Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Deadliest Catch and Aftershocks

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

The “Deadliest Catch”. Millions of people watch the TV show by this name, which is about catching crab in the Bering Sea. It is an exciting show!  I don’t doubt that this vocation IS one of the deadliest….in the natural realm.

However, there is another “catch” that is far more deadly. The deadliest catch I’m referring to is the intentional seeking to interact with spirits on ‘the other side’.

Last week on Zak Bagans “Aftershocks”—in which he interviews people from previous investigations—featured two people who are in serious trouble as a result of engaging in the deadliest catch.

Both people he interviewed had become obsessed with certain locations they had investigated, and it had terrible effects upon them. Indeed a man had become temporarily possessed while taunting the spirits.

The deadliest catch. For a while I have wanted to use that phrase in reference to ghost hunting/paranormal investigating. Here is my point: what percentage of people who are actively involved in communication with spirits are experiencing difficulties? (physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, etc.)

I once asked Dave Schraeder that question, and he admitted that the percentage had to be pretty high. When you factor in demons that lay low for long periods after coming home with investigators, then the percentage is even higher.

May I gently suggest that the closely held dark secret of the paranormal community is precisely this fact—most investigators are showing outward signs of demonic oppression or worse. By oppression I don’t necessarily mean painful attacks. One of the busiest investigators in the world experiences rain in their house on a regular basis, but they just shrug it off or even laugh. But we must remember that the darkening of one’s mind/heart is always a clear and present danger when messing with the spirit realm, no matter how well-intentioned or supposedly protected.

The deadliest catch is not crabs. There are no earthbound spirits to ‘catch’….only demons who will attach, hook-line-and sinker, to those who disobey God’s law by engaging in spiritism.

Anybody who ghost hunts is involved in the deadliest catch. What grieves me immensely is how many investigators are under spiritual attack. Obsession is one indicator of demonic influence, and how many investigators are passionate to the point of obsession with EVP collection, some location, a particular spirit, etc?

May the Lord use us as spiritual “Coast Guard” to help save those drowning in the deadliest catch.

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Good article

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this is a good article well said The deadlyest catch is a catchy title, and it should as well. when playing with the demonic look out you may just land that final catch.