Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Issue 36 – Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 1

Finally we're able to concentrate on exposing the majority of fake demonologists. But that title isn't catchy enough as many of these frauds are given action-oriented names! Now there are demon chasers, demon hunters, demon catchers and even demon doctors! And those doctors don't have a PhD in anything other than the alternate meaning of piled higher and deeper. But, before we tackle this demon fakery, here's some breaking news within the paranormal world.

Darkness Dave Victim of False Internet Rumors & Attacks

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a group of folks who claimed they had been the victim of intellectual property theft. They claimed they had proof concerning Dave Schrader stealing the concept for Paranormal Challenge and they wanted the world to know about this. After a week of checking out their story we have determined these allegations to be false. Darkness Dave is not given credit for the creation of the show nor does he receive any producer credit. If he had any role on the creative side of the production he would be entitled to production credit. So please stop reposting these claims. If anyone tells you these stories tell them to stop spreading such false claims.

Chip Coffey Loves the TSA! A/K/A Chip Likes a Public Groping Now & Then!

Say it's not so, but it seems like Chip Coffey, who claims to be a psychic medium, is in love with the TSA. Or so it seems in a recent post on his Facebook page. He attacks those who dare criticize the TSA. "People who bitch about TSA screenings at airports are the same ones who'd bitch if a plane got hijacked. Let's STFU & stay safe in the air!"

Is it really a safety concern? Mr. Coffey, you claim that you have amazing psychic powers so you should be able to pick out a hijacker at the airport! Or is it a good public groping you enjoy? One hopes that at some point this nation would take the time to study airport security from the experts of it: Israel. They have the ability to perform what is referred to as Intelligence-Based Racial Profiling. By adopting this method, it would keep TSA from violating [most] traveler's rights and private parts. But hey, if a public groping is your thing all the power to you.

Scientists Found Something Lower than Whale Crap -- Demon Exorcist Credibility

After we and our pals at Scifake exposed the lie behind Animal Planet's Demon Exorcist, another meltdown occurred. Over the weekend there were more deceptions in "Demon Exorcist-land". Every time they post online, more falsehoods are exposed. Inevitably they lead us to the "star" of one episode: Sarah Maitland. She made two interesting posts that reveal just how far flung this show is from the truth.

1 Sarah claims that she had family members wear crystals to ward off the demon! News flash! Demons aren't repelled by crystals! People have been watching way too many bad horror movies and reading paranormal romance novels. There is only one thing that has power over a demon and that is GOD.

2 Sarah made a statement that she is not sure if she believes in God. Then Dwayne Claud didn't have any authority to perform an exorcism in her house. An exorcism or a cleansing performed on the home of a person that is unsure of their faith in God would be null and void.

We hope this will be our last post on this matter.

Basics of Demonology

I'm beyond tired of seeing fake demonologists throughout the paranormal world harming clients and lying to the public. They do a serious disservice to those who truly need help and also play with the spiritual lives of those they encounter. Due to the success of Paranormal State para-celeb wannabes have determined that the fastest way to gain status is to claim to be a demonologist, an exorcist, a demon chaser [this is a fairly new term], or demon doctors! They don't limit such claims to their resume but add it everywhere their name appears. It's like certain psychic mediums have done. No longer can it be simply Ed Smith, but now it's Ed Smith, Demonologist/Psychic-Medium/Paranormal Investigator/Paranormal Expert, etc. Sad, huh?

Being a demonologist is not a job or even a career. It's a calling that does not come from inside you but from God above. It's not something you do when you have time or on weekends. It's something that consumes your life 24/7.

Demonologists have no power. They are simply a channel for the power of God to transmit through. That transmitter can only work if they have faith. And not just a simple faith but one that is rock solid, unshakable and full of the wisdom that God is all powerful and no darkness can stand exposure to the light.

The paranormal world now claims that they are the authorities on matters demonic -- and not the church. How did the church deal with the demonic prior to the current crop of para-celebs or para-reality programs?

These fakers now offer exorcisms by DVD, email or via remote viewing! This is all garbage and only fills those fakers' pockets. It has nothing to do with ridding the suffering of their clients.

In order to use the name of God/Jesus to cast out demons, one must be a Christian. One must accept wholeheartedly the basic tenets of the Christian faith.

Jesus is the one and only begotten son of God, born of virgin birth, free of sin, who died on the cross and paid the price for our sins. He spent three days in hell rose into heaven and it is only through accepting Him as your Savior that you can enter heaven.

If you encounter a so-called demonologist who can't make the above statement then they are fake. Because it's via the above that gives you the spiritual authority to drive demons away.

Next week we continue with Part 2.

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Aanica said...

Kirby we will be following you closely and the article is also at SciFake, Thank you for all your hard work and diligence exposing those frauds!

Anonymous said...

We have the hurts and devastating effects left from the "help" offered by the Demon Exorcist and his alleged psychic medium wife. "Demonologist" is just a word. Look at the people using that title, and what your crisis offers them - a podcast, a story for a book, a place where they can let out their personal demons, or a stage where they can make themselves feel good as they convince themselves they are helping you? Be careful.

Aanica said...

I read the post Sarah made to all of us, and I give you kudos for your reply Kirby and I cant wait for the new book, What Sarah fails to realize with her entire force of one is not only is she entirely illiterate about the subject of demonology she professes to know so much about, but who and what you have done in this community,

last time I looked Kirby your Myspace had over 35,000 "friends" or followers and Facebook is over 3,000 almost 40,000 people who follow you and more with the Amazon and other sites.

I have followed you and studied your writings since 2008, Learned a lot and am still learning.

Too bad Sarah has tunnel vision she is not very smart at all...

GodOfWar said...

Sarah is a serial B.S. blogger…this was her response to Kirby’s latest article…

sarah said:
REALLY? Well I think we are all STILL waiting to see what you exposed about the show that PROVED it to be fake because we haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

We haven’t PROVED that Marshall Applewhite and 38 members of Heaven’s Gate aren’t kicking it with the aliens aboard a space craft trailing the Hale-Bopp comet either…

sarah said:
Please tell me where the falsehoods are about me that came from anyone but you and those from Scifake who obviously wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you on the face.

Your version of “truth” IS a slap in the face…

sarah said:
Kirby then goes on to HIS OWN BELIEFS and writes as if he has himself sat down and had a great conversation with some demon’s and they told him what they like and don’t like, what works and doesn’t work. I had no clue that Demon’s and God work off a check list and have their own set of rules to follow during a haunting etc. I believe when I made the statement about my children wearing crystals it was because I was told it would help protect them. That is MORE than you gave us Kirby being that you claim to be a Demonologist, and caring spiritual adviser. LOL Not once did you ask any questions to try and help us. All you wanted was to get dirt on Dwayne. That makes would make one wonder if YOU were what you say you are IMO.

Sorry Porkchop, if you are EXORCIZING DEMONS there are a rather stringent set of rules and guidelines according to the Vatican … the show could have had a more appropriate title such as: “The Malevolent Entity Equalizer”, “Animal Planet’s Crystal-Light Warrior”, “The Evil Ghost Expeller”, “The Non-denominational , New-Age, Multi-Faith, Christian-Witch Spirit Vanquisher”, “The Ghoul Eviction Notice Server” or even “Dwayne: The Phantom Bounty Hunter” … that way you could have at least gotten away with making up your own rules….

full comment at scifake,

Anonymous said...

The Demon Exorcist tv show was about the Demon Exorcist, and what he said he could do for those in spiritual trouble. The cases were a means, and if there were more episodes, one case probably wouldn't have received all the attention it has. The focus would have continued on the Demon Exorcist and his questionable motives and credentials brought to the viewer's attentions as the show continued.
Roman Catholic rites and New Age methods were used so the Demon Exorcist could be seen as being able to cover just about any spiritual battleground. Seeing this deserves investigating into the backgrounds of any program's "star" or show's truths, especially when the
demonologist shows are advertised as documentaries instead of entertainment.

RyanParadox said...

Sarah, If you are telling the truth let me and my production crew come and investigate your claims...

Paradox 66 Productions

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of fakes , dwayne claud , zak bagans and ghost hunters . They fake evidence lies to their clients. Gac is running a cult and pockets money. They have scripts and just wants tv raitings. Dwayne needs occult tools and uses them to invite things in a clients home. Ghost hunters fakes their evidence , and charges ppl to come out. I heard of michael and heard how much of the mess he puts ppl through and the person,who runs sci fake is a fraud him self and runs around searching for bad guys when hes a bad guy him self . Harrashing people is not good sci fake is full of bogus information and puts people down , they allow there so clled spies harras people and get thrills from putting people down. If you want to turn people in do it the right way and go to the FBI.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of friggen warped screwballs. Half the dang country is watching these stupid paranormal chasing, demons slaying idiotic tv shows and not once thing on any of them would serve as credible edidence of anything other than there is an idiot watching it. Damn what happend to people meeting and just having great sex?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess all has quieted down on the page. I have been keeping track for a while and I just want to say that the author is quite right about Dwayne being a fraud/fake. I had the misfortune of knowing this man. You see, our's is the case that they don't want you to find out about. Our's is the case that prove's without a shadow of a doubt that there is no such thing as a Demonologist. Worse than that it also prove's that a fake will run when confronted with the real deal. Yes, that's right!! He ran!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted in Oct. 2012 - keep monitoring - Dwayne and his wife and paranormal friends in the paranormal group MCPI are only quiet. Clauds' fraudulent actions should not be forgotten for when he reappears.

Anonymous said...

What happened to exposing the frauds? Fake Pastor Michael Frisbee, Paul D. Joao, Dwayne Claud, etc?

Anonymous said...

Dwayne IS A FRAUD!!!! I was foolish to invite him into my home. Without my permission, he USED my homes story in one of his books!!! The attorney says I DO HAVE A CASE!!!! So if Dwayne reads this...see you COURT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had sex with his wifehe there is lies in his marriage anyway karma's a bitch

Anonymous said...

So what did happen with any court cases involving Dwayne and/or Sarah Claud? Legal results matter and should be made public. Kirby, you were also investigating. A case in Buffalo NY was supposed to have resulted in legal sanctions taken against Dwayne Claud, but details remain sparse. The results matter, especially when the guilt is substantiated.

Anonymous said...

I have only met one true demonologist in my life time. I can promise you that she will not run . She works right along side of a preacher and has successfully excised many demons from homes and people. She is from Jacksonville Florida and her name is Linda Isbell . This woman is on the up and up I can assure you. And guess what? She does not charge a dime for her services.

Anonymous said...

Adam blai is a real demonologist.