Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beyond the Edge Goes Over the Edge

By Kirby Robinson

A man goes into a shop to get a psychic reading.

When they sit down to start the reading the man pokes the psychic in the eye.

"Why did you do that?" Cried the psychic.

"Well, if you were psychic you'd have seen it coming!"

I saw this coming, a long way off but I saw it …

I was supposed to be a guest on Beyond the Edge Radio featured on the Paranormal Planet this Sunday from 8 to 10 PM. This radio show is hosted by Eric Altman and Lon Strickler. It seems they are more interested in keeping the fake para-celebs, con artists and paranormal predators happy than in delving into the truth.
Nor are they interested in taking part in a discussion/debate. Like all the other fakers they just want to stamp out any voices that disagree with their views and the views held by the para-fakers.

So let us start from the beginning. When we first published "Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State" in February 2011, we sent out press releases to many radio shows. We sent one to Beyond the Edge radio which read:

A&E's Paranormal State claimed it was a paranormal reality TV show that dared to go beyond what Ghost Hunters and other paranormal TV shows explored!

"Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State" by Kirby Robinson and Lisa Maliga is the first book to take a candid and critical look behind the scenes of the A&E program, Paranormal State. This show featured members of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society led by Ryan Buell and a cast of para-celebrities such as Michelle Belanger, Chip Coffey, CJ Sellers, Lorraine Warren, and Chad Calek.

This book uncovers secrets about what went on behind the scenes, and it answers questions about the show's validity. In almost every single episode the reader may find one or more of the following: staged scenes, planted or falsified evidence, fake exorcisms, and crew members masquerading as experts. We learn of clients who were ridiculed, and those who were promised help but were left with more problems.  

The authors scrutinize Ryan Buell's book, "Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown" co-written with Stefan Petrucha. They uncover discrepancies when it comes to what really went on during the filming relying on hours of extensive video analysis and candid interviews with confidential informants who were on the set during filming. Current and former members of PRS, para-celebrities, paranormal investigators, and clients featured on the show have also been interviewed.

"Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State" will reveal a side of the show that viewers weren't ever intended to see.

Steve Hembree of Claranormal [Claremont Paranormal] reviewed this ebook on Amazon. He writes, "The authors do a masterful job of breaking the television show Paranormal State down show by show, segment by segment, scene by scene, revealing that which almost everybody misses consciously. Amazing." 

Kirby Robinson has been involved in the paranormal field for over 25 years. Much of his time is spent helping people deal with demonic hauntings. Kirby has performed numerous house blessings and exorcisms.

Lisa Maliga has published four novels and a short story collection. She has written a wide variety of articles ranging from Buddhism to celebrities to pet care and web design. Specializing in aromatherapy and soap making, she is writing a book about handcrafted bath & body products.
This innovative e-book is available on Kindle, Smashwords and Nook.

By reading this press release you should get a clear idea of what the book is about. If you invite someone onto your show [and if you caught my interviews done on many shows like Paradacity, Dave Schrader's Darkness on the Edge of Town, Grand Dark Conspiracy, etc. you'd know that I'm very cordial and non-combative on the matter]. So we can assume that Eric neither reads with comprehension nor listens to anyone other than para-fakers and his own ego.

Last month we received this email from Eric:

Hello Kirby, 
Going through our files of guests for the program, I was re-reading your email and would be interested in having you on our show to talk about your book and your experiences with Paranormal State.  We have open dates in January and the end of February if you are interested.  I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner, our guest list has been quite extensive and going through emails I realized I did not respond to you in a more appropriate fasion.  My co-host Lon Strickler and I would enjoy having you on and if you are still interested and willing, our open dates are January 22 and 29th and February 26.  Please let me know if any of these dates would work for you.  The interview would run from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm eastern time.  Thank you again for writing and I look forward to hearing back from you. 
Eric Altman Beyond The Edge Radio

He claims to have read the press release, he knew our position and who we talked about in the book, yet he invited me anyway. So, I accepted. The truth needs to get out there and we have a new book coming out on January 30, "Paranormal State Exposed." This book deals with more deceptions and the issue of a possible pedophile being featured in season 5.

But that little voice kept telling me there would be no show.



Well, if you're a psychic you'd know!

Last Thursday and Friday, I sent out invites on Face Book to the show. I took some time to listen to a past show to get to know the hosts and get a feel for the show. Eric stated that I was going to be on and talk about what went behind the scenes, secrets we uncovered, etc. We'd be talking about the para-celebs featured on the show. Below is a list of people that I would have talked about: the fakers and real deals:

Ryan Buell - Fake
PRS Team - Fake
Chip Coffey – Fake
Chad Calek – Fake
Christopher Moon - Fake
Lorraine Warren – Fake
Tony Spera – Fake
Michelle Belanger – Fake
The Constantinos – Fake
CJ Sellers – Fake
Father Jim - Fake
Ken Arrington - Fake

John Tenney – Real Deal
Adam Blai – Real Deal
Keith Johnson - Real Deal
Sandra Johnson - Real Deal
Shannon Sylvia – Real Deal
Father Bob Bailey – Real Deal
Father Andrew Calder – Real Deal

Over the past few days we'd received the usual threats and warnings about watching our step etc., concerning Beyond the Edge.

