranormal subject they felt like. Turns out that you open yourself up to attack by our detractors and the fake para-celebs we expose.

We have a wide range of people posting here but I guess I have to say this: we don't endorse the services of anyone who posts here. If you want recommendations contact me directly.

As to allegations towards one of our posters, I will deal with that in the near future.

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Anonymous said...



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Posted 4 weeks ago

Exactly my point. Being gay is not the issue. Being a public figure (he was on our TV show for cryin' out loud), being close to even bigger public figures (all members of "Paranormal State," including myself and Lorraine who vouched for him and supported him), representing yourself as a spiritual guide and mentor, then being very indiscreet and inappropriate online with what appear to be young adult men in a sexually graphic tone is a concern.

And again, I will state that this matter was brought to the attention to certain leaders of NESPR on more than one occasion and instead of acting on it and understanding that no person should behave this way online (let alone a public figure who happens to be a priest), they attacked, accused and berated those who reported it to them. I was one of those people who was attacked for simply trying to report the facts. There clearly was no concern for the repercussions that could/can occur to all of us for being associated with someone who made these graphic and public actions. Again, PUBLIC actions. This is what angers me the most. And the direct lies we were told to gloss this over.

That is why we have lost the respect the leaders of NESPR. Again, we do not hold Lorraine Warren accountable as she was unaware of these posts.

As many of you know, I am bisexual, and I heavily disagree with the Church's stance that being gay is a sin (or if you want to get technical, acting upon homosexuality is a sin). This is NOT about sexuality. This is about public conduct and trying to uphold a moral code in a public forum when so many fans (millions to be exact) look to us. If you're Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, that's one thing. If you're a priest going in to people's houses and trying to morally counsel them and remove alleged dark spirits, yet all the while being very inappropriate online to young men for the entire world to see, well, we have a problem with that. If it was kept secret, then there wouldn't be this problem. Then it's a private matter and no one's business, just as most people's sex lives are.

I myself have made mistakes and had to pay the price. I supported the legalization of marijuana and many parents felt that that was offensive and inappropriate for children to see. Sadly, the stakes and repercussions are much higher for those who are in the "limelight." We have chosen to spread light and help people. Therefore, we have a moral obligation that is of a higher standard than others. I'm not saying I'm a saint, trust me. But this most certainly has the potential to cause problems and doubt in our abilities and work with clients.

It is my hope that Jim takes down all public activity as he already did with the Twitter. However, the lies and excuses given were too much to bear. I do hope this heals and goes away, and I most certainly hope this does not cause any harm to Lorraine. But I cannot respect a man who not only disregarded the respect and reputations of those around him, but also lied, attacked and attempted to discredit those who discovered these posts and tried to report it just to protect his ass. I'm so tempted not to judge, as I am not perfect, but I hope this man grows up and owns up to his mistakes and tries to atone for it, rather than just hoping it magically goes away and people forget about it. In my book, he does not currently deserve the title of "priest" or "father." He is a man who would rather protect his own ass than own up to his actions. And in my book, that makes him a coward.

I just wanted you to read this,Lorraine Warren had nothing to with this,and Ryan loves her deeply.Thankyou Kirby Sincerly Shawnann Dunkin

eyeontheparanormal said...

Reasons why Ryan Buell and Lorraine Warren are joined at the hip:

1 Ryan has copied Lorraine's marketing style to become well-known. Lorraine has taken part in some of the biggest paranormal scams ever since the 1970s.

2 If you recall from our book PARANORMAL REALITY: INVESTIGATING PARANORMAL STATE, Lorraine appeared in the first totally deceptive episode: THE NAME. If he cut ties to her it's possible she could out him about the deceptions.

3 Yes, Lorraine was involved due to the fact she has made no public statement about Father Jim and those who took part in the cover up.

4 She hasn't cut ties with any of them.

5 She hasn't passed on the information to both church authorities and legal authorities.

6 Lorraine's master psychic gift must be failing her. Why didn't she know about this?

7 If Father Jim had contact with males under the age of 18, which some are alleging, why haven't Lorraine and/or Ryan contacted the proper authorities?