Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kalamazoo Shooter Blames Satan For His Crimes

Hello everyone. I hope you had a great weekend and everyone you love is healthy. Here in Florida it's still very rainy been nothing but bad storms. Still knocking out power and Internet. !! Lol. But I'm thankful for no hurricanes so far. I'll take thunderstorms over a hurricane any day of the week. I hope everyone else didn't have to much trouble and no one was hurt. I know Louisiana unfortunately was hit with a bad storm of some kind and that can't be good after Hurricane Katrina. I think so far there have been seven fatalities. I'm still foggy on the details so this might be different. I'm just asking for prayers and good thoughts to be sent to the victims and families.

This is a example of a possible possession. No one knows for sure. The following information I found during research. A link to this will be attached at the end for people to read for themselves. The following information:

"The shooter went by the name Dalton. He also told investigators about the things he said to her on the day of the shootings. The police report adds that Dalton, on the day of the incident, had told his wife "he wouldn’t be able to return to work and that their children couldn’t go back to school. He also told her to watch the evening news, after which she would “understand everything." That is sick! This makes me sick. This man needs to see a psychiatrist for possible treatment and get assessed.Then go from there. They (the demonic) can mimic our loved ones and friends etc...Even can sound like anyone they want. But it could be legit mental illness.

According to Dalton, when he opened up the Uber app on Saturday, Feb 20, which he believed was the Eastern Star, popped up on the phone screen. He claimed that the symbol resembled the devil’s head and that he wasn’t in control of his body since that moment. An excerpt from the report provided more details.

“Dalton described the devil figure as a horned cow head or something like that and then it would give you an assignment and it would literally take over your whole body.”


According to the associated press Dalton "said that since the minute he logged on tonight, he doesn't remember anything." He said the app "starts out that you have to follow the navigation, but it gets to the point where you don't have to drive at all, the car just goes."  He is saying that the devil possesses him, drives the car, and takes him to the destination on the log.  He said when the star turned black, it meant he could go as fast as he wanted.  Passengers in the car described a terrifying ride in which Dalton drove 80 mph, blew through traffic lights, passed into oncoming traffic, cut across the median, and sideswiped other cars. The black German Shepherd dog riding in the back was so frightened she cowered down in the floor. One passenger jumped out before reaching his destination in fear.

This is more of what I feared. We need God. We're living in the last days in my humble opinion. Satan is taking souls as many as possible. Now I'm not saying this man was possessed. I don't know I wasn't there so I can't begin to even speculate. He was probably just so doped up and over did it and hallucinations can happen. It could be legit mental illness of some kind. I just felt this needed to be shared. This is what's happening out there. Please pray and keep yourself spiritually protected. It's so important. We have a spiritual battle going on but we know how it ends. Nothing can overthrow God. Remember that.

 The enemy wants every body to turn on each other instead of everybody working together. And this is something I know from way too much experience dealing with it. At certain times these demons feed off chaos, anger, sadness, bitterness etc.... They just love that people are constantly opening doors without realizing it. Coming in and out of these graveyards and cemeteries doing EVP's and God knows what else. Some cemeteries due to some residual feelings of sadness, depression and just plain heart broken. But there are places everywhere people sneak into. They want to do what they see on tv. Halloween is coming soon and I beg people to stay away from these places. Plus spiders!! Yikes!!

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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