On Wednesday, Eric sent me a request for a photo, bio etc., which I happily sent. But that little voice said no show Sunday -- you can work your current case that night.

On Friday night we got this email from Eric:

Hello Kirby, 
Due to circumstances that were brought to my attention today and the high number of emails I have receieved today, I have decided to cancel the interview that was scheduled with you on Sunday night.    This is in regards to postings that were made on various blogs and websites attacking numerous individuals in the paranormal community.  My show is not about that, and I do not want any involvement or associations with such forums.  I know many of the people that have been attacked by the forums, blogs and websites and do not want our show associated in any type of attacks on any one in the paranormal field.  So out of respect for friends who contacted me privately, I am cancelling our interview for Sunday night.  Regards,
Eric Altman 

If Eric had the guts to say what he should have said it, would read like this:

Duh! I learned you’re the one behind the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. You posted on Ron Tebo's SCIFAKE about all the fake para-celebs who are my pals and all the scams they do. I got emails from them telling me if you are on the show they won't be my pals or do my show. I will be blackedballed. I like hanging with all these fakers and their zombie fans will not listen to my show anymore. You can't do my show. Since you only post on the eye and scifake you guys talk about the truth about these people and we can't have that. My show is not about the truth. It's about keeping people in the dark and helping my pals scam the public. To tell the truth I'm not sure what the truth is…But, hey if you ever sell out then you can be on my show.

Question: Why is the paranormal media worse than the mainstream media?
Answer: Mainstream media only has a bias against conservatives, while the paranormal media has a bias against the truth.

One would wonder if you're such good pals with so many fake para-celebs that are still connected to Paranormal State and PRS, why not have them on with me? We can get to the truth. Oh, I forgot, you couldn't understand the truth. Because it's not to your advantage.

So, Mr. Eric Altman, you can keep doing the same old tired show where the truth will never be spoken. The real paranormal media keeps digging for the truth… like why did Paranormal State allow a possible pedophile into clients' homes? Why did they allow him to hit on clients, members of the crew and the public? Why haven't they turned this matter over to the police?

Much more to come …


Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

We're still a go next Saturday Kirby - The paranormal Christian is about shining the Light of God's Truth on all things Paranormal and occult.

So we aren't afraid of hearing the truth regarding shows and their celebrities that have a major impact on people getting involved in the paranormal.

Let people post ridiculous warnings, threats, and such. Just says to me we are on the right track.

Aanica said...

The one thing I know is the barrage of hate mail that can be sent in trying to go around the back way to stop someone.

Most anyone who has ever stood up going against the crowd has had hate mail sent about them.
God knows I have, lol...

It takes just a tiny bit of sense to understand anyone who does this is no one to begin with. Like Howard Stern says "quite frankly" let them bring it on...

The truth about to come out is going to rock their very foundations...

Unknown said...

Well now, I wonder if this, "fake vs real deal," list has anything to do with four of my upcoming scheduled interviews suddenly canceling on me? Hummn, one does wonder.

Anonymous said...

Kirby it was Lon Strickler more than anyone, Phantoms and Monsters is his site and he supports the Spirit Rescue International crap who remote cleanses your home for a fee! he's a douche

Anonymous said...

Spirit Rescue International DOES NOT charge any fee. They are non-profit.

Anonymous said...

Spirit Rescue International is and will always be a non profit organisation no cost to the client at all, the reason for this is because Irene doe's not believe in making money from other peoples grief and fear. Spirit Rescue International employs the use of investigators and helpers around the world ,these people also are non profit workers giving up their own free time for those in need. Not every case we come up against is Paranormal some are medical some are people with financial problems etc for these we try to find the help they need to improve their lives. In the past clients have tried to give us donations but we always ask them to put the money into their favorite charity. Spirit Rescue also involves itself into charity work of which the money is given to either children or animal charities. There will be in the future a Paypal button put on this website but that will only be used for anyone wishing to buy Irene's book, the proceeds of this will go to the up keep of this website and any remaining monies will go to charity or improving the lives of those who have been victims of paranormal activity.

eyeontheparanormal said...

After taking a look at the SRI site I have to say it is full of crap. If you claim to deal with demons, evil spirits, etc., it's not paranormal it's theological. The services you claim to offer don't work now or ever. The Bible gives a clear reference of how to deal with such things.

You claim to be a nonprofit. Let me ask about the cases written about in the book-- how much money from the sales of the book will go to the clients? Are you not making money off the backs of the suffering every time Lon Strickler [Beyond the Edge] writes or talks about them?

In the future, the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL will be taking a closer look into the misdeeds and the deceptions of this gang of paranormal cheats.

2 questions:

1. Why is there no reference to the Lord Jesus Christ on your website? It's due to the fact that it is only under His authority that demons and negative spirits can be driven out.

2. What form of nonprofit status do you have with the IRS?

Anonymous said...

You state: "You claim to be a nonprofit. Let me ask about the cases written about in the book-- how much money from the sales of the book will go to the clients? Are you not making money off the backs of the suffering every time Lon Strickler [Beyond the Edge] writes or talks about them?"

There is no book with SRI client cases. The book, which has not yet been published, is a biography written by the SRI founder.

Lon Strickler has never written a book. He does offer insight into SRI cases on the Phantoms and Monsters blog but only the information approved by the client.

SRI is non-secular and helps people of all faiths and nationalities. They don't pick and choose just those Christians who have problems.

As far as your rant concerning Beyond the Edge radio, you can check with the show's network (Jackalope Radio - and ask Todd the owner / manager, who will confirm that there were indeed network problems Sunday night. A recording of the show was made and it will be available on the BTE podcast for anyone to hear either tonight or Tuesday.

If anyone has questions about BTE, SRI and/or Phantoms and Monsters feel free to contact them. You may be surprised, despite the rhetoric of Mr. Robinson, how honest and sincere they really are.

eyeontheparanormal said...

What form of nonprofit status do you have with the IRS?

Anonymous said...

You asked: 'What form of nonprofit status do you have with the IRS?'

SRI has no IRS non-profit status because it is based in the United Kingdom.

eyeontheparanormal said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm gone and spirit rescue is going to implement a paypal button! LMAO

Yea they charge in the way of pressure to "donate" for a remote cleansing? thats crap and everyone knows it

eyeontheparanormal said...

Beyond the Edge radio told more lies than PRS did in an episode in just a matter of minutes.

As to SRI, they are scammers and cheats as what they claim to do is fake.

Anonymous said...

Jackalope radio?
Isn't that the home of Ghost-getter Mike ...ghost-getterdone... ghost-goober Mike (whatever)?

Jackalope radio just exudes credibility by association alone LOL

"Non secular" demon vanquishers? hmmmmmmm... BTW, isn't SRI a remote viewing spirit intervention group? How convenient that must really cut down on travel expenses :)

SkarletRae said...

Even though I'm not full aware of all that has gone on, I DO have one question. Why is it that those that have a problem with Kiry and what he does, ALWAYS leave comments under then name "Anonymous" or "Unknown". If they are so much in the 'right/correct', why do they have to hide? Why aren't they standing tall and proclaiming their 'right/correct' side/stand? WHY are they hiding behind 'anonymous' and 'unknown'? If they were, as they say, correct, wouldn't they want the world to see the 'right/correct' side? Doesn't make sense to me. And I tend to agree with Judge Judy... if it doesn't make sense it's usually not true. :)

eyeontheparanormal said...

LOU try to do better work next time check your facts that twitter account is a very old one but have a great day

Anonymous said...

to provide an answer to an above comment made by skarletrae, people post with anonymous in order to avoid being harrassed by someone with an opposing view.

AGAIN, my prior 3 posts have been removed from the comment section, so I am reposting.

eyeontheparanormal said...

If you post here do so under your own name. Have the guts to stand behind your words.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Guess people who support SRI and Beyond The Edge Radio cannot read

no name no posting of comment

SkarletRae said...

To the 'anonymous' person who replied to me: Ok, so again I haven't been around all that long, but I've read some things on here and it seems to me that the only people who seem to be attacking are those who are 'anonymous' or 'unknown'. Those who identify themselves usually are stating facts, stating their opinions or defending themselves. So still I don't understand. It reminds me of the 'Rope Joke'. Indulge me for a minute.... Two farmers, Bob and John live next to each other all their lives. They share things and help each other out. One day Bob goes to John and asks John if he can borrwo some rope. "Sorry, buddy" says John "I've just used all my rope to tie up my milk". "WHAT!?!?", says Bob, you don't tie up milk with rope". "Yeah", says John. "But if I don't want to lend you rope one excuse is just as good as another". Just my personal outlook, anonymous :)
P.S. (I would hope that, at worst, intelligent adults could agree to disagree in a respectful and courteous manner... again just my own little pea-brain idea *smile*)

eyeontheparanormal said...

1 No one is blocked from posting

2 We ask only to use your real name

3 my supporters do and they get nasty e mails for doing so

4 Guess you have no guts

eyeontheparanormal said...


Michael O'Brien said...

Okay, I just have a quick question. Does, "remote cleansing," mean what I think it does? If so I swear I'm gonna fall the hell right out.

eyeontheparanormal said...

yes it does and yes you